Justice Rivals 2

Justice Rivals 2 MOD 1.9.9 God Mode APK

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NameJustice Rivals 2
PublisherRuNix Games
Version1.9.9 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
SupportAndroid 4.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Justice Rivals 2

Justice Rivals 2 MOD APK (God Mode) on MODAPKOKI, a superhero action game where you will be transformed into a city defender, ready to face dangerous challenges to bring Justice and peace to innocent people. With extraordinary strength and the ability to fight through all barriers, prepare for dramatic adventure and fiery action in Justice Rivals 2. You are ready to fight crime and become the hero that succeeds. Is this street waiting?

Survival gunfight

Diverse Environments: Survival gunfight takes place in a diverse and vast environment. From abandoned cities to ancient forests and harsh deserts, players must take advantage of their surroundings to hide, attack and avoid opponents.

Weapons and equipment: Players have many weapons and equipment available in a survival gunfight. From pistols and shotguns to bombs and many other special weapons, players can choose and upgrade weapons to increase their power and effectiveness in battle.

Search and collect resources: In survival, players must find and collect essential resources such as ammunition, water, food, and building materials. This helps players maintain health and create the necessary items to continue fighting and building a base.

Tactics and assertiveness: In a survival gunfight, tactics and assertiveness are essential. Players must assess the situation, determine their goals, and decide quickly to win. Use walls of concealment, hiding, and surprise attacks to defeat other opponents and become the last survivor in Justice Rivals 2.


Campaign Mode: Faced with complex challenges and missions, players will take their hero through different levels. From killing criminals and rescuing hostages to stopping evil plots, players must use their abilities and wisdom to complete each mission and progress further in the campaign.

PvP Duel Mode (Player vs. Player): Fight uncompromisingly against other players worldwide. Challenge and prove yourself through intense PvP matches where you can conquer and climb the leaderboards to become the actual winner.

Event Mode: Participate in special events to earn valuable rewards and experience unique content. In-game events are often held for a limited time, creating tension and competition among players.

Custom Mode: Customize your hero’s outfit, equipment, and other elements to create a unique character and style. Show your personalization and become the classy hero in the city.

Experience this diverse game mode that will provide players with hours of fun and suspense where you can show off your fighting prowess and become a powerful defender of Justice in the world of Justice Rivals 2 Mod.


Pistols: Includes pistols, automatic pistols, and machine guns. They have a close range and a fast rate of fire, making them suitable for close-quarters and close-quarter combat situations.

Rifles: Rifles are weapons with long-range and robust destructive power. With the ability to kill from a distance, the rifle is the ideal choice for killing opponents from a safe distance.

Sniper Guns: Sniper guns perform special missions, destroy important targets or carry out assassinations. With high accuracy and hidden power, sniper rifles are indispensable tools for dangerous missions.

Explosive weapons: Including bombs, grenades, and shells. Explosive weapons create massive destruction and impact large targets and areas. They are very effective in destroying the criminal group or destroying their base.

Melee Weapons: Knives, sticks, swords, and other traditional weapons. This weapon is used for close combat and dealing with opponents at close range. They support direct matches and hand-to-hand combat in Justice Rivals 2 MOD APK (God Mode).


Unique strengths and skills: Each character in Justice Rivals 2 APK has its special forte and skill, creating diversity and difference in gameplay. There are characters with extraordinary shooting abilities, excellent close combat skills, or characters with the ability to use explosive weapons effectively.

Progression: Players can improve their character by earning experience points and money during the game. The character will become stronger, have more stamina, and use more powerful skills through upgrading.

Appearance customization: Players can customize their character’s appearance by choosing different outfits and accessories. From police uniforms to secret and personal outfits, players can create their style.

Diverse Squad: Players can create a diverse squad by collecting and recruiting new characters. Each character has its characteristics and abilities, allowing players to build a perfect squad to deal with complex and varied situations in the game.

Be a hero and fight crime in Justice Rivals 2

Justice Rivals 2 is a must-have game for those who love superhero and action genres. Enjoy being a city defender, facing dangerous criminals, and fighting for Justice. With unique abilities and extraordinary powers, you will become the hero the city needs and deserves. Enter the world of Justice Rivals 2 APK mod (God Mode) and prove your power!

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