OrderZero MOD 4.3.2 High Damage/Always Critical Hit/Freeze Currencies APK

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Version4.3.2 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage/Always Critical Hit/Freeze Currencies
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedOctober 17, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about OrderZero

OrderZero MOD APK (High Damage/Always Critical Hit/Freeze Currencies) is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed. This game revolves around the story of a strange world where the players will have to explore lands, face challenges and fight dangerous creatures to complete quests and collect money. Collect equipment.

Diverse combat and skill systems and many community features for players to interact and socialize with each other. In addition, the game also features rich character customization, allowing players to design their characters with a wide selection of costumes, hairstyles, and other accessories.

Skill Shooting Action

Players need skills and tactics to become good shooters in OrderZero. The in-game specialization system includes the character’s skill level, attack and defence abilities, weapons and equipment. Players can also customize their character to suit their fighting style.

OrderZero‘s rich system also allows players to use special skills to help them win shooting matches. For example, using the “stealth” skill to hide from the enemy or the “toxin” skill to deal continuous damage to the enemy is possible.

In a nutshell, OrderZero is a challenging skill-shooter and requires tactical mastery, requiring players to have good offensive and defensive abilities, clever use of weapons and special skills. Competent to achieve victory.

Choose your weapons and combat abilities

In OrderZero APK, players can choose and customize weapons, equipment, and skills to suit their fighting style. Here are some details about the weapons and combat abilities available in the game:


Pistol: this is a versatile and versatile weapon, suitable for both close and range combat.

Rifles: This weapon with a more extended range is often used for shooting from a distance.

Shells: This weapon has great destructive power and is used to destroy large targets or groups of opponents.

Bomb: the player can use this weapon to create comprehensive area damage, attacking opponents in a large area.

Combat ability:

Attack: the player can use attack skills to damage the opponent.

Defence: defensive skills can help the player minimize damage or avoid the opponent’s attack.

Help: these skills help players support teammates by increasing strength, healing, or resistance.

Special skills: These skills can help players attack or defend more effectively. Examples are “invisibility”, “healing charm”, and “poison”.

In short, players can customize their weapons and combat abilities to suit their fighting style and tactics in OrderZero.

Dramatic gameplay stages

In OrderZero APK mod, there are many dramatic and attractive levels for players to participate in. Here are some notable stories:

The final boss-killing stage: This level is the game’s final level and requires the player to destroy the final boss to win the game. The final boss, the game’s most potent enemy, has extraordinary powers and skills. Players must find a way to defeat the final boss using their skills and tactics.

Destroy the enemy: This level requires the player to destroy several enemy troops. Players will face many different situations, from being attacked by many enemy troops to having to attack an enemy base.

Racing screen: At this level, players will compete with other opponents in a vivid and challenging car race. Players must drive skillfully and use their skills to overcome obstacles and opponents to win.

The exploration level requires players to perform tasks and find essential items to proceed to the next level. Players will face many challenges and dangers during their exploration, including environmental hazards and potential enemies.

The levels above are just a few examples of the many challenging and dramatic levels in OrderZero.

Upgrade special power

Some ways to upgrade a character’s extraordinary power are:

Collect Equipment: Players can find and collect different types of equipment, including weapons, armour, and accessories, to enhance their character’s strength and combat abilities.

Skill Enhancement: Players can enhance their character’s unique skills by killing enemies and collecting experience points. Skills include increased weapon power, movement speed, healing, and ranged attack.

Use boosters: Players can use boosters to increase their survival

The strength and fighting ability of the character. These potions include buffs, movement speed potions, healing potions and more.

Trait Upgrades: Players can upgrade their character’s attributes, including strength, stamina, and speed. The character upgrade will help the player’s character become more robust and harder to defeat in matches.

In OrderZero APK 4.3.2, players can upgrade their character’s special powers, from collecting equipment and enhancing skills to using boosters and upgrading properties.

Challenging adventure journey

In the shooting action game OrderZero, players will experience a challenging adventure journey. OrderZero has attracted the attention and love of a large number of gamers around the world.

Here, players will be equipped with weapons and combat options and must overcome dramatic levels, to destroy dangerous enemies and save the world from the forces of evil. In addition, players can also upgrade the character’s unique power to become stronger in the matches.

With attractive gameplay, an exciting storyline and unique special features, OrderZero MOD APK (High Damage/Always Critical Hit/Freeze Currencies) on MODAPKOKI is not to be missed for those who love shooting action game genres.

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