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Rising Super Chef 2 MOD 7.9.5 Free Booster APK

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NameRising Super Chef 2
PublisherMini Stone Games - Chef & Restaurant Cooking Games
Version7.9.5 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesFree Booster
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedApril 13, 2024 (2 days ago)
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Introduce about Rising Super Chef 2

Rising Super Chef 2 MOD APK (Free Booster) is a fun and exciting cooking game developed by Mini Stone Games. This game allows players to become real chefs and create delicious dishes for customers. Players will experience and develop their cooking skills through in-game lessons and challenges. With hundreds of different words from countries worldwide, players will discover and learn about the typical dishes of each region. With entertainment and learning elements, Rising Super Chef 2 is an exciting and valuable game for cooking lovers.

Explore 36 famous places in the world

Rising Super Chef 2 is a time management style culinary game where players will experience and explore 36 famous culinary locations worldwide. From Japan to France, from Mexico to the US, each site in the game is designed full of typical dishes and the unique culinary culture of each country.

Each map in the game is designed with its characteristics, including environments, characters and dishes. The player will be a chef and must complete different objectives and missions on each map to advance to new locations and collect ingredients for dishes.

With each location, players must try different levels, from easy to complex, and make other dishes to achieve the highest score and win attractive prizes. In addition, each map also has its own story and interesting characters to help players better understand each location’s unique cuisine and culture.

In short, with 36 unique maps full of their characteristics, the Rising Super Chef 2 will bring players exciting and beautiful experiences in discovering and exploiting the culinary cultures of different countries—Countries in the world.

Explore a diverse world of cooking with over 700 dishes

Rising Super Chef 2 Mod is a cooking game with over 700 various plates developed based on authentic recipes to cook and bake using 200 different ingredients. In the game, the player will play the chef role and experience the excellent cooking process of serving customers.

With over 700 dishes ranging from appetizers, and main courses to desserts, players can learn how to cook various popular dishes from different countries, including pizza, sushi, cakes and pastries. , pasta, grilled meat, fried fish, and many other attractive dishes. With each word, players will learn how to use different ingredients and learn how to prepare dishes to achieve the best taste.

Experience more than 1,000 exciting levels

Rising Super Chef 2 is an entertaining mobile cooking game with over 1,000 different levels, promising to bring players moments of refreshing entertainment and challenge them with diverse dishes worldwide.

Players will play the role of talented chefs and be able to serve customers the most attractive dishes, from simple desserts to complex and luxurious words.

During the game, players will face different challenges, such as defeating opponents, completing a specific number of tasks or achieving the highest score. With over 1,000 levels and new features updated regularly, Rising Super Chef 2 will never let players get bored and always bring exciting and crazy experiences.

Updated with hundreds of upgrades for the kitchen and costumes

Rising Super Chef 2 APK immerses players in a diverse culinary world and gives them many options to customize and upgrade the kitchen and outfits. This game has hundreds of different items for players to choose from, including stoves, worktops, baking pans, ovens and more to enhance their cooking performance. Players can also customize their costumes with a variety of outfit options, from chef shirts to service clothes. With hundreds of items to choose from, players can create their style and show off their class in the culinary world.

Great offline play experience

Offline play is an excellent feature of the Rising Super Chef 2, allowing players to freely explore the culinary world without an internet connection. Players can download and store games on their devices anytime and anywhere without network-related issues interrupting them.

When playing offline, players can still experience the full features and functions of the game, including managing the food shop, upgrading and unlocking new maps, cooking unique dishes and Interacting with exciting characters in the game.

However, when playing offline, players will not be able to participate in online events and competitions or interact with friends via social networking. However, with the offline play feature, players can still enjoy the relaxation and entertainment of the game without being interrupted by network-related factors.

Become a talented chef in a fun and varied cooking game

With over 700 dishes developed based on authentic recipes to cook and bake with 200 other ingredients, the Rising Super Chef 2 game is excellent for those who love food. From learning how to use different elements to how to prepare popular dishes from other countries, players will experience exciting challenges and improve their cooking skills.

The game gives players a varied and exciting cooking experience with realistic simulation, helping them relax after stressful working hours. Become a talented chef and explore the diverse culinary world in the game Rising Super Chef 2 APK mod (Free Booster) on MODAPKOKI today!

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