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Rocket Star MOD 1.53.1 Unlimited Money APK

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NameRocket Star
PublisherPixodust Games
Version1.53.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
Rocket Star MOD APK Infomation expand_more

1. Unlimited Star Coins*
2. Unlimited Space Cash*
3. Unlimited Gems*
*Never decrease when you spent

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Introduce about Rocket Star

Rocket Star MOD APK is a beautiful business management simulation game on mobile phones. In the game, players will become a space explorers, building and managing a transportation company that sends people and goods into space. With exciting gameplay, Rocket Star will give players a great experience exploring space and building their careers.

Unique tycoon game

You will be a tycoon president and run a company that develops and manufactures spaceships. During the game, you must manage your budget, design and upgrade your spaceship, gather resources, and perform various tasks to lead your company to success. This unique tycoon game will challenge your management skills and allow you to become the most successful president of the space industry!

Space centre management

You will be a spaceship manager and must design, build, update and upgrade your space centre. The centre includes laboratories, residence halls, conference rooms, gymnasiums, and many others. You’ll have to manage resources like fuel, metals, and money to ensure your hub is up and running and meeting the needs of your staff. In addition, you also have to find and hire talented astronauts to participate in different missions, explore the universe and strengthen your spaceship.

Factory upgrade

First, find and exploit resources, and build and upgrade equipment and spaceship production machinery to create perfect spaceships. Each type of vessel will have different requirements and features, so you need to fine-tune the components and equipment in your plant to meet your customers’ needs. With the upgrade and expansion of the factory, you will be able to produce better spaceships and achieve higher achievements in the world of Rocket Star.

Maximize income

In Rocket Star APK, you can maximize your income by manufacturing and selling spaceships, cargo ships and other products. You must source materials, hire employees and upgrade factories to increase production efficiency. In addition, you can also explore the universe, train crews and compete with other tycoons for control of the market. All these factors assist players in maximizing their income and becoming successful space tycoons.

Hire genius scientists

Players can hire genius scientists to help optimize the space centre’s operations. These scientists are categorized by year of experience and level, and each one has different special skills. Players can use their coins to hire scientists and update their capabilities to increase efficiency in research and production.

Scientists offer diverse skills, including enhancing factory productivity, increasing production speed and reducing costs. Players can also enhance the scientist’s skills by providing them with drinks and food to increase their skill points and efficiency. Using highly experienced scientists and diverse skills is the key to maximizing space centre profits and achieving Rocket Star MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODPAKOK success.

Game mode

The primary game mode of the game is the Spaceship Management mode, in which the player will take on the role of a spaceship manager, building and managing spaceships, finding resources and implementing missions to collect money and become a successful businessman. Players must enhance their skills and invest in research and technology to enhance the spacecraft’s capabilities and maximize profits.

In addition to the Spaceship Management mode, the game also has a Planet Conquest mode. Players will take their spaceships to explore and explore different planets, search for resources, and conquer different planets—New location.

Finally, the game also has a Play mini-game mode, which allows players to participate in mini-games to earn more money and resources. All game modes are beautifully and creatively designed, giving players an exciting and varied experience.

Become a billionaire in the universe with the game Rocket Star

With creative freedom and endless business potential, Rocket Star is a fun simulation game for those who want to become their cosmic billionaire. With great features such as spaceship design, engine building and testing, space exploration, and resource extraction, Rocket Star APK 1.53.1 will help you experience moments of fun and challenge. Start your journey and build your space empire today!

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