Microphone Blocker & Guard

Microphone Blocker & Guard MOD 6.1.9 Subscribed APK

Posted by Bui Thao
NameMicrophone Blocker & Guard
PublisherProtectstar Inc.
Version6.1.9 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesSubscribed
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedFebruary 29, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Introduce about Microphone Blocker & Guard

Microphone Blocker & Guard MOD APK (Subscribed) is an advanced application designed to enhance security and privacy for your Android device. This product serves as a microphone blocker, a powerful protective tool, pushing back threats from hackers, spies, and spyware. With a 5-star rating from users and user trust across 175 countries, Microphone Blocker & Guard has demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability in protecting microphones and preventing any fraud. As issues related to privacy and personal security become increasingly risky, Microphone Blocker & Guard stands as a comprehensive application, fulfilling users’ needs.

Keep your conversations private

Microphone Blocker & Guard is an ideal companion, providing the confidence that no one and nothing can eavesdrop on your conversations unauthorized. With the endorsement of a former FBI director, this application has proven its strength in protecting microphones and thwarting significant intrusions.

Its most important feature is the ability to keep your conversations private. Smart microphone blocking also creates a safe space where you can share thoughts and feelings without fear of eavesdropping. With the growing presence of hackers and spyware, the app becomes a reliable shield, ensuring that no call, no conversation will be unlawfully accessed.

Combat all eavesdropping attempts

This software has scored with its effectiveness and innovative features. When you activate the powerful microphone protection feature, it blocks all unwanted sounds, creating a secure environment for your conversations. With intelligent microphone blocking, the software also creates an impenetrable barrier. Your conversation will never turn into an uninvited meeting, as Microphone Blocker & Guard APK confidently blocks any attempts to infringe on your privacy. It promises that all sounds recorded by your microphone belong only to you. You can discuss with peace of mind without worrying about intrusion.

Prevent all harmful sounds

This application creates a safe space for your conversations. All unwanted sounds are eliminated, ensuring that only invited individuals can hear your conversation. The Intelligent Deep Detective is a highlight of Microphone Blocker & Guard APK mod, detecting and blocking every attack from the moment they begin. This makes the application effective in preventing known threats, creating an active layer of protection against potential threats.

Enhance microphone security

This application becomes a dynamic protector, always ready to combat complex and advanced cyber threats. It becomes powerful in thwarting known threats, helping you face new challenges. For those concerned about the possibility of their microphone being used to steal personal information, Microphone Blocker & Guard APK 6.1.9 is a significant breakthrough. It is a vital tool for those who want to keep their microphones safe without worrying about unidentified threats. The ability to detect and block every attack is carried out actively and powerfully, ensuring that you have full control over every potential threat.

Guard against hackers for android devices

The software is a smart microphone blocking solution, an extremely flexible and convenient choice. The microphone blocking feature, Deep Detective Lite, log file protocol, and many other features are available for free, allowing you to protect your microphone without incurring any costs. Combined with Micro Guard and Camera Guard app, you have a complete security system for both your microphone and camera on your device. The seamless integration of these security solutions simultaneously provides convenience and uninterrupted protection power in Microphone Blocker & Guard MOD APK.

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