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Subway Surfers MOD 3.27.1 Mega Unlimited Money/MENU/God mode APK

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Hack Subway Surfers MOD APK 3.27.1 – Participating in the race, you need to be confident and calm to avoid being caught by the police. Set score records every time you enter the station.

NameSubway Surfers
PublisherSYBO Games
Version3.27.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMega Unlimited Money/MENU/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedApril 18, 2024 (1 day ago)
Subway Surfers MOD APK Infomation expand_more

V1 : Unlimited money

V2 : Menu

Useful mods

  1. good fashion
  2. There is no gravity
  3. No clips
  4. Don’t pick up coins
  5. There are no boundary effects
  6. Camera tracking
  7. Camera shopping
  8. Night mode
  9. Secret

Other mods:

  1. Instant lane change
  2. Complete all achievements
  3. Automatically revive
  4. Unlimited power-up time
  5. Unlimited Jetpack time
  6. Free shopping
  7. Unlimited everything
  8. Unlock all characters
  9. All skins unlocked
  10. Double coins

Chams Mods

  1. Choose Cham people
  2. Line width
  3. Red
  4. Green
  5. Green

Mods are subject to change

  1. Character speed
  2. Jump limit
  3. High jump
  4. Air jump height

V3: Menu


  1. More coins
  2. Add keys
  3. Free Store – Google Play
  4. Score factor
  5. Unlimited everything
  6. Free revival
  7. Complete achievements
  8. Infinite power

Player menu:

  1. good fashion
  2. Jump many times
  3. Speed ​​multiplier
  4. High jump
  5. Air jump height
  6. Gravitation
  7. Fly
  8. Climbing wall
  9. Change lanes quickly
  10. Surveillance cameras
  11. Character size
  12. Hack walls
  13. Do not pick up items
  14. Don’t pick up coins
  15. Collect items

Police menu:

Character size

Other menus:

  1. Stop the train
  2. Dark sky


[Player menu]

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited keys
  • Unlimited skateboards
  • Unlimited starts
  • Unlimited score gain
  • Unlimited event coins
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlimited Season Tokens
  • Unlimited sprays
  • Unlimited Boomboxes
  • Unlimited hats
  • Unlimited guitars
  • Unlimited UFOs

V5: Menu

  1. Unlimited everything
  2. There is no gravity
  3. everlasting
  4. Camera tracking
  5. Free shopping
  6. Achievement completed
  7. Train shop
  8. Lanes change
  9. Without Boundaries
  10. Stop the camera
  11. Fly fast
  12. Jetpack
  13. Speed ​​(move, fly, jump)
  • V6:
  • V7: Menu
  1. Lots of money and power
  2. Unlocked all characters
  3. Endless jumping

Introduce about Subway Surfers

Join the exciting race on the railway now in the action game Subway Surfers. Indeed this name is no longer strange to video game players. However, Subway Surfers MOD APK has been released for a long time; this game has not reduced the heat. It is attracting the participation of players of different ages around the world. With over 1 billion downloads and nearly 50 million positive reviews from players. It can be said that the attraction of the game Subway Surfers is no joke. The game uses the main colour gamut, which is bright, outstanding and eye-catching—combined with fun sounds to help players feel more excited when participating in the experience. An exciting chase occurs in a particular location that no one can expect.

Subway Surfers

The background of the game Subway Surfers takes place at a train station full of trains. The main character’s track is a miniature, narrow railway stretching endlessly. Many pre-arranged obstacles are scattered everywhere at this train station. The player’s task is to control the character to run without crashing into obstacles. Make sure your surface is not caught after the mischievous actions you just finished. It sounds simple, but the game Subway Surfers promises to bring a lot of surprises. If you want to try a more intense action game, you can download Shadow Fight 2, Call of Duty Mobile.

Download Subway Surfers MOD APK – Join the race on the railway

This game tells about three main characters, boy Jake, girl Tricky and boy Fresh. All three are very naughty boys and girls who always find trouble everywhere. One fine day, they suddenly came up with the idea to paint graffiti on the wall at the station. But unfortunately, this mischief was caught by the station management inspector. And the chase at the train railway began from that hilarious cause. Players can choose one of three boys, Jake, Tricky and Fresh, to transform into. After selecting the character you want, you can start the escape race. Don’t let the cranky inspector catch him if you don’t want to be scolded and slapped. You can even be fined for vandalism, dear players.

Subway Surfers mod apk android

Subway Surfers MOD Mega Unlimited Money/MENU/God mode APK is a game that is not new but will certainly never be outdated. Constantly innovate and update more features to bring the best experience when playing. Guaranteed, this exciting action game will take players to many surprises. Not just running away on the railway, but also many mysteries to be discovered. The more you learn about the game, the more you will be hooked. Run and hide, avoid obstacles, and collect attractive rewards on the way; let’s try it now!

Show character control skills

When entering the game Subway Surfers 3.27.1, players will be shown the agility of their hands. Because the game’s pace is breakneck, just a little carelessness is enough. No complicated buttons or operation keys need to be memorized during play. There are almost no buttons on the device screen for players to observe the scene. The hand of the players of Subway Surfers is the decisive factor in the victory or defeat of the game screen. So agile fingers will bring players to success more quickly.

Subway Surfers mod apk free

The gameplay is not complicated; move the player’s finger. Swipe your fingers to the sides if you want your character to run left or right, slide your finger up to let the character jump up to avoid obstacles, and finally, pull your hand down to let the character crouch and get through. Openings under the bars. All operations are efficiently performed on the device’s screen that the player owns. Support devices can be activated easily by running towards them. There are absolutely no stressful situations that require players to operate at speed. Run like that, and don’t let your character get caught or hit an obstacle. The operation is effortless, so the decisive point is the control skill of Subway Surfers mod players.

What makes the character avoid obstacles

To increase the difficulty for the player in the process of escaping from the thrilling chase. Subway Surfers MOD Menu has arranged obstacles scattered everywhere on the map. Players must control the character at each level to avoid hundreds of obstacles. It could be iron bars blocking the tracks, large boxes of goods, trolleys in the middle of the road, stationary carriages blocking the way ahead, or trains rushing at breakneck speed. All those obstacles appear to hinder the players of Subway Surfers. If you accidentally let the character crash into a block, that screen will end there. So be very careful; this game will help players practice observation skills.

Subway Surfers mod apk

Don’t let any obstacles get the players’ way to victory. No matter how large they are, they appear suddenly and are difficult to avoid while focusing on running. Players should master the situation of the game screen with their skilful skills. Those obstacles don’t have to be worried about when the player’s fingers become more agile. The ferocious inspector and his dog are also a huge obstacle to avoid. The chase is exceptionally close and thrilling, don’t let them catch your character!

With the support of tools

Subway Surfers MOD APK download 2023 brings a lot of fun to players when adding many support tools. Those tools can quickly help the player character cut off the detective behind. Or make the process of collecting rewards more straightforward during the race. On the character’s run, sparkling gold coins always await players to collect. This is used to exchange new items, so pick up as many as possible. With the help of tools, everything becomes easy.

Subway Surfers mod

The tools are Hoverboard, a skateboard that allows the character to move faster by gliding on any surface, and Jetpack, a jet-powered backpack that enables players to fly high and can collect coins on the side. Above, Super Sneaker, a giant shoe that helps the character run faster than usual, and Coin Magnet, a magnet machine that can attract gold coins in all directions towards the surface. The game screen seems to become less complicated when there are support tools. They make Subway Surfers players quick and easy to get rich. So during running on the track, carefully observe every corner. Once you see a position with support tools, you must run towards it immediately to get it. Don’t miss any chance to win.
How To Play Game Subway Surfers With Unlimited Money/God Mod Latest Version – MODAPKOKI

Change the racing character

Besides, the three main characters most people know are Jake, Tricky and Fresh. Then in Subway Surfers, players have many other characters to change. With a large number of up to nearly 30 characters, including familiar names such as Yutani, Frank, Frizzy, Roberto, King, Lucy, Tasha, Zoe, Ninja, Tagbot, Brody, Ramona, Prince K. To have To get these characters, the player needs to exchange a lot of coins. For example, Tasha costs 20 thousand cash, and Prince K expenses 980 thousand coins. Or characters like Miss Maia, Scarlet, Alicia, and Nina must be exchanged with keys. The costumes of these characters, too, must be exchanged with coins or keys. But gold coins seem to be much easier to obtain than those keys.

Subway Surfers mod android free

Indeed, having expensive or rare characters is also quite an achievement. However, changing the character or the costume for the surface does not affect the game’s outcome. But it will increase the fun every time players log in and experience it. Along with those characters, there are skateboards with strange, unique shapes. Colourful skateboards bring the style of the character that owns them. It could be a tapestry board, a sledge, a magic stick, a gem, or a broom.

The view is also very invested

Do not let the player’s character be confined to a dull train station space. Subway Surfers APK also invests a lot in the context of the players’ running tracks. The player can change the running scene by collecting as many keys as possible. There are still endless tracks that can appear trains at any time. But the scenery can change flexibly into valleys of brilliant flowers, vast green grasslands, bustling residential areas, gloomy forests without light, and even outside. Under the vast ocean, fish are swimming overhead. Under any circumstances, the grumpy inspector and his dog always followed. So don’t be so absorbed in the scenery that you forget you are running away from the chase.

Subway Surfers mod android

Save and spend the rewards wisely to be able to redeem multiple contexts. The change in the surrounding space will make the race not boring at all.

Subway Surfers mod features

  • Unlimited money, Unlocked everything
  • God Mode
  • Multipe Jump
  • Speed Multipier
  • Jump Height
  • Air Jump Height
  • Gravity
  • Fly
  • Etc

FAQ Subway Surfers MOD (Mega Unlimited Money/MENU/God mode

How can I achieve a high score in Subway Surfers?

To achieve a high score in Subway Surfers, focus on collecting coins and points while running. Use power-ups and avoid colliding with obstacles to maintain a continuous run.

How many cities does Subway Surfers have to explore?

Subway Surfers switches to new cities to explore in regular updates. Throughout its development, the game has taken players to various exciting locations around the world, such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, and more.

Are there any special events or updates in the game?

Yes, Subway Surfers regularly features special events and updates. These updates bring new content such as characters, maps, items, and exciting gameplay modes.

How do I connect Subway Surfers to a social account?

Subway Surfers allows you to connect with your social media account to connect and share your achievements with friends. This also helps you restore game data if you switch devices.

Is there a way to enhance gameplay performance in Subway Surfers?

Absolutely, you can upgrade power-ups within the game using coins and keys. Upgrading will improve your gameplay performance and make it easier to achieve higher scores.

The game is always loved

Subway Surfers MOD APK is a highly famous game in many countries. This game has support for many languages to serve that many players. Subway Surfers will always bring a lot of attraction through simple play and continuous innovation. No need to impact too much; let the character run and manipulate when necessary to avoid obstacles. If unfortunately, there is an urgent matter that needs to be solved, the game players should not worry too much. Just click on the function key in the screen’s upper left corner, and the game screen will stop. Feel free to finish the unfinished business and come back to it when you need some entertainment. More specifically, players can compete with each other by trying to get a high score. Download Subway Surfers MOD APK (Mega Unlimited Money/MENU/God mode) on MODAPKOKI to join the fun characters who run endlessly on the tracks to avoid the detective’s chase.

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