My Broken Car: Online

My Broken Car: Online MOD 1.5 Unlimited Money APK

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NameMy Broken Car: Online
PublisherGarden of Dreams Games
Version1.5 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about My Broken Car: Online

In the myriad of virtual worlds full of power and adventure, a genre of games has emerged with unmistakable originality and inspiration. And today, we will be with one of those games – My Broken Car: Online MOD APK (Unlimited Money) of Garden of Dreams Games.

My Broken Car: Online is unlike any game you’ve ever experienced. The first thing that catches the player’s attention is its unique twist. Instead of being a pompous hero, you will play as an ordinary auto mechanic, but your heart contains a burning passion and passion for damaged cars.

With an expansive game environment, My Broken Car: Online lets you join a colorful online community where you can collaborate with other mechanics worldwide to repair and recreate damaged cars into moving works of art.

Besides car repair, My Broken Car: Online also offers a variety of activities to satisfy your passion. You can create unique custom cars, participate in challenging speed competitions, and even expand your workshop to become a successful entrepreneur in the virtual auto industry.

With a subtle combination of social factors and creativity, My Broken Car: Online gives unlimited experience in discovering, crafting, and sharing your passion with millions of players, All around the world.

Get ready for inspiration and memorable moments as you and Garden of Dreams Games enter the world of potential My Broken Car: Online. Willing to discover and repair damaged cars in a community of passionate gamers like you?

The Journey to Become a talented farm owner

My Broken Car: Online allows you to become a talented rancher, manage and build your farm.

You will receive a deserted piece of land and a damaged car at the start. From there, you must overcome challenges and difficulties to turn this place into a prosperous and growing farm.

During the game, you must perform agricultural tasks, including mowing grass, planting trees, harvesting produce, and caring for animals. You can also expand your farm by building new houses, barns, processing plants, etc.

In addition to managing the farm, you can also participate in social activities in the game community. You can exchange and visit your friends’ farms, exchange goods, and help each other in the development process.

My Broken Car: Online offers a realistic and vivid farm experience and a system of progress, upgrades, and unlocking new items. You can enhance your farm performance by upgrading your tools and shopping for utility items from the shop.

Start your journey now and become a successful rancher in My Broken Car: Online, where you will experience challenges, successes, and the happiness of seeing your farm grow. Develop and bloom.

Repair and upgrade your car

With unique functions and features, the game allows you to indulge your passion for vehicle collection and maintenance to turn it into a mobile work of art.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a broken old car, and your goal is to turn it into a professional racing car. You will earn money and resources to shop for necessary parts and tools by going through missions and challenges.

In collecting car maintenance, you must deal with technical problems such as repairing the engine, suspension, braking system, and steering system. You will use specialized tools to disassemble, patch, and upgrade vehicle parts. At the same time, you can customize the car’s exterior and interior, expressing your style.

Besides repairing and upgrading, you can explore an open world with diverse locations such as cities, grasslands, and deserts. Participate in online races with other players worldwide, or challenge your friends in local race mode. Collect skill points and bonuses to upgrade vehicles and unlock new features.

My Broken Car: Online APK gives you a great experience building and upgrading cars in an exciting online racing world. Show off your engineering skills, get creative, and take your vehicle to the next level!

Conquer the Vivid Open World

Does Garden of Dreams Games develop outstanding online multiplayer games? The game gives players a beautiful and lively open world where they can explore and conquer exciting challenges.

In My Broken Car: Online, players will take on the role of a young character to become a top car mechanic. They start their journey with a broken or old car and must repair and upgrade it to become a perfect supercar.

The world in the game is extensive and designed to simulate reality. Players can explore various cities, towns, and lands, each with their quests and puzzles. They can drive on busy streets, search for parts and items, interact with non-player characters, and engage in social activities such as racing or socializing.

My Broken Car: Online offers a complex car repair system, allowing players to disassemble parts, repair and upgrade them to improve the vehicle’s performance and appearance. They can look for rare and unique features or create custom pieces to show off their style.

Besides, the game has other activities, such as racing with other players, challenging the arduous road, or performing particular tasks to earn money and reputation. Players can buy a house, decorate it to their liking and enjoy the exciting virtual life in the open world of My Broken Car: Online.

With deep gameplay, and a vivid open world, My Broken Car: Online MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is a fun and addictive game for car and virtual life lovers. Get ready to explore and conquer this promising world!

Overcome difficulties, repair cars, and explore the colorful world

Finally, after hours of labor and dedication, your farm has become a green paradise. The fertile fields with rows of sweet fruit trees, prosperous cattle sheds, and modern processing facilities reflect your unwavering dedication.

Thanks to your constant efforts, you have successfully fixed your damaged car and created a solid community in My Broken Car: Online. You have connected with other players, exchanged experiences, built and developed together.

When you reflect on the arduous process, you feel an overwhelming joy. From starting with a wasteland and a broken car, you have turned them into beautiful things. The feeling of happiness when seeing your farm grow and bloom is incomparable.

And now, you have become a talented rancher, part of a united community. Your journey in My Broken Car: Online Mod 1.5 proves that with patience, passion, and love for farming, nothing is impossible.

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