Kingdomtopia MOD 1.1 Unlimited Money APK

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PublisherJoyseed Gametribe
Version1.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Kingdomtopia

Kingdomtopia MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is one of the most attractive urban management simulation games. In the game, you will be the head of a small kingdom and must manage resources, develop infrastructure, collect taxes and build a thriving empire. Besides, you also have to face complex challenges from the outside, such as how to defend the kingdom against attacking enemies and ensure the safety and happiness of your people. Explore the rich and colourful world of Kingdomtopia and become a fair and talented king.

Kingdom management

Players will be playing the role of a newly appointed king to manage a small kingdom. Your mission is to build and develop your kingdom by strengthening infrastructure, gathering resources and managing budgets. Besides, you also need to take care of the people, meet their needs and protect the country against external threats. With diverse and rich gameplay, Kingdomtopia will give players an exciting kingdom management experience and the feeling of becoming a true king.


Kingdomtopia Mod has many characters, including citizens, warriors, blacksmiths, farmers, and others with unique talents. Each type of character has its role and function in the kingdom, and the player needs to arrange and manage them to achieve the goal intelligently. In addition, game characters also have different personalities and needs, so players need to interact with and care for them to keep them happy and productive.

Accumulate wealth

In Kingdomtopia MOD APK (Unlimited Money), players must manage resources and accumulate wealth to improve their ability to develop the kingdom. Players will have many ways to earn money, from farming and raising livestock to producing goods and performing quests. The money earned can be used to expand the kingdom’s territory, build new buildings, research technology and improve the military’s capabilities. In addition, players can also invest in the market to make a profit or trade with other countries to increase their income. With intelligent wealth accumulation, players can build a solid and powerful kingdom and face significant challenges in their journey to become true kings.

Build an elite army

You can build an elite army of different types of soldiers, such as swordsmen, archers, mercenaries and more. Each type of soldier has characteristics such as strength, endurance, speed, range and more. Players can customize and upgrade their armies, changing each soldier’s equipment and skills to enhance their strength and combat ability. Besides, players must also pay attention to the time to train soldiers to ensure the army’s strength in essential battles.


In this game, players must build, manage and develop a kingdom from the empty land. In addition to managing resources, the player must also build infrastructure, strengthen the army, and increase the economic power of the kingdom.

The game mode of Kingdomtopia is divided into several different stages. In the first stage, the player will start with an empty piece of land and build essential infrastructure such as farms, warehouses, hydroelectricity, train stations and railways. These infrastructures will provide resources and help the player’s kingdom grow.

In the next stage, the player must build an army to defend his kingdom and conquer other territories. Players can recruit soldiers and improve their equipment to deal with challenges from other nations.

Ultimately, the player must increase the economy and produce the products to serve the kingdom’s needs. Players can harvest crops, fish and fish, produce goods and transport them to other cities for sale. All activities in Kingdomtopia APK allow players to accumulate wealth and strengthen the kingdom.


Building Resources: In Kingdomtopia, players will receive construction resources to develop their kingdom. These resources include wood, stone, food and more. Using this resource, the player can build and upgrade necessary facilities such as houses, factories, and wastelands.

Gold Coins: Gold coins are the currency in Kingdomtopia, and players will receive it through in-game activities and achievements. Gold coins can be used to buy and upgrade shops, provide food for the people, and improve the general life of the kingdom.

Quests and Achievements: The game Kingdomtopia offers many quests and achievements for players to complete. As players complete quests and gain achievements, they will receive rewards such as gold coins, experience, and building resources. This encourages the player to participate in in-game activities and progress in building his kingdom.

Special Items: During Kingdomtopia mod (Unlimited Money) 1.1, players can get special items of high value. These items can be tools, costumes, treasure chests or other unique gifts. They can help players improve work performance, upgrade the kingdom or bring unique benefits to the game.

Explore the wizarding world of Kingdomtopia

Kingdomtopia is an enchanting game with open-world control and business-building simulation game elements. From visual design to the gameplay, every detail of Kingdomtopia is realistic and creative. This ensures players a fun, unique and memorable gaming experience. Start your adventure in Kingdomtopia APK mod (Unlimited Money) and discover the great things this game has to offer!

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