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Metal Gun MOD 0.5.6 God Mode APK

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NameMetal Gun
Version0.5.6 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedOctober 30, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Metal Gun

Metal Gun MOD APK (God Mode) is one of the most loved classic shooting games on the mobile platform. Metal Gun has attracted millions of players worldwide with dramatic matches. OneSoft Studio develops the game and puts players as brave warriors, fighting against opponents in challenging battles. Metal Gun is designed with diverse gameplay and diverse weapon system, allowing players to customize and upgrade weapons to deal with more difficult challenges in the game.

Detailed instructions on how to play

In Metal Gun, you will control your character with a keyboard or mobile device to move, jump and dodge bullets. You must also use weapons and combat skills to defeat the enemy and advance to new levels.

To increase your score and collect bonuses, you can destroy enemy troops, destroy objects and search for personal items in each level. In addition, you can also upgrade your weapons and skills to become more powerful.

The game has many different levels, each with its challenges and goals. You need to complete each level in the shortest time and with the highest score possible to get the best score.

Various Guns and Bullets

Metal Gun is a mobile shooting game that allows players to use a variety of guns and shows off their fantastic shooting skills. In this game, you will go through many different levels, face enemies and defeat them with your ingenuity and shooting skills.

The highlight of Metal Gun is providing players with various guns, from pistols to rifles, ammunition and power-ups. Each type of gun has features, such as rate of fire, damage and accuracy, and will help you destroy enemies faster and more efficiently.

Besides, the sound of bullets in Metal Gun is also designed to be highly realistic, giving players an extraordinarily vivid and eye-catching shooting experience.

Explore thousands of fascinating levels

Metal Gun APK has thousands of levels, from easy to difficult, with different environments and challenges. Players will face foreign enemies, including armies, robots and alien creatures.

Each level has different challenges for players to overcome, including destroying enemy troops, collecting items, and solving puzzles. Players must use their abilities and skills to overcome these challenges and progress to the next level.

Moreover, with the completion of levels, players will have the opportunity to upgrade weapons and equipment, enhancing the character’s strength and combat ability. With thousands of challenging levels and the chance to upgrade weapons, Metal Gun will bring players an exciting and addictive shooting experience.

Challenging sub-boss and main boss

In Metal Gun, the player will be a sniper sent to confront enemy shooters and armies. To reach the end, players must face two types of bosses: the sub-boss and the main boss.

Sub-bosses are powerful and challenging enemies that appear suddenly in levels and often have extraordinary strength. Only players who are proficient in shooting skills can defeat them. In addition, the sub-boss can attack from afar and close, so players need to be fully equipped with weapons and ammunition.

The boss is the last enemy that the player will face, and this is the biggest challenge in the game. The main boss has ultimate strength and will confront the player in a fierce battle. Players must be alert and flexible in attack and defence to defeat the main boss.

Learn about the Mission and Achievement of the System

Metal Gun APK mod is an action platformer-style shooter game developed and published by Fantastic Studios. In this game, players will take on the role of a warrior whose mission is to defeat enemy troops and save the world from their invasion.

The mission system in Metal Gun is very diverse and rich. Players must complete levels with many goals, such as destroying enemies, collecting items, protecting teammates, overcoming obstacles and confronting final bosses. Each task will be evaluated according to the level of completion and given a corresponding score.

Besides, Metal Gun also has a vibrant and diverse achievement system. Players will be encouraged to explore, and complete side quests to gain various achievements, such as completing the level without getting hurt, collecting sufficient items, and completing the story in the shortest time. And defeat the final boss without using items.

Experience the feeling of a team

In Metal Gun MOD APK (God Mode) on MODAPKOKI, you experience the thrill of fighting and challenge your ability to work as a team. Take advantage of your teammates to go further in the game, overcome complex challenges and win. Only when we play together can we succeed and win the final victory.

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