Zombie Defense 2: Episodes

Zombie Defense 2: Episodes MOD 2.61 God Mode/Unlimited Ammo APK

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NameZombie Defense 2: Episodes
PublisherPirate Bay Games
Version2.61 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode/Unlimited Ammo
SupportAndroid 4.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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1. God Mode
2. Unlimited Ammo
3. Unlimited Grenade

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Introduce about Zombie Defense 2: Episodes

Zombie Defense 2: Episodes MOD APK (God Mode/Unlimited Ammo) on MODAPKOKI – You will be a last survivor, fighting against the onslaught of a dangerous undead army. With a diverse and rich series of missions, you must use all your fighting abilities and intelligence to survive and protect the community.

Survival battle

The game combines strategy and Idle elements, giving players a great combination of live and background play experience. You will build and improve your base, from upgrading walls and creating powerful combat units to finding and mining vital resources to sustain life.

With the Idle system, you can automatically evolve and upgrade your troops, helping you to increase your strength and combat performance without direct involvement. However, paying attention and strengthening your strategy to deal with increasingly powerful attacks from zombies is also necessary.

You will encounter different types of zombies and difficulties going through different levels. From fast zombies high-damage zombies to bullet-resistant zombies and extremely aggressive zombies. You need to learn and use the right fighting style to ensure the base’s and people’s survival.

Zombie Defense 2: Episodes provides detailed giving players with a fascinating and profound experience in the battle for survival against hordes of zombies. Get ready to fight and prove your leadership in this game!

Weapons and equipment

Weapons: Zombie Defense 2: Episodes Mod offers a diverse collection of weapons, from traditional rifles and shotguns, to shotguns, sniper rifles, and explosive weapons. Each weapon has different power and range, helping you deal with different types of zombies. Moreover, you can upgrade weapons to increase destructive power and damage.

Equipment: Besides weapons, equipment also plays a vital role in enhancing your combat ability. You can equip a bulletproof helmet, sturdy armor, and scratch-resistant gloves. These items help protect you from damage and increase your endurance in battle. Pay attention to upgrading your equipment to ensure maximum safety and power.

In addition, during the gameplay, you can discover and unlock more new weapons and equipment, providing you with various and rich options to create the best strategy. Explore and collect rare items to upgrade and strengthen your army.

With the right weapons and equipment, you will become stronger, fight hordes of aggressive zombies and protect your base. Get ready to use and grow your collection of weapons and gear to survive and win this battle for survival!

Game mode

Campaign Mode: In this mode, you will engage in intense and fierce battles with armies of zombies. Each match will set a specific goal, such as defending the base, killing a certain number of zombies, or fighting powerful bosses. You will fight through different levels, with each level increasing in difficulty. Use your tactics and skills to win and go further.

Challenge Mode: This mode requires your skill and quick reflexes. You will face unique challenges, such as entering dangerous areas, killing zombies quickly, or fighting in limited conditions like night. Challenge Mode offers unique challenges and offers attractive rewards for outstanding players.

Arena Mode: This is where you can show off your fighting ability against a community of other gamers. You will face off against an army of zombies controlled by other players and challenge your formation and tactics. Fighting in Arena mode requires mastery of strategy and formation to reach the top and win prestigious titles.

Idle Mode: If you want to relax and watch your base grow automatically, Idle mode is the right choice. You can let your troops and equipment automatically evolve and upgrade in this mode in Zombie Defense 2: Episodes MOD APK (God Mode/Unlimited Ammo).

More than 20 types of zombies

Idle Zombie Defense 2: Episodes offers players 20 diverse and terrifying zombies, each with their unique powers and abilities.

Fast Zombie: This type of zombie moves at a fast speed, is difficult to hit, and requires quick reflexes of the player to destroy.

Open Head Zombie: This type of zombie with an open head, their primary attack point. Aim for the head to maximize damage.

Explosive Zombie: This type of zombie can self-explode near military units, dealing massive damage. Be careful and destroy them before near the army.

Bullet Resistant Zombie: This type of zombie has thick skin and is very resistant to the attack of standard ammunition. Use more potent weapons to deal with them.

Zombie Gai: This zombie has sharp spikes on its body, dealing damage when in direct contact with troops. Please avoid direct contact and attack from a distance.

Poison Spray Zombie: This type of zombie can spray poison from its mouth, dealing gradual damage to troops. Make sure to kill them before they get close and do significant damage.

Black Blood Zombie: This zombie has black blood and is more resistant than other types. Use powerful weapons and intelligent tactics to defeat them.

Complete Body Zombie: This type of zombie covers its entire body in sharp spikes. When attacked, they will deal damage again. Use ranged weapons to avoid self-inflicted damage.

Super Fast Zombie: This type of zombie moves extremely fast and and is difficult to hit, and attacks suddenly. Quick reflexes and shooting skills will be the key to dealing with them in Zombie Defense 2: Episodes APK.

Get ready to face the battle for survival in Zombie Defense 2: Episodes

Zombie Defense 2: Episodes has created a scary, tempting, and challenging world. Get ready to face hordes of aggressive zombies, build an impregnable base, and become the ultimate hero in this game. Do you have enough strength and intelligence to survive and win? Start your memorable adventure in Zombie Defense 2: Episodes APK mod (God Mode/Unlimited Ammo) today!

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