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Vivid Knight MOD 1.3.2 Unlimited Money APK

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NameVivid Knight
Version1.3.2 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price10.99$ FREE
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UpdatedSeptember 7, 2023 (7 months ago)
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  1. Paid.
  2. Stamina Regen. ( Move currency of the game )
  3. Keen Injection. ( Money of the game )
  4. Gem Mats Injection
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Introduce about the Vivid Knight game

This game tells the journey of a young knight searching for the key to saving the kingdom from the hands of dark forces. Vivid Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money) has attracted the attention of many players worldwide. This game promises to bring players hours of exciting entertainment and surprises.

Explore dangerous dungeons

Dungeons are one of the most dangerous places in the Vivid Knight game. It is filled with tough challenges and ferocious monsters waiting to attack the player.

To access the dungeon, the player must complete challenging quests to find the entrance. However, the player will face complex challenges once entering the dark dungeon.

Vivid Knight’s dungeons are designed with many different areas, including treasure rooms, strange laboratories, and spaces filled with monsters. Each site has an additional difficulty, requiring players to have good fighting skills and be careful at every step.

Players can also find valuable items in the dungeons, such as weapons and armor, to upgrade and strengthen their characters. However, finding and collecting these items is not easy.

In short, the dungeon of the Vivid Knight is one of the most dangerous challenges and requires the player to have good fighting skills and care to complete the quests and find the items. Value.

Conquer the Black Witch – a formidable opponent

Players will take on the role of a brave and adventurous knight in a world full of color and magic. However, the player’s primary opponent in the game is a cruel and powerful sorcerer known as the Black Witch.

The Black Witch is a character full of mysteries and challenging to defeat in Vivid Knight. With exceptional magical power and quickness in combat, the Black Witch is always a formidable challenge for players.

To conquer the Black Witch, players must collect special items and equipment and enhance their combat skills through various quests and challenges. Players need to know how to attack and dodge the Black Witch’s attacks and take advantage of the opponent’s weakness to deal damage and win.

If the player can defeat the Black Wizard, they will receive the rewards and continue their adventure in the world of Vivid Knight Mod. However, if this opponent cannot be defeated, the player must return to strengthen their strength and try again later.

Sparkle with more than 50 jewels

Jewelry makes your character more beautiful and enhances strength and combat ability. Gamers can find various jewelry, including bracelets, rings, and pendants, each with different features and effects. For example, bracelets can provide additional attack or defense to a character, while charms can increase attack speed or provide extra health. Jewels can also be improved using items and materials collected during gameplay, enhancing their effectiveness and increasing the character’s combat ability.

Building the Knight Order

Players can participate in building a knightly order to defend the kingdom and defeat the enemies that threaten its peace.

Players will have to perform various tasks to build the order of knights, from searching and gathering resources to training and recruiting knights. They must manage finances and build a base—Infrastructure to support the operation of the order.

Each knight in the order has different skills and characteristics, and the player can choose and train the knights that suit their tactics. These knights can participate in battles with enemies, help players protect the kingdom, and gather resources.

In addition, in building the order of knights, the player can also expand settlements and create training facilities and laboratories to research and develop new technology.

Overview, building knight order in Vivid Knight MOD APK game is an integral part of the game, requiring players to have skills in resource management and leading a team of knights to defeat the enemies and protect the kingdom.

Gem Power

In Vivid Knight APK , gems are one of the essential items, giving players many benefits and power in fighting and upgrading equipment.

The game has different types of gems, each with other effects. For example, Ruby will increase weapon damage, Sapphire will increase defense power, and Emerald will increase magic attacks. There are also unique gems like Opals that can enhance a character’s attack and defense power.

Players can find gems by completing quests, fighting monsters, or buying from equipment merchants. In addition, rocks can also be forged and combined to create more powerful gems.

Gems are essential to enhancing players’ strength and combat ability in the game Vivid Knight. With creativity and strategy in using rocks, players will be able to defeat formidable monsters and opponents in the world of this game.

Power up your character with a variety of accessories

Players will be equipped with accessories to strengthen their characters. These accessories include weapons, armor, necklaces, rings, and more. Each type of accessory has unique features, allowing players to customize their character however they want.

For example, some weapons have higher destructive power but slower attack speed. Meanwhile, other weapons have faster attack speeds but lower destructive power. Armor can provide a character’s endurance, reducing damage received, while necklaces and rings can give special effects such as increased strength, movement speed, and more.

With various accessories and customization features, players can equip their characters with items that match their strategy and playing style, helping to increase their strength and win battles—Tough fights.

Defend the kingdom and become a hero

Your adventures in Vivid Knight will become emotional and memorable as you overcome tough challenges, defeat fearsome enemies and find the key to saving the kingdom. Your character will strengthen by using new skills and attacks to win dramatic matches. Besides, you can also customize the character’s costumes and jewelry, helping to create your style and stand out more in the world of Vivid Knight. Vivid Knight MOD Unlimited Money has become one of the most impressive action role-playing games on the market. Be the hero of your kingdom and protect it from enemies plotting havoc!

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