Out There: Omega Editon

Out There: Omega Editon MOD 3.2 Unlimited Money APK

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NameOut There: Omega Editon
PublisherMi-Clos Studio
Version3.2 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price4.99$ FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Out There: Omega Editon

Out There: Omega Edition MOD APK on MODAPKOKI. Prepare to explore the endless universe and face unexpected challenges in a game combining planetary adventure and resource management.

You wake up in an alien spaceship as a lonely and missing astronaut. With few resources and limited fuel, you must find a way to survive and return to Earth. On your journey, you’ll explore distant planets, face dangers from space, and interact with terrifying alien creatures.

Over 350 adventures

On your journey, you’ll discover various planets, star systems, and galaxies. Every place you go has unique characteristics and resources needed to survive. However, you must make the right decisions to optimize the use of available resources and ensure fuel retention to continue your journey.

Over 350 adventures, you will meet and interact with various alien creatures. Every encounter can provide an opportunity for a positive interaction or a danger. It would be best if you determined whether you should befriend these creatures, fight them, or stay away from them.

The adventure in Out There: Omega Editon isn’t just about finding resources and maintaining your spaceship. You will feel the spiritual and emotional aspects of living alone in the vast universe. Each adventure is an opportunity to discover yourself and face new sides of the astronaut in you.

Ten spaceships

Each ship has its design and capabilities, giving you flexibility and choice in your adventure. Some of the ships can be mentioned as:

Vanguard: This is your default spaceship, with base capacity and speed. Vanguard is a reliable choice to start an adventure.

Horizon: This ship has a larger capacity allows you to carry more resources on your journey. Horizon helps you go on a long adventure without worrying about resource supply.

Eclipse: With high speed and flexible mobility, Eclipse allows you to travel through space quickly and avoid unwanted dangers.

Nebula: This spacecraft can scan the surrounding space for potential planets and resources. It helps you to explore hidden places and find new mysteries.

Zenith: Equipped with powerful defence and attack systems, Zenith is the ideal spaceship for battles with enemies and alien creatures.

Stellaris: This ship is powered by cutting-edge technologies to help you research and discover new things in space.

Celestia: With its weight-bearing capacity and adaptation to extreme environments, Celestia allows you to explore planets with harsh living conditions and discover unique creatures in Out There: Omega Editon Mod.

Crafting system

Crafting Center: On your spaceship, you have a crafting centre where you can conduct crafting activities. You can upgrade and repair components on board from here, improving performance and stamina.

Crafting Materials: During space exploration, you will collect materials and resources. These materials are used to craft and upgrade ship components. You need to manage your resources intelligently to use them for crafting purposes.

Spaceship components: In the crafting system, you can upgrade and replace onboard components such as engines, solar panels, navigation systems and more. Each component has its advantages and affects your survivability. By upgrading and changing these components, you can strengthen your ship and better cope with challenges in space.

Technological Research: In addition to crafting and upgrading ship components, you can conduct research into new technology to unlock new gadgets and abilities. The research will open up new opportunities and help you avoid dangers in your adventure.

The crafting system in Out There: Omega Editon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) gives you flexibility and customization in upgrading your spaceship. You can enhance your ship’s performance and durability through crafting and research and create unique survival strategies and methods.

Explore the galaxy

Star and Planetary Systems: Out There: Omega Editon APK allows exploring various star systems and planets. Each star system has many planets orbiting it, and each planet has its characteristics and potential resources. You can probe each planet and uncover mysteries and dangers along the way.

Dangers and challenges: Your journey will encounter various dangers and challenges. Be it space storms, dangerous planets, ferocious alien creatures and much more. You must manage resources and make intelligent decisions to overcome these obstacles and continue your adventure.

Search for resources: You can find valuable resources on planets and in space. These resources can be used to upgrade spacecraft, repair components, and maintain fuel. However, you need to skillfully manage resources to not run out of supply and ensure survival in the adventure.

Meet Creatures and Aliens: You will meet and interact with various creatures and aliens during your journey. Each encounter will yield unique stories and quests. You can help, fight or even communicate with them to learn more about this mysterious universe.

Travel through endless space and uncover mysteries in Out There: Omega Edition

With Out There: Omega Edition, you will enter a unique space journey full of enchantment and evoking curiosity about distant stars. This game will put you in different emotional states, from mysterious planets to encounters with strange alien beings.

Get ready to explore unexpected dangers and challenges, find vital resources to survive, and find your way back to Earth. You will need intelligence, determination and patience to overcome difficulties in the vast space.

Out There: Omega Edition is an adventure game and a meaningful spiritual journey. Pack your best gear and start this memorable journey now in Out There: Omega Editon APK mod (Unlimited Money)!

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