Space Turret Defence

Space Turret Defence MOD 1.67 Menu, God Mode APK

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NameSpace Turret Defence
PublisherFingerCat Games
Version1.67 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, God Mode
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Space Turret Defense

Space Turret Defense MOD APK (Menu, God Mode) – a challenging and exciting game in endless space. In this game, you will be a commander on a cosmic defence base to protect our planet from the onslaught of hostile forces.

Starting your journey, you must fight and face dozens of diverse enemies, from space pirates and evil robots to brutal alien races. You must use your expertise to build and upgrade defensive turrets, adapt offensive tactics, and devise effective defence strategies to prevent enemy penetration.

Defend the base

Your main task is to protect the defense base in space from the attack of diverse enemies. You will be equipped with various mighty defensive fortresses, from precision laser guns to powerful flamethrowers and long-range missiles in Space Turret Defence.

Your base is built on a distant planet with many strategic locations to place defensive towers. You can customize the position and type of defense cylinder to create an optimal defense system. Carefully consider the position of each turret, as their accuracy and range will determine their ability to destroy enemies.

In addition to building bases, you can upgrade defense towers to increase their strength and combat ability. From upgrading damage, rate of fire, and accuracy to defense against enemy attacks, it all helps you to gain the upper hand in battle.

Turret upgrade

Power: Power upgrades increase the turret’s destructive power, allowing it to deal more damage to enemies. With more power, the turret can quickly and effectively destroy enemy spaceships.

Range: Upgraded range makes the turret can hit enemies at a longer distance. This is useful to destroy potential spaceships before they reach your base.

Rate of fire: Upgrade the fire rate to increase the turret’s destruction. By firing faster, the turret can handle multiple targets simultaneously and prevent enemy penetration.

Accuracy: Accuracy upgrades make the turret more accurate in aiming. This ensures that each turret shot hits the target precisely, increasing kill potential and reducing ammo waste.

In addition, you can also unlock and upgrade special skills for the turret, such as hitting multiple targets, creating side effects, or increasing damage. These skills will help your turret become diverse and suitable for your tactics in Space Turret Defence Mod.

Dozens of skills

You will discover dozens of unique skills to enhance your ability to defend your base. Here are some examples of diverse and influential skills that you can use in Space Turret Defence MOD APK (Menu, God Mode) on MODAPKOKI:

Destructive laser beam: This skill allows you to launch a destructive laser beam, instantly destroying enemy spaceships within a specific range.

Power Grid: This skill allows you to deploy a grid of electricity around your base, dealing continuous damage to enemies passing through.

Defensive Wall: This skill allows you to build a defensive wall protecting the base, preventing the penetration of enemy spaceships.

Great Ice: This skill freezes the space around the turret, slowing the enemy’s movement speed and reducing their attack ability.

Auto Fortress: This skill allows you to build an automatic fortress that attacks the nearest targets without your intervention.

Radiation Defense: This skill activates radiation defense for the turret, dealing continuous damage to nearby targets.

Ammo Upgrade: This skill allows you to upgrade the ammunition used by the turret, increasing its power and killing performance.

Marines, tanks, and warships

Marines: This is a surface combat unit possessing superior strength and movement speed. The Marines can strike from a distance with missiles or use firearms to destroy targets.

Tank: Tank is a pretty dangerous opponent in Space Turret Defence APK. With powerful weapons and durable armor, they can attack from a distance and destroy your turrets. It would be best to find a way to destroy the tanks using skills or upgrade the turret to deal with them.

Warships: Warships are a significant threat at sea. With modern artillery systems and fast movement, they can deal significant damage and destroy defensive facilities. To counter warships, you must build and upgrade turrets accordingly to intercept and destroy them before they reach your base.

Facing these opponents, you must have flexible tactics and use the appropriate skills and upgrades to ensure an effective defence of your base. Use clever turrets and strategic arrangements to block and destroy opponents, defend your space, and defeat all challenges in this tricky space war.

Fight to protect the planet in the game Space Turret Defense

In Space Turret Defense MOD APK, the combination of space adventure, defensive tactics, and a diverse weapon system will give you dramatic and irresistible battles. Be the universe’s hero, build a solid defence base, and destroy the enemies to protect the planet and become the ultimate winner. Ready to show your leadership and tactics in this intense space war? Start your journey today and become the most incredible space warrior in Space Turret Defence MOD Menu!

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