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Random Cards MOD 0.325 Menu/No Skill CD/Unlimited Money/Friendship Points APK

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NameRandom Cards
PublisherFigase Games
Version0.325 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu/No Skill CD/Unlimited Money/Friendship Points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 30, 2023 (9 months ago)
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✶ No Skill CD
✶ Unlimited Gold*
✶ Unlimited Diamonds*
✶ Unlimited Friendship Points*
*never decrease, need enough first

Note: Turn the mod on before entering the battle.

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Introduce about the Random Cards

Random Cards MOD APK (Menu/No Skill CD/Unlimited Money/Friendship Points) is a tower defence strategy game developed by GameCo Mobile. In the game, players must build and upgrade defence towers to block the invasion of enemy troops coming from different directions on the map.

The unique feature of Random Cards: Tower Defense TD is a diverse system of generals and military cards, bringing richness and fun to the gaming experience. Players can use generals and army cards to add different military units to the battle, creating various strategies to defeat opponents.

In addition, Random Cards: Tower Defense TD also has beautiful and vivid sound, creating a sense of excitement for players during the game. The game also has a variety of game modes, from basic to advanced, allowing players to practice and challenge their tactical abilities.

Random Cards: Tower Defense TD is available now on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, and can be downloaded for free from the mobile app stores.

Special Tactical Mode

Random Cards has a special tactical mode called “Endless Mode”, which allows players to challenge their playability in endless waves.

In this Mode, waves of enemies will appear continuously and become stronger and stronger; the player must make quick tactical decisions to deal with the increasing onslaught. In addition, Endless Mode also has special missions for players to complete, thereby receiving valuable rewards.

Endless Mode is a great challenge for players, requiring good tactical skills and the ability to make quick and accurate decisions in difficult situations. If you are a fan of the tower defence genre and like challenges, Endless Mode of Random Cards: Tower Defense TD will be a great choice to try your hand at.

Multiplayer PvP

In Random Cards APK, players will compete against each other in a confrontation match; each player’s goal is to defeat the opponent’s enemy to win.

To participate in PvP mode, players must level up and gather strong generals and troops to create a solid defensive formation. In addition, players can also use generals and military cards to enhance their squad’s strength and combat ability.

The PvP mode of Random Cards: Tower Defense TD offers mind-boggling battles, requiring players to have good tactical skills and the ability to adapt and adjust strategies based on each specific situation in the war. Fight. If you like challenges and want to challenge other players worldwide, the PvP mode of Random Cards: Tower Defense TD will be a fun and exciting experience on MODAPKOKI.

Upgrade battle cards and hero abilities

To upgrade battle cards, players can use money and resources obtained from battles to purchase upgraded versions of battle cards. Each upgraded version will enhance the stats and skills of the battle card, making it easier for the player to fend off waves of enemy attacks.

In addition to upgrading battle cards, players can enhance their hero abilities using skill points. Skill points can be collected through battles and completing quests, which the player can then use to improve the hero’s skills and abilities. These skills include attack, defence and support skills, helping players achieve the highest efficiency in resisting enemy attacks.

Upgrading battle cards and hero abilities are essential for players to cope well with increasingly tricky attacks. If you want to be a strong and successful player in Random Cards APK mod, make sure that you fully invest in upgrading your battle cards and hero abilities.

Collect and get rewards

These rewards will help players increase their squad’s strength and fighting ability.

In Random Cards APK 0.325 can be to destroy enemy troops, protect your land from attacks or gather resources to strengthen the squad. When completing the mission, the player will receive money, resources and other rewards to use in the game.

Events in Random Cards: Tower Defense TD are usually limited-time and require players to complete particular objectives to receive special rewards. These events can be related to holidays, special events or competitive matches between players.

Players will receive special rewards when achieving in-game achievements, such as achieving the highest score or completing challenging levels. These rewards can be money, resources, battle cards or other valuable items.

Receiving rewards is essential to enhancing the squad’s strength and combat ability. To succeed in Random Cards: Tower Defense TD, regularly participate in mission events and complete levels to receive valuable rewards.

Exciting and fun – Random Cards: Tower Defense TD is a game worth trying

In the game Random Cards: Tower Defense TD, players will experience an exciting strategy game with beautiful and many attractive features. There are various game modes, from PvE to PvP, to ensure that players will never get bored. The battle card system and hero abilities also provide players many ways to strengthen their squad. If you want a new strategy game, try Random Cards MOD APK (Menu/No Skill CD/Unlimited Money/Friendship Points) and experience great entertainment.

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