Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker

Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker MOD 0.8.25 Menu, High Chest Reward/Ads Reward APK

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NameTap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker
PublisherHako Idle Games
Version0.8.25 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Chest Reward/Ads Reward
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedAugust 19, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker

Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker MOD APK (Menu, High Chest Reward/Ads Reward) – a fun and addictive game for gamers who love action and role-playing games. With simple and accessible gameplay, you will experience the thrilling adventure of a mighty warrior in a colourful and dangerous virtual world. You will participate in dramatic battles, fight against fearsome monsters and collect precious items to upgrade your character’s power. Explore this mystical world with me and become the greatest hero in Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker!

Ghost Wolf Pet in Tap Hero

The Ghost Wolf is a mysterious and powerful creature in Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker. Created from nameless spirits, the Ghost Wolf Pet is an excellent pet for those passionate about strength and fighting. With the ability to deceive opponents and deal incredible damage, Ghost Wolf Pet will become an indispensable weapon for your character in challenging adventures. Besides, raising Ghost Wolf properly can unlock special skills and help you become a fierce and fearsome warrior. Learn more about the Ghost Wolf Pet and empower your character in Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker!


In the game, there are two main currencies: Gold and Gem. Gold is the most common currency to upgrade characters’ skills and items. Gems are rarer currencies that can buy unique items and strengthen characters. Players can earn cash by fighting monsters, completing quests, and participating in in-game events. In addition, players can also purchase currency using real money through in-app transactions. With the development of the character, the need to use and earn in-game currency will become increasingly urgent.

Take strength-boosting potion

Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker MOD Menu, the player can increase the character’s strength and stamina by taking power-up potions. Power-ups are sold in the in-game shop or can be earned through completing quests or defeating monsters. When taking the power-up potion, the character will be increased with specific stats, helping to increase strength, attack speed and stamina. However, players must know that power-ups have a limited duration and must be used wisely for maximum effect. Using power-ups will help players overcome more complex challenges and missions in the game.

Levels and ways to strengthen heroes

Different levels give your hero other properties, including increased strength, speed, and attack ability. Every time you reach a new level, you will receive skill points to enhance the hero’s skills or get new equipment to increase strength.

To level up your hero, you need to spend a certain amount of experience. This experience is accumulated through fighting enemies and completing quests. You can also level up using gems and gold to buy energy and speed up experience accumulation.

With each new level, your hero will become stronger and be able to defeat stronger enemies. Strengthen your hero to victory in the fierce battles of Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker MOD Menu, High Chest Reward/Ads Reward.

Conquer the virtual world.

Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker APK on MODAPKOKI is a challenging and dramatic game where you will be a hero fighting against fearsome enemies. With gameplay that is easy to play but hard to conquer, this game will bring you moments of exciting entertainment. Strengthen your hero, destroy the enemies and become the champion in the virtual world of Tap Hero: Idle RPG Clicker MOD 0.8.25. Start your adventure today!

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