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Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF MOD 2.12.24 Unlocked Vip APK

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NameMobile Scanner App – Scan PDF
PublisherGlority LLC
Version2.12.24 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Vip
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedMarch 15, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Introduce about Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF

Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF MOD APK is a great mobile app that lets you turn your device into a professional scanner and capture high-quality text images. With this app, you can forget about carrying a portable scanner or separate camera and use your phone to scan and convert documents into quality PDFs or images.

Easy and convenient are two words to describe Mobile Scanner App. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, even new users can use this application easily. With just a few simple steps, you can scan text documents, invoices, sheets, or any other document you want to store or share.

Scan everything

Scan Text: With Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF you can scan text from invoices, papers, documents, books, or any document containing critical information you want to store or share. The application will automatically recognize the text and create a high-quality copy.

Scan images: Besides text, Mobile Scanner App also allows you to scan images from pictures, photos, or any other image. You can easily preserve special memories, create personal collections or share photos with others.

Scan QR codes and barcodes: The app also supports scanning QR codes and barcodes, giving you quick access to links, product information, contact information and more. Using your phone’s camera, the Mobile Scanner App makes reading and interacting with QR codes and barcodes easy.

Automatically crop and optimize images: Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF MOD APK provides automatic cropping and optimizing scanned images. You don’t need to worry about aligning or editing images after scanning. The application automatically processes to produce high-quality results with optimal resolution and transparent colours.

Easy storage and sharing: After scanning, Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF APK allows you to store scanned documents in separate folders and organize and manage them easily. You can sort, rename, and make notes for each document for a quick search.


Auto Alignment: When scanning text or images, Mobile Scanner App automatically aligns and rotates the image to ensure accuracy and display the correct position. You don’t need to worry about re-aligning images after scanning, which can be easily stored or shared right after scanning is complete.

High resolution: Mobile Scanner App allows you to customize the resolution of scanned images. You can choose a high resolution to ensure sharp details or adjust a lower resolution to save storage space. This customization gives you the flexibility to store and share scanned documents.

Image editing: Mobile Scanner App provides simple image editing tools. You can adjust brightness, contrast, colour saturation, and tint for optimal results. This ensures that your scanned images have accurate and reliable colours.

Background removal: Another helpful feature of the Mobile Scanner App is the ability to remove background during text scanning. This helps to create text documents with a white or transparent background, making the text clear and easy to read.

Optimize size: Mobile Scanner App also allows you to optimize scan file size. You can choose a PDF or JPEG file format and adjust the compression level to reduce the file size while preserving good image quality.

Extract & edit

Text Extraction: Mobile Scanner App allows you to extract text content from scanned documents. After scanning, the application will automatically recognize and extract the text, allowing you to copy, paste or edit the content directly in the application. This is useful when extracting information from invoices, school documents or other documents.

Text editing: Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF APK provides simple text editing tools. You can add, remove or modify the text content after it has been extracted. The application also supports different typefaces, formats and sizes, allowing you to create the final document with accurate content and professional presentation.

Capture and edit images: Besides extracting text, Mobile Scanner App allows you to capture and edit images directly. You can apply effects, adjust brightness, contrast, and colour saturation and crop the image to create the best results. This helps to produce high-quality scanned documents with the best sharpness and colour.

Notes and annotations: Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF APK mod allows you to add notes and annotations to scanned documents. You can highlight, annotate, or create annotations directly on images or text to highlight important information or to capture ideas and personal notes.

Organize and share files

Organize files: Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF APK 2.12.24 allows you to organize scan files in order or into separate folders. You can create, rename, delete, and move files and quickly organize documents. The file arrangement helps you maintain organization and convenience in managing scanned documents.

Quick Search: Mobile Scanner App provides an in-app search feature, allowing you to quickly search scanned documents by keyword, file name or other information. You don’t have to review files individually but can easily find and access the required documents.

Cloud storage: Mobile Scanner App has a built-in cloud storage feature, allowing you to backup and synchronize scanned documents with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. This helps you access and manage documents from multiple devices and share them easily with others.

File sharing: Mobile Scanner App allows you to share scanned documents via email, sms, chat apps or social networks. You can choose a PDF file format or a JPEG image to share with others. The application provides flexible sharing options, helping you share documents how you want.

Scan and convert text to PDF easily with Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF

Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF MOD APK is a typical document scanning application and is a versatile and convenient tool for document management. With high-quality scanning, customization, and easy sharing, this app will become a trusted companion in work, study, and everyday life. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility Mobile Scanner App – Scan PDF MOD APK (Unlocked Vip) brings, and experience cutting-edge technology in the palm of your hand.

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