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OH~! My Office MOD 1.6.21 Unlimited Money APK

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NameOH~! My Office
PublisherTwitchy Finger Ltd.
Version1.6.21 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedAugust 17, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about OH~! My Office

OH~! My Office MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a unique simulation game where you will face funny situations in an imaginary office. From unexpected incidents and humorous job requirements to resolving conflicts between monstrous co-workers, you will experience non-stop laughter.

You will participate in unique and exciting tasks, from managing daily tasks to solving hilarious troubles. Along with that comes interactions with diverse and quirky characters, each offering different exciting and emotional stories.

The game provides good laughs and allows you to express your creativity and management ability. You can customize your Office, upgrade your equipment and create a great work environment. You can also enjoy leisure activities such as watching movies, participating in fun events, and enjoying life outside of work.

A 15-chapter journey to push your company to all new levels

Each chapter in the game represents a developmental stage in the company’s life. You will start from a small office and gradually expand and grow your company. Along the way, you’ll meet and interact with many unique and exciting characters, from employees to competitors and business partners.

In each chapter, you will face specific tasks and goals. You must manage the company’s finances, recruit and train employees, upgrade facilities, and improve service quality. At the same time, you also need to develop new products and services, find potential customers, and execute marketing campaigns to increase sales and grow the company.

Each chapter presents its unique challenges, from dealing with financial crises to fierce market competition. You need to make intelligent strategic decisions, take advantage of business opportunities and solve internal problems within the company to overcome difficulties and move to the next level.

Discover more than 80 unique employees with ten types and six special abilities

First, you will discover the diverse roster of more than 80 employees. General office workers, salespeople, technical staff, finance staff, and many more types of jobs are available. Each employee has their look, personality, and skills, creating diversity and personalization for your team.

Each employee type will have six unique special abilities. For example, salespeople can close deals, convince customers, and build lasting relationships. Meanwhile, technical staff can repair, upgrade and maintain technology equipment in the Office. Leverage and combine these capabilities to build your company’s perfect and effective team.

You will have the power to select employees that fit your goals and strategies. Maybe you want to focus on business development, so you’ll need a lot of salespeople. Or you may want to accelerate product development, so look for engineering and design staff. From basic jobs to critical roles, you can build a diverse and high-potential team.

With over 80 unique staff members to choose from, each with six unique abilities, OH~! My Office gives you the flexibility and creativity to build and manage your team.

Customize and organize your Office to your liking

In OH~! In mIn my Office MOD APK, you can customize and modify your office layout. You can change the location of the desks, meeting rooms, rest areas, lounges, and more. This customization helps you create a work environment that matches your company’s and employees’ interests and needs.

You can also arrange the different rooms and areas the way you want. It’s all within your reach, from creating open coworking spaces to promote communication and collaboration to designing private rooms for employees to enjoy privacy and focus on work.

Not only is it a matter of office layout, but you can also customize and modify other company elements such as logos, colors, decorations, and more. All these changes will create a unique workspace and reflect the ego of the company and employees.

Customize, modify, and organize your office layout in OH~! My Office is not only a decoration but also impacts employee performance and morale. Creating a comfortable and interactive work environment can help your company grow and succeed.

Discover unique characters

OH~! My Office APK brings you a colorful and unique world with unforgettable characters you will love. Here are some notable characters in the game:

  1. Alice – Dynamic and intelligent company director. Alice always knows how to promote creativity and productivity in the Office. With leadership talent and strong will, she is the one to guide you through the challenges at work.
  2. Michael – Polite and charming salesman. He is always optimistic and knows how to attract new customers. With excellent communication skills and business ingenuity, Michael is a massive source of inspiration at work.
  3. Emma – Friendly and attentive office staff. Emma is always willing to help and support her colleagues. With meticulousness and hard work, she ensures everything is completed on time and of the highest quality.
  4. Max – Intelligent and innovative information technology engineer. Max is a techie and is always looking for ways to improve company performance. He is the one to help you overcome technical problems and keep the system running smoothly.
  5. Sophia – A serious and meticulous accountant. Sophia is the one to help you keep your financial balance and make sure every transaction is done correctly. With her patience and excellent financial management, she is a trusted friend in resource management.

Every character in OH~! My Office has a distinct personality and makes a unique contribution to the growth of the company. You will experience situations and interactions with them, thereby building relationships and successfully growing the company.

Become an Office Tycoon and build a business empire

In OH~! My Office Mod Menu 1.6.21 on MODAPKOKI, you have become a talented manager, building and developing a successful office from a small empire. By managing finances, hiring and training employees, and making smart strategic decisions, you showcase your leadership talents. With creativity and patience, you have turned your Office into an attractive destination for customers and employees. Now that your empire has become a business icon, let loose and enjoy the success you have achieved. Congratulations and thank you for joining this exciting journey!

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