Vidshow MOD 2.35.544 Unlocked Vip APK

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Version2.35.544 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Vip
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedApril 9, 2024 (1 week ago)
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Introduce about Vidshow

In this hunger for great entertainment, we present Vidshow MOD APK – an advanced mobile application that helps you create amazing videos in just a few easy steps. With a friendly interface and various features, Vidshow is the ideal tool for beginners and experienced people in video editing.

100 unique patterns

Natural Landscapes: Explore the beauty of nature with sea, forest, mountain and desert-themed templates. Create engaging videos with beautiful natural scenery.

Daily life: Capture memorable moments in your daily life with unique templates of family, friends and daily activities.

Urban street: Bring out the vibrant and dynamic feel of the city with unique patterns of urban traffic and famous places.

Sports and Outdoors: Create action and excitement videos with templates for sports like football, running, climbing, skiing, and more.

Parties and special events: Create sparkling and vibrant videos with unique templates for parties, fairs, festivals and special events.

Travel: Capture memorable travel memories with unique templates for travelling, discovering new places, and experiencing the culture.

Personal Vlog: Express yourself through video with unique samples of daily life, creative ideas and knowledge sharing.

Food and food: Create engaging videos about food, recipes and culinary experiences with unique templates in the field.


Colour filter effect: Change the colour space of the video to create a stunning and exciting effect. You can apply colour filters like Vintage, Sepia, Black and White.

Transitions: Create smooth and engaging transitions between scenes in your video. Vidshow provides many transition effects like Dissolve, Fade, Slide, Zoom, and other special effects.

Animations: Add vibrancy and dynamism to your videos using animations. Vidshow provides effects like shake, spin, bounce and fade in/out to create unique and eye-catching videos.

Text Effects: Customize the text in your video with special effects like flicker, fade, highlight effect and many more options. You can change the font style, colour, size and position of the text to create better interaction and enjoyment for your audience.

Sound Effects: Vidshow APK allows you to customize the sound in your videos. You can add background music, adjust the volume, and apply sound effects like echo, reverb and more to create a high-quality audio experience.

Sticker and Icon Effects: Add fun and personalization to your videos using stickers and icons. Vidshow MOD APK provides a diverse library with exciting stickers and icons for you to customize.

High-quality filter

Colour filter: Change the colour space of the video to create a unique and exciting style. Vidshow APK mod offers colour filters like Vintage, Retro, Cinematic, Pastel and many more. Each filter has its character, giving your video a unique feel and colour.

Light Filters: Enhance or decrease the light in your video to create an attractive lighting atmosphere. You can use light filters like Brighten, Darken, Soft Light, and Hard Light to adjust the light intensity.

Blur filter: Create a blur or flashy effect highlighting a specific video part. Vidshow offers filters like Blur, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur and many more to create a subtle and professional blur effect.

Sharpness filters: Bring out details and sharpen your videos by using sharpness filters. Vidshow provides filters like Sharpen, Clarity, High Pass and many more to make your video sharp and clear.

Vignette filter: This creates a vignette effect to create a scene focusing on the video’s centre. Vidshow offers vignette filters like Classic, Vintage, Modern and many more to create a unique and attractive style.

Share the artwork

Create unique videos: Use Vidshow APK 2.35.544 innovative tools and features to create a unique, personalized, impressive video. Customize scenes, add effects, apply filters, and edit sounds to create a unique piece of art just how you want it to be.

Preview and edit: Before sharing, preview your video to ensure it meets your desired standards. If necessary, you can make final edits to create a perfect composition.

Share online: Once you’ve finished your creation, Vidshow allows you to share videos directly from the app with the online community. With just a few taps, you can share videos on popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many more.

Share with friends: Besides online sharing, Vidshow allows you to share live videos with your friends and family via email or message. You can send the video as a file or share a direct link to the video on Vidshow.

Interaction and Feedback: When you share your videos on Vidshow or other social media platforms, you can get the online community’s feedback, likes, and comments. This allows you to interact with your audience, sharing ideas and feelings from creating your artwork.

Create, edit and share quality videos with Vidshow

With Vidshow MOD APK, creating beautiful and impressive videos is not too far away. This app allows you to be creative and turn ideas into reality on screen. Enter the world of Vidshow today and discover the endless potential to create unique, personal videos and share them with the online community. With Vidshow MOD APK (Unlocked Vip), let your creativity flourish and give everyone a great video experience that no one will ever forget!

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