Wardog MOD 1.2.7 Unlimited Money/Health APK

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PublisherStudio WW Games
Version1.2.7 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Health
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Wardog

Wardog MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Health) on MODAPKOKI is a hit game of Studio WW Games, released in 2018. This real-time strategy game takes players to a world full of hardships and dangers of armies. In the game, players will be talented mercenary warriors hired by criminal organizations, the military or powerful leaders to carry out missions to resolve conflicts and other wars.

Wardog’s gameplay is diverse and rich, bringing players to various tasks, from destroying enemies and gathering resources to building bases and developing weapons and technology. Players must also find ways to fight intelligently and effectively, using tactics and tricks to defeat opponents, overcome complex challenges and rise to become a true warriors.

New space shooter

In the latest version of the game, Wardog has given players a whole new experience with the dramatic and exciting space shooting mode. With this mode, players will be transported into space, destroying enemies on their spaceship.

In this space shooting mode, players will be equipped with the most advanced weapons to confront the enemies, from plasma guns, cannons, and ballistic missiles, to even powerful weapons. Complex and advanced. Those weapons are very elaborately designed, with highly diverse offensive and defensive capabilities, helping players cope with many situations.

In addition, the space shooting mode also has beautiful scenes, from space roads to distant planets. The spaceships are also exquisitely designed and varied, with many features and customization possibilities, allowing players to create and customize to suit their fighting style.

Repel attacks

Players must use the right tactics to defeat the opponent, including building defences, deploying troops and using modern weapons such as fighters, tanks and missiles.

While confronting the enemy, the player needs to evaluate and choose important targets to attack or defend to hold. In addition, they need to coordinate military units to attack and defend simultaneously, ensuring that the forces are not dispersed and weakened.

The player will face various challenges as the game progresses, including ballistic missiles, night raids, and extraterrestrial battles. Wardog Mod gives players an engaging and challenging war experience.


The weapons are designed to be diverse and unique, from ordinary guns to advanced weapons such as ballistic missiles or atmospheric destruction. Each weapon has unique characteristics and can be upgraded to become more powerful.

With a diverse weapon system, players can choose the weapons that suit their tactics. If you want to destroy your opponent from a long distance, you can use sniper rifles or ballistic missiles to attack. If you approach and attack your opponent up close, you can use a rifle or shotgun to deal damage.

Besides, the weapons can also be customized and upgraded to become more powerful. Players can enhance their weapons’ power, accuracy, range and rate of fire to deal with more powerful enemies. In addition, other accessories such as a viewfinder, optics, flash and more help players enhance their fighting ability in Wardog mod (Unlimited Money/Health) 1.2.7.

A large number of unique enemies

Players will face a large number of unique enemies. These enemies are designed with great detail and realism, creating dramatic and challenging battles.

One of them is snipers; they can hide in the deep forests and surprise attacks with accurate bullets. In addition, enemies can use fighters and missiles to attack the player’s base from above.

Unique enemies in the game include special forces troops capable of performing dangerous tactics and sabotaging the player’s defences. They can use stealth devices and launch spearhead attacks on the weak points of the base.

Finally, the enemies in Wardog APK include combat robots equipped with modern weapons and the ability to move quickly on any terrain. They can attack from a distance and are difficult to destroy, requiring the player to have good tactics and use a full range of weapons and defence systems to repel them.

With the variety and uniqueness of the enemies in the game, players will have to use all their skills and tactics to win intense and dramatic matches.

Experience the non-stop battle with Wardog

In Wardog, war constantly occurs between factions in the universe. Players will assume the role of a warrior in this war and must participate in dangerous missions and defeat enemies to win.

The war in Wardog takes place on many different planets, from urban areas to natural environments, giving players a diverse and rich experience. Missions include attacking enemy bases, protecting teammates, and exploring dangerous places.

However, the battle occurred on the ground and in the air and space. Players can fight on spaceships or fighters or even control ballistic missiles to attack the enemy.

The battles in the Wardog are fierce and dramatic, giving players authentic fighting experiences. With this non-stop war, players must use all their skills and wisdom to win and become the legendary warrior of the universe in Wardog MOD Unlimited Money.

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