Talking Tom Time Rush

Talking Tom Time Rush MOD Menu/Gem Multiplier APK

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NameTalking Tom Time Rush
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
Version1.0.45.17304 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/Gem Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJanuary 12, 2024 (3 months ago)
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Introduce about Talking Tom Time Rush

Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK (Menu/Gem Multiplier) is a free mobile video game developed and published by Outfit7 Limited. This game is an endless running game in which the player controls Talking Tom, the famous talking cat, running through walls, avoiding obstacles, and collecting gold coins to increase the score.

Talking Tom Time Rush has cool features like different levels to achieve, new outfits to unlock, and other talking cats to play with. Players can also customize their character by changing costumes and adding decorative items.

This game has beautiful, fun sounds, and simple, straightforward gameplay for players to join and enjoy. Talking Tom Time Rush is available on many mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

Run through extraordinary worlds

Talking Tom Time Rush has many extraordinary and colorful worlds for players to explore. These worlds are designed with unique and challenging landscapes for players to experience.

Some of the worlds in the game include:

Park World: A world with gardens full of flowers and trees. Players must run through gardens, avoiding obstacles such as tables and chairs, bushes, and train tracks.

Forest World: A big world with many hills, caves, and rivers. In this world, players must overcome steep paths, jump over cliffs and avoid obstacles such as trees and rocks.

Ocean World: An underwater world with fish, icebergs, and coral reefs. In this world, players must overcome raging waves, jump over icebergs and avoid fish and coral reefs.

In addition, Talking Tom Time Rush has many different worlds, such as the world of cars, planes, and tall buildings. All these worlds give players new and exciting experiences of endless running to collect the highest score.

Increase running speed

To increase running speed in Talking Tom Time Rush, players can use support items available in Talking Tom Time Rush APK:

Speedbox: When the player picks up the speed box, Tom will run faster for a short period.

Time Gap: When the player picks up the time gap, the screen will go into a slow-motion mode for a short period, making it easier for the player to avoid obstacles.

Gold Coins: Once the player collects enough gold coins, they can purchase various boosters in the shop, including items that increase running speed.

In addition, to increase running speed, players can also use their skills to cross obstacles or run on objects such as tables and chairs, walls, or train tracks to avoid barriers. However, increasing running speed also means increasing the difficulty and challenge of the game, so players need to be careful and skilled to prevent collisions with obstacles.

Collect cool new outfits

These costumes help Tom look beautiful and give players a sense of fun while playing the game.

Ways to collect new skins in Talking Tom Time Rush APK mod:

Complete missions: Players can complete tasks in the game to earn gold coins. They can then use the gold coins to buy new outfits in the shop.

Reaching Score Milestones: Players will be given new skins when they reach certain score milestones.

Collect special items: During the game, players can randomly pick up unique items such as gift boxes, golden keys,… These items will help players unlock costumes.

Skin Upgrades: When the player uses the current skin regularly, that skin will be upgraded and more powerful. When upgrading enough, players will unlock new costumes on MODAPKOKI.

Collecting new costumes in Talking Tom Time Rush requires players to complete missions, achieve score milestones, collect unique items, or upgrade existing costumes to unlock lock new outfits.

Find crossroads, side roads, and surprises

Talking Tom Time Rush is an endless runner game in which the player controls Tom to run fast on the roads and avoid obstacles. However, the game adds particular elements such as horizontal lines, side roads, and surprises to make the game more rich and exciting.

In Talking Tom Time Rush APK, horizontal lines are tracks parallel to the main road, creating a challenging maze for players. This requires players to be careful and observe closely to avoid colliding with obstacles on the road.

Side Roads: Side roads lie inside the maze and lead to incognito areas in the game. Players need to avoid the obstacles on the way to the side road and discover the surprises in the game.

Surprises: In Talking Tom Time Rush, players will encounter many surprises, such as anonymous areas, special support items, or unique landscapes. In addition, the game also has special events during the holidays or other special occasions, giving players new experiences.

Exciting adventure journey

In the Talking Tom Time Rush game, players will experience an exciting adventure full of challenges and surprises. With simple gameplay but no less attractive, this game suits all audiences, especially those who love the endless running game genre. With beautiful vivid sound, Talking Tom Time Rush will give players hours of exciting and dramatic entertainment. Download this game and start the endless racing journey with Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK (Menu/Gem Multiplier).

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