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Super Idle Cats MOD 1.30 Unlimited Money APK

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NameSuper Idle Cats
Version1.30 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Super Idle Cats

Super Idle Cats MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a farm business simulation game developed by SuperPlay Studio. In this game, you will be a farm owner and become a wealthy businessman by producing and selling agricultural products.

The gameplay of Super Idle Cats – Farm Tycoon is similar to other farm business games; you will need to manage the garden to grow crops, raise animals, harvest and sell products to earn money and develop your farm. You will start with a small plot of land and some essential crops. However, as you progress to higher levels, you will unlock more crops, pets and other gadgets to make managing your farm easier. If you like farm business simulation games, Super Idle Cats – Farm Tycoon is an excellent choice.

Build a farm

You can customize and build your farm however you want, from arranging farms and gardens most suitably to decorating the farm with different objects and patterns. You can also upgrade production facilities to help increase productivity and produce more products.

However, you need to have enough money and resources to build a farm. You can earn money by selling your agricultural and other processed products or completing quests for rewards.

Your farm also needs regular management and maintenance. You must keep your orchards and animal farms in top condition for maximum productivity. Taking care of and managing your farm is also essential to the gameplay of Super Idle Cats.

Invest wisely in crops

Investing in crops in Super Idle Cats APK is an integral part of growing your farm. Here are tips for investing wisely in crops:

Learn about plants: Each plant has different characteristics and requirements for soil, light, and water. Please research carefully before investing to choose the type of tree that best suits your land.

Determine the purpose of the crop: Some crops, such as wheat or fodder grass, can yield faster profits, while crops, such as vegetables or fruits, can be more profitable—longer-term profits. Let’s determine the purpose of the plant to invest effectively on MODAPKOKI.

Plant care and protection: Plants must be protected to achieve the highest yield. Ensure you provide enough water, nutrients and light for your plants and effectively deal with diseases and pests.

Invest in the necessary tools and accessories: Tools and accessories such as water pumps, lawnmowers, sprayers and automatic irrigation systems will make it easy to care for and protect your plants. Easier and more efficient.

Automate the production process: Use automated machines and technologies to reduce the workforce and increase the production capacity of your crops. Super Idle Cats – Farm Tycoon also provides many automation features to help you quickly manage and grow your farm.

Research new technology to increase production

In Super Idle Cats APK mod researching new technologies is an integral part of increasing your farm output. Here are some tips for effective research and adoption of new technology:

Learn about new technologies: Take the time to learn about new technologies and learn how they can help increase productivity and reduce costs for your farm.

Choose the right technologies for your farm: Choose the technologies that are right for your land and the crop type you’re growing. Some technologies may not be suitable for your farm or help increase productivity.

Invest in research: To adopt new technologies, you must invest in research. Use your money to buy books, attend seminars or hire experts to learn about new technologies.

Prioritize: Identify the most important technologies to invest in first. The most important technologies can help increase productivity and reduce production costs.

Automate the production process: Use machines and technologies to reduce the workforce and increase your farm’s productivity. Automation technologies also help reduce reliance on humans and ensure production runs smoothly and efficiently.

Exclusive items that will improve the farm

Exclusive items can improve a player’s gaming experience by giving them special tools or enhancing their

existing features in Super Idle Cats APK 1.30. Here are some examples of exclusive things that can improve a Super Idle Cats farm:

Super Fertilizer: This item will help increase the fertility of plants and help them grow faster.

Lucky Cat Statue: This item will bring luck to the player’s farm, helping them get more products and save time.

Catnip Seeds: This type of seed allows players to grow catnip plants and harvest catnip-related products.

Fish Finder: This item makes it easy for players to find fish in their aquarium and helps to enhance their fishing ability.

Golden Watering Can: This type of watering can help players water plants more efficiently and help them grow faster.

Super Cat Treats: This type of food will increase the health and energy of the cats on the player’s farm, allowing them to work faster and harvest more products.

Unicorn Fertilizer: This special fertilizer will help increase the fertility of plants and help them grow faster than Super Fertilizer.

All these exclusive items can help enhance the player’s gaming experience in Super Idle Cats. In addition, the game can also have many other things for players to discover and use.

Super Idle Cats – fun simulation farm game for cat lovers

In Super Idle Cats, players will experience an exciting adventure with cute cats and their fabulous farm. Players can enhance their farms with many exclusive features and items and become talented farmers. This game entertains players and helps them learn how to manage the farm and develop management skills. Super Idle Cats MOD APK (Unlimited Money) to explore this colourful and fascinating world!

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