LoveNest MOD 35.3709 Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked All Levels APK

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PublisherVivid Games S.A.
Version35.3709 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked All Levels
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedMarch 21, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Introduce about LoveNest

LoveNest – Anime Character Sim MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked All Levels) on MODAPKOKI is a simulation game about managing and building affection between characters in a virtual world. This game was developed by the game company VivaPlay and released on the mobile platform.

In LoveNest, players will take on the central character role and be transported into an anime world with many diverse and unique characters. Players can participate in in-game activities such as searching and collecting items, building houses, doing business and performing quests to increase strength and affection with other characters.

In addition, LoveNest also has unique features such as creating and customizing characters to the player’s liking, participating in community activities, exchanging and making friends with other players, and participating in tournaments—In-game events to receive attractive rewards.

Heaven and Hell

In LoveNest, Heaven and Hell are two particular areas in the game world, each with its features and activities.

Heaven is where lovely and pure characters live. Here, players can participate in activities such as doing business, caring for pets, and searching and collecting necessary items. In addition, Paradise is also a place for players to meet and make friends with other players around the world.

Meanwhile, Hell is where charming and colourful characters live. Players can participate in entertainment activities such as art shows, nightclubs, or gambling games. However, Hell is also a place of many challenges and dangers; players must be careful and ready to face troubles.

In Heaven and Hell, the player can also interact and build relationships with other characters, which is an integral part of the game and plays a vital role in character development.

Fresh puzzle

In LoveNest APK has a new and exciting puzzle feature. This feature allows players to participate in brainstorming exercises and puzzles to earn valuable rewards.

Puzzles in LoveNest have varying difficulties and rewards, from simple puzzles to more complex questions. Players can participate in the mystery alone or with their club members to help each other in the puzzle process.

In addition, LoveNest also has periodic puzzle events in which players will have to participate in activities and quizzes to receive special rewards.

The puzzle feature in LoveNest helps players strengthen their intellectual skills and logical thinking and allows them to enjoy the game in a more varied and exciting way.

Chat with characters

In LoveNest APK mod, players can interact with characters and even chat with them. This makes the game come to life and gives players a unique experience.

When chatting with characters in LoveNest, the player can choose questions and options to interact with nature. These questions and choices help players better understand nature and get a feel for their character and personality.

In addition, during the conversation with the character, the player can also make decisions and choices that affect the ‘s futurenature and the game. This creates a lively, interactive environment where players can become part of the story and influence how the game develops.

Character interaction and conversation are critical features of LoveNest – Anime Character Sim, making the game unique and creative.

Various characters

The characters in the game include both men and women, of different ages and occupations, from students to office workers, teachers, artists, models, and more.

Each character has their personality, interests, and past and is designed to create a unique game experience. Players can interact with these characters, chat and get to know them better through questions and choices.

In LoveNest APK 35.3709 also offers players the ability to customize their characters. Players can create the surface as they want, naming and designing costumes, hair and other details to create a unique texture.

With various characters, LoveNest – Anime Character Sim gives players a diverse and rich experience where they can interact with various textures and discover many exciting stories.

The challenge of discovering a diverse love story

In summary, LoveNest – Anime Character Sim is a unique and rich game where players can interact with diverse characters and discover many creative love stories. With features as varied as Puzzles, Heaven and Hell, character customization, chat and character interaction, LoveNest offers players a unique and innovative experience. If you are a anime fan and looking for an entertaining game, LoveNest MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy/Unlocked All Levels) on

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