Juice Farm – Idle Harvest

Juice Farm – Idle Harvest MOD 2.3.0 Unlimited Booster Reward APK

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NameJuice Farm – Idle Harvest
PublisherVivid Games S.A.
Version2.3.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Booster Reward
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 3, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Juice Farm – Idle Harvest

Juice Farm – Idle Harvest MOD APK (Unlimited Booster Reward) – where you will experience an exciting life and step into becoming a successful farmer. Prepare to immerse yourself in the green and joyful world of the plantation and cook delicious juices.

Juice Farm – Idle Harvest is an engaging sloth and simulation game where you will become a farmer and build a thriving farm. You will grow trees, harvest berries, and turn them into delicious juices. Through the experience, you will strengthen your farm, expand your business and become a successful juice entrepreneur.

In Juice Farm, laziness will be your comrade. You will enjoy the easy and relaxing gameplay with the automatic system of harvesting and cooking the juice. You can enjoy growing and watching the plants mature while relaxing and enjoying the delicious juices.

Build farms and harvest non-stop

The gameplay of Juice Farm – Idle Harvest is simple and fun. You will start with a bare piece of land and a few plants. Your task is to plant trees, care for them, and harvest fresh fruits. In particular, these fruits will be processed into delicious juices for sale and profit.

The game Juice Farm – Idle Harvest will continue to work even when you are not playing, meaning your farm will continue to grow and harvest fruit without your intervention. However, when you return to the game, you can enjoy harvesting, expanding your farm, upgrading equipment, and improving production efficiency.

Juice Farm – Idle Harvest also offers a variety of crops ranging from raw fruits like apples, oranges, and pineapples to unique and rare plants. You can unlock and expand your farm to grow new plants and create unique juices. Besides, you can also upgrade the watering system, greenhouse, juicer and other tools to increase productivity and production efficiency.

Create the perfect farm with a variety of decorations

An important and attractive element of this game is the diverse decoration system, allowing players to create a perfect farm with its look and style.

In Juice Farm – Idle Harvest, players can optionally decorate their farm using available items and decorations. The system of decorations is vast and diverse, including ornamental plants, flowers, grass, decorative lights, furniture and more. Players can arrange and change the position of these decorations to create a bright and cosy farm space.

The decoration also affects the performance and income of the farm. A well-decorated farm creates an attractive environment for players, attracts customers, and enhances revenue from selling agricultural products and juices. Players can use decorations to attract customers and enhance the marketability of their products.

In addition, Juice Farm – Idle Harvest MOD APK also provides players with events and challenges to collect and unlock unique decorations. Players can complete quests and objectives to earn gold coins and keys, unlocking unique and rare decorations. These decorations not only increase the aesthetic value of the farm but also bring economic benefits and an exciting gaming experience.

Plan profits and get rich rewards

One of the essential and attractive elements of the game is the diverse and rich reward system. Here is a detailed description of the reward system in Juice Farm – Idle Harvest:

Productivity and wealth: You will harvest your farm’s fruits, vegetables and other materials. You will earn profit and money when the fruit is processed into juice. This money can be used to upgrade and expand the farm, buy new tools and equipment, and increase the yield of crops.

Level up and unlock new content: As you progress and level up, you’ll unlock new crops, machines, and content. Each new level brings challenges and the opportunity to earn more exciting rewards. Explore and grow your farm to enjoy these new benefits.

Quests and Achievements: As you progress through the game, you’ll get quests and achievements to complete. Success in these quests and achievements will earn you special rewards, like valuable items, money or other benefits to strengthen your farm and improve production efficiency.

Special Events and Prizes: Juice Farm – Idle Harvest often organizes special events and offers attractive prizes. Participating in these events offers the chance to earn special items, money and other unique benefits for your farm.

The diverse and rich reward system in Juice Farm – Idle Harvest APK will bring you excitement and challenge in building and developing your juice farm.

Planting and harvesting non-stop

After many hours of companionship and hard work, you have succeeded in building a Juice Farm and harvesting non-stop in Idle Harvest. With your dedication and strategy, you’ve turned your tiny farm into a thriving juice empire.

From the moment you start with a bare piece of land, you have planted, cared for and harvested sweet fruit. You have built state-of-the-art production facilities and upgraded equipment to increase productivity. At the same time, you have leveraged your marketing and customer outreach to expand your market.

Through each level and stage, you have collected a variety of fruits and created delicious juices. You learned about the juice production process, developed a business strategy, and intelligently managed resources for success.

Juice Farm – Idle Harvest MOD APK (Unlimited Booster Reward) on MODAPKOKI is an entertaining game and gives you a sense of achievement and success. You’ve become a great planter and juice maker and created a successful brand.

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