Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense

Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense MOD 20.32.571 Unlimited Money/Chips APK

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NameIsland Defense: Offline Tower Defense
PublisherSkizze Games
Version20.32.571 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Chips
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense

Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Chips) – you will face a difficult challenge – the invasion of monsters from neighbouring islands. You will play the role of the last soldier; your task is to build and manage a defence tower system to protect the island and resist the increasingly brutal onslaught of monsters. Prepare for an intense adventure where you must use intelligent, agile, and skilful strategy to destroy your enemies and defend the last land of man.

Islands defense battle

The island defense battle in Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense is a tense and thrilling confrontation between players and an army of aggressive monsters. You will face the difficult task of building strong defenses on the islands of the archipelago to prevent the attack of monsters.

Each match will take you to a new island with a unique landscape and terrain. You must carefully choose the optimal position to build the defense tower, using each tower type’s strengths to form a formidable blocking system.

The army of monsters will attack in waves, requiring you to have flexible tactics. You can build and upgrade towers to increase attack power and range, use special skills to significantly impact monsters, and use resources wisely to unlock and use.

The island will face increasing challenges, from simple monsters to tough and powerful enemies. You must position yourself as an intelligent commander, grasp the situation and react in time to protect the archipelago and repel the invasion of monsters.

11 guns

Machine Gun: This is a medium gun with a fast rate of fire. Machine guns are very effective in killing monsters simply and quickly.

Submachine gun: A gun with a fast rate of fire and moderate power. Submachine guns are suitable for fighting monsters with low health and fast movement.

Explosive Submachine Gun: This is an upgraded version of the submachine gun, which uses explosive bullets to deal massive damage to a group of monsters.

Death Gun: Death Gun brings tremendous power and can instantly destroy the strongest monsters. However, the slow rate of fire and high cost are the disadvantages of this gun.

Arrow Gun: This is a gun with moderate power and a medium rate of fire. Arrow guns often have special powers when attacking from a distance.

Bow Gun: This gun has a slow rate of fire but very high damage. Bow guns are often used to create a precise and formidable attack.

Pistol: This is the most powerful long-range gun in the game, but the rate of fire is slow and limited in killing giant monsters.

Epic Gun: Epic Gun is a support gun that can deal continuous damage to multiple targets at the same time. This gun is very useful in killing monsters that line up in Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense Mod.

More than 20 enemies

Green Monster is a basic type of monster with low health and attack close. They are easily destroyed with machine guns or submachine guns.

Dense Green Monster: An upgraded version of the green monster, they have higher health and more potent attack. To defeat them, explosive submachine guns or death guns are good choices.

Rock Monsters: They have thick skin and are resistant to arrows and bows. Epic guns or pistols will make them weaker.

Fire Monster: A monster that can create fire suction and attack from a distance. They are a significant threat to your defense. Grenade launchers or death guns will reduce their power.

Ice Monsters: They can slow down the character’s movement speed and attack from a distance. Pistols or epic guns can destroy them quickly.

Light Monster: A monster that attacks from a distance with solid light. They canage of submachine guns, so a bow or death gun will make them weaker in Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Chips) on MODAPKOKI.

More than 100 levels

Each level brings a different environment and poses requirements that require tactical and defensive building skills:

Levels 1-10: Starting with the manageable levels, you will familiarize yourself with the basics of the game and learn how to build defensive towers.

Levels 11-30: The difficulty level increases gradually, requiring you to think strategically and arrange the appropriate formation to fight an increasing number of monsters.

Levels 31-50: You will face higher difficulty levels that require agility and the ability to assess situations quickly.

Levels 51-70: The variety of environments and enemies will increase, requiring you to improve your tower defense building and upgrading skills.

Levels 71-90: These are highly challenging, with many monsters and strong attack power. It would be best to have discipline and good resource management skills to overcome them.

Levels 91-100: These are the game’s final and most challenging levels. You will face the ultimate challenges and prove your skills in defense building and management in Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense APK.

Build towers and fight monsters in Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense

Be the last soldier who holds the last island against the invasion of ferocious monsters. With Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense MOD APK, you will find an exciting strategy game where you have to build intelligent tower defence systems and upgrade to resist the increasingly powerful attack of your opponents. Get ready to take on dramatic challenges, rise to the status of a hero and defend the last land of humanity. Prepare to embark on a promising adventure and discover all this island offers in Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense MOD Unlimited Money!

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