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Training Hero MOD 7.8.5 Menu/God Mode/Attack Multiplier APK

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NameTraining Hero
Version7.8.5 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God Mode/Attack Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedOctober 16, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Training Hero

Training Hero MOD APK (Menu/God Mode/Attack Multiplier) is a mobile video game developed by DAERISOFT, a game development company in Korea. In this game, players will be a trainer of young superheroes, helping them become the most powerful warriors to fight against the forces of evil.

Players must collect and upgrade superheroes, train and enhance their skills through training and matches, and build a solid squad to fight in battles PVP. In addition, the game also has social features such as making friends and joining clubs to help players interact and socialize with each other.


In Training Hero, training is an integral part of improving the strength and skills of superheroes. Players can train superheroes through various activities, including:

Training Field: A place where players can train their superheroes to enhance their skills.

Challenge Mode: A challenging game mode in which players must defeat strong opponents to receive valuable rewards. Matches in Challenge Mode require players to have tactics, thinking, and skills.

Training Quest: Players can complete a special training mission to gain valuable experience and resources.

In addition, players can also use training items such as experience, essence, and training materials to help enhance the strength and skills of superheroes. All training activities help players build a solid squad to fight against the evil forces in the game.

Use randomly spawned equipment

In Training Hero APK, there is a feature called “Random Equipment Summon” (roughly translated as “Random Equipment Summon”), which allows players to summon equipment of different quality.

When using this feature, the player will receive a random item, a weapon, armour, or accessory, ranging in quality from Common (typical) to Legendary (legendary). The higher the quality, the more influential the equipment and the better attributes.

To summon random equipment, the player must use an in-game currency called “Summon Tickets.” There are many ways to earn Summon Tickets in the game, including completing quests, participating in events, or buying with real money through the in-game store.

However, using this feature is a form of chance; the player cannot know what equipment will appear before summoning. Therefore, players should use this feature carefully and accumulate enough Summon Tickets before gathering to increase their chances of getting better gear on MODAPKOKI.

Level up

In Training Hero, levelling up is an essential part of improving the strength and skills of superheroes. Players will receive skill and experience points to strengthen the superhero’s attributes as they level up.

To level up, players need to earn enough experience points (XP) by completing quests and defeating enemies in Training Hero APK mod. When enough XP is reached, the player will level up and receive skill points to distribute to the superhero’s attributes. Attributes that can be improved include strength, speed, stamina, and skills.

Skill points can be distributed by accessing the “Upgrade” menu in the game. Players can choose the attributes they want to improve and use skill points to upgrade them. With each upgrade, skill points will increase, and the player can continue distributing them to other attributes.

However, levelling up and upgrading attributes is time- and resource-consuming. Players must pay close attention to resource usage to ensure that their superheroes effectively improve and meet the demands of in-game matches.

Fight with Boss

In Training Hero APK 7.8.5, Boss Battle is integral to the game, allowing players to confront the most potent enemies and receive many attractive rewards.

Upon reaching the Boss Battle, the player must confront a mighty enemy and use skills and equipment to defeat them. The match is divided into several rounds, each requiring the player to defeat a certain number of enemies to advance to the next round.

During the Boss fight, players will have the opportunity to receive valuable items such as equipment, coins, experience, and warnings, depending on the level of victory and the number of enemies destroyed. In addition, when defeating the Boss, the player will level up faster and can unlock new game features.

However, Boss Battle is complex and requires players to plan and fight comb. Players need to pay attention to the use of equipment and skills of superheroes to optimize the effectiveness of Boss fights. In addition, they also need to use the right time to activate skills and equipment to defeat the Boss quickly.

Let’s explore the mysterious world of Training Hero

Training Hero is a fun and engaging game that combines RPG and combat elements. This game will bring players great moments of relaxation. Equip your superheroes and enter the mysterious world of Training Hero MOD APK (Menu/God Mode/Attack Multiplier) to become the most powerful hero and defeat all enemies.

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