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True Skate MOD 1.5.78 Unlimited Money APK

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NameTrue Skate
PublisherTrue Axis
Version1.5.78 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedApril 18, 2024 (13 hours ago)
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Introduce about True Skate

True Skate MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a unique and exciting electronic game that no skateboard enthusiast should overlook. From the very first encounter, you will be drawn into a world of incredible tricks, captivating skate parks, and the feeling of freedom as you perform insane maneuvers, accompanied by the sound of spinning wheels and familiar skateboarding noises. Let’s delve deeper into the allure of True Skate and why it has captivated millions of players worldwide.

Realistic Sensory-Based Physics Provides a True Skateboarding Experience

True Skate is not just an ordinary skateboarding game; it offers players True Skate a unique experience by integrating realistic sensory-based physics. This means the game utilizes sensors on your mobile device to simulate skateboarding movements, making you feel like you’re standing on a real skateboard.

Key Features:

Engaging Controls: True Skate doesn’t use virtual buttons on the screen; instead, you use your fingers to position and move your feet on the skateboard. The device’s sensors will accurately replicate your every move, from a powerful push-off to executing complex tricks like flips or grinds.

Sense of Freedom: With the integration of fundamental sensory physics, you can feel absolute freedom when gliding through the skateboard park. You can adjust the board’s tilt, and apply pressure up and down to control speed and height on challenging ramps.

Explore Unique Skate Parks: True Skate offers various authentic skate parks with diverse terrains and opportunities for performing tricks. You can unleash your creativity and create unique stunt performances.

Share and Compete: After each ride, you can review and share your videos to challenge friends or the online community. Virtual skateboarding competitions await you!

With realistic sensory-based physics, True Skate is not just a game but a genuine skateboarding experience and an opportunity to explore and skateboard in countless diverse locations, turning this game into an endless adventure.

Numerous Skateboarding Locations

Here’s a detailed description of the exciting destinations you can explore in True Skate APK:

City Skate Parks: True Skate allows you to glide through realistic city areas and similar real-world locations. You can challenge yourself with unique skate parks such as parks, empty swimming pools, and bustling streets.

Beaches and Resorts: If you prefer the serenity of the beach, True Skate also offers skateboarding spots at beach areas, complete with cafes and beachfront.

Natural Landscapes: You can skateboard in forested areas or under the bright sun with locations set in nature, like dense forests or lush green grasslands.

Historical Sites: True Skate also takes you to famous historical locations where you can skateboard near architectural landmarks or renowned historical sites.

World Exploration: The game allows you to easily change skate locations and create your custom skate parks based on your creativity.

True Skate APK mod allows you to explore and skateboard in numerous diverse locations, making it an unlimited, personalized experience.

Costumes and Skateboards System

The costumes and skateboard system is essential to adding diversity and personalization to your character. Here’s a detailed description of this system:


Clothing and Sneakers: Players True Skate APK 1.5.78 can choose from various clothing and sneaker options for their character. These clothing items not only contribute to personal style but can also provide custom features, enhancing your performance while skateboarding.

Helmets and Protective Gear: Safety is a top priority in skateboarding. Players can equip their character with helmets and protective gear to safeguard against injuries while performing risky tricks.


Selecting Skateboards: True Skate offers a range of different skateboard designs, from classic to modern. Each type of skateboard has unique characteristics, such as durability, weight, and bounce.

Customizing Skateboards: Players can personalize their skateboards by changing colors, designs, and graphics. This allows you to create a unique skateboard that reflects your style.

Upgrading Skateboards: You can upgrade your skateboard to improve its performance. Upgrades may include changing wheels, trucks, or other accessories that optimize your skateboarding experience.

True Skate MOD APK’s costumes and skateboard system aren’t just about personal style; they can also impact your in-game experience and performance. This becomes even more exciting when you can create your own character and skateboard, reflecting your preferences and style.

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