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Monster Tales MOD 1.45 Menu, High Damage APK

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NameMonster Tales
PublisherTangelo Games Corp
Version1.45 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Damage
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedApril 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
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Introduce about Monster Tales

Monster Tales MOD APK on MODAPKOKI takes you to the island of Calea, famous for bizarre animals and mystical creatures. Here, strange and unique creatures exist and possess extraordinary abilities. With the task of becoming a monster trainer, you will begin the journey to discover and conquer monsters to build a strong squad.

Incubate and collect eggs

Eggs are the birthplace of new creatures, and you will have the opportunity to collect and care for them to grow into powerful monsters. Across the world of Calea, you’ll find monster eggs hidden in magical and challenging lands. Each type of egg represents a specific monster species and has its characteristics. To collect eggs, you must complete quests, explore particular areas or defeat wild monsters.

After collecting eggs, you will bring them back to incubate at your base. Here, you can take care of and raise eggs so that they hatch into monsters. The incubation process takes time and requires proper care. You must maintain the right temperature and humidity, perform activities like spinning eggs, and keep them clean.

When the last egg hatches, you will witness the appearance of a new monster. Be excited to welcome a new member to your squad. Each monster will have its personality, skills and abilities, creating diversity and uniqueness. You can watch them grow and develop as they train and go on fascinating adventures with you in Monster Tales.

Complete the quests

There are many types of missions in Monster Tales Mod including:

Main Quests: These are the main story missions that lead you through magical lands and uncover Calea’s secrets. You will meet essential characters, face challenges and solve puzzles to advance further in the story.

Daily Missions: You can complete these tasks daily to earn valuable rewards. Such as hunting monsters, gathering resources, or participating in particular activities. This helps you to build and upgrade your monster squad continuously.

Event Quests: During special events, you can participate in special quests related to the theme. This could be finding and collecting rare items, participating in particular matches, or performing unique activities. Success in event quests will yield special rewards and help you progress in the game.

Side Quests: Besides the main quests, you can also get side quests from other characters on Calea Island. This could be helping villagers, finding lost items, or solving other minor problems.

More than 180 monsters

Prepare to enter the colourful and magical world of monsters in Monster Tales MOD APK (Menu, High Damage). From cute animals like the round raccoon and the beautiful little dragon to ghostly creatures like the fire phoenix or the dark demon, all will bring you exciting experiences.

Each type of monster in Monster Tales has a unique appearance, from smooth, shiny scales to brightly coloured fur. You can customize and decorate them using decorative items and accessories. In addition, each monster has its personality, from sweet and cute to ferocious and chaotic, creating variety and richness.

Not only looks each monster also has unique abilities and skills. Take advantage of this diversity to build a monster squad that suits your tactics and preferences. Some monsters possessior physical strength, while others have tcank from a distance or use powerful magic.

The cool thing is that you can evolve and upgrade your monsters. You can improve your monster’s abilities and attributes through training, evaluation, and progression. This enhances their strength and fighting ability, from simple fights to prestigious arenas.

Loot chest

All over Calea, you’ll come across various loot chests. There are lovely little chests that can be opened instantly, and there are also larger chests that require you to complete a quest or defeat a powerful monster to unlock. Each chest is mysterious and promises to be interesting.

When you open the chest, you will receive valuable items. This can include new gear, like weapons, armour, and upgrade materials. In addition, you can get decorations, accessories or food that enhance the monster’s fighting ability. All these items are essential in building and upgrading your monster squad.

A unique feature is that each loot chest can contain rare and unique items. You can find special items with unique effects, precious items or even rare monsters. Discovering and collecting these items is a fascinating part of the game.

The loot chest is your chance to expand your resources and equipment, upgrade your monster squad, and discover new things. Take this opportunity and explore the chests to find valuable rewards in the adventure of Monster Tales APK.

Compete in PVP

When participating in PvP, you will confront powerful and diverse monster squads of other players. This is your chance to challenge and defeat talented opponents, build the right strategy and take advantage of your monster squad.

Before entering the PvP battle, you can choose the modes and configurations that suit your preferences. It can be single PvP, where you play solo against another player, or team PvP, where you team up with your teammates to take on your opponent’s monster squad. You can also select particular limits or conditions, such as a limit on the monster’s level or the type of monster used.

In PvP, your fighting ability, skill and choice of tactics will determine victory. Take advantage of the unique strengths and abilities of each monster in your squad. Align your tactics, use a good combination of monsters, and use timely special skills to overcome your opponents.

Not only challenging and competing with other players, but PvP also brings valuable rewards. Success in PvP matches will bring bonus points, rare items, and fame. This helps you progress in Monster Tales APK mod (Menu, High Damage) and become a formidable opponent in the world of Monster Tales.

Become a monster trainer in the magical world of Monster Tales

In Monster Tales, you will explore magical lands, meet adorable and powerful creatures, and experience life as an actual monster trainer. Conquer, train and develop your squad of monsters, accompany them on exciting adventures and take on challenging challenges. Monster Tales will bring you hours of exciting entertainment and full of magic. Get ready for a memorable journey in the world of Monster Tales MOD Menu!

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