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Robot Firetruck MOD 1.7.2 Unlimited Upgrade Points APK

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NameRobot Firetruck
PublisherNaxeex Action & RPG Games
Version1.7.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Upgrade Points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedAugust 19, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about Robot Firetruck

Robot Firetruck MOD APK (Unlimited Upgrade Points) on MODAPKOKI is a video game in which the player will control a robot fire truck and use it to destroy attacks from hostile robots. The Japanese game studio – Taito Corporation developed the game and was released in 1990.

In the game, the player must drive the robot fire truck through the levels and attack the robots attacking the city. Players will be equipped with machine guns, rockets, artillery shells, and even robotic arms that can turn into spikes to defeat enemy robots.

Robot Firetruck is considered a classic action game of the 1990s, with excellent and sound and exciting and addictive gameplay. The game has been released on many different consoles and is still one of the favourite titles of gamers worldwide.

Patrol on the street

In Robot Firetruck, Street Patrol (Street Patrol) is one of the famous and exciting levels. In this level, the player will control his robot fire truck to patrol the streets and destroy all hostile robots that appear on the road.

In this level, the player will face many enemy robots, which can appear in many directions. Players will be equipped with various weapons to deal with them, such as machine guns, rockets and robotic arms that turn into spikes. In addition, the robot fire truck can also increase its speed to avoid the attacks of enemy robots.

Robot Firetruck’s Street Patrol game requires players to have fast reaction speed, flexible mobility, and accurate shooting skills. If the player is not talented enough to deal with the attack of the hostile robots, the robot fire truck will be destroyed, and the player will fail the level.


In this level, the player will control his robot fire truck to destroy the gangsters attacking the city.

In this level, the player will have to confront the gunmen of the gangster, armed with powerful weapons such as machine guns and artillery shells. Players Robot Firetruck APK must use their robot fire truck to attack them with weapons like rockets and arms that turn into spikes. In addition, the robot fire truck can also jump to avoid bullets and defeat the gangster.

To complete the Gangster level, the player needs to kill all the members of the gangster in the designated area. If the player cannot kill all the gangsters before the time ends or the robot fire truck is destroyed too many times, the player will fail the level.

The Firetruck Robot’s Gangster level requires the player to have good shooting and moving skills and requires concentration and quick reaction.

Amazing skill

Skill Mastery is a feature in Robot Firetruck APK mod that allows the player to enhance the skills and capabilities of his robot firetruck. This feature is unlocked when the player completes some levels and collects enough skill points.

Once the Skill Skill feature is unlocked, the player can use skill points to enhance the robot fire truck’s features, such as speed, mana capacity, attack power, and defence ability. Enhancing these features will make it easier for players to complete more challenging levels and face more vigorous opponents.

In addition to enhancing the robot fire truck’s features, players can purchase new weapons or upgrade existing weapons to deal with more powerful opponents. Strengthening skills and upgrading weapons will help players become skilled in the Robot Firetruck game and help them overcome more difficult challenges.

Righteous powerful Robot

The righteous powerful Robot is the main character of the game. The honest, powerful Robot is designed to help to protect the city and deal with threats such as gangsters and disasters.

The righteous powerful Robot can transform into a robotic fire truck with features like laser attack and nail defence. The Robot also can jump high and move quickly, making it easy for players to dodge bullets and deal with nasty opponents.

The righteous powerful Robot symbolises justice and safety in Robot Firetruck APK 1.7.2. With his strength and abilities, the Robot helps players protect the city from threats and save those needing help in emergencies.

A dramatic action game

In the Robot Firetruck game, players will experience dramatic and adventurous matches. The game gives players the feeling of living in an authentic adventure.

Dangerous situations, battles, exciting changes and many interesting surprises await you in Robot Firetruck. Use all your abilities and wisdom to win and become a champion superhero!

With many attractive features, Robot Firetruck MOD APK (Unlimited Upgrade Points) will be a great game for those who love action and adventure genres. Join this game on now and experience dramatic matches with the Mighty Righteous Robot!

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