Infinity Heroes

Infinity Heroes MOD 2.7.3 Menu, Onehit/God Mode APK

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NameInfinity Heroes
Version2.7.3 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Onehit/God Mode
SupportAndroid 7.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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1. One Hit Kill
 // Kill Enemies with 1 Hit
2. Godmode // Take No Damage
3. Unlimited Skills // No Skill CD

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Introduce about Infinity Heroes

Infinity Heroes MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/God Mode) on MODAPKOKI, where adventure and power blend into a beautiful world. Immerse yourself in enchanting landscapes; you will become a hero, ready to face dangerous challenges and uncover unimaginable mysteries. Get ready to experience a magical adventure and discover limitless power in Infinity Heroes!

Hero character

Each hero character in the game has a unique appearance, unique skills, and evolving story. Depending on your taste and play style, you can choose powerful heroes with incredible attack power, such as the Golden Knight, a warrior with the heart of a guardian, or the Fire Mage, a house warrior. The talented witch controls the flames.

Each hero character in Infinity Heroes has unique skills, including attack, defence, and support skills. You can customize and upgrade each hero’s skills and create optimal strategies to deal with different situations.

In addition, the heroic characters in the game can use weapons, equipment and armour to enhance their strength and protection. You can collect and discover rare and powerful items to equip your heroes, from legendary swords to powerful enchantments.

With various looks, skills and powers, the hero character in Infinity Heroes gives you many options and opportunities to build a strong squad and suit your playing style. Please choose your favourite heroes, unleash their power and become a great warrior in the endless adventure of Infinity Heroes.


This game’s battle system combines real-time and turn-based elements, giving you flexibility and variety in expressing your tactics. As you enter battle, you will control your entire squad of heroes, using skills and tactical impact to destroy enemies. You can choose from powerful offensive skills to deal massive damage, defensive skills to protect teammates, or support skills to restore health and providing benefits to the team.

The battle system in Infinity Heroes also creates unique and diverse matches. You will face opponents with strengths and skills, requiring you to find their weaknesses and use the right tactics to win. Harness and utilize the skill combinations of the heroes of your squad to create powerful attacks and ensure victory.

In addition, Infinity Heroes Mod also offers diverse combat modes, from single battles to large skirmishes. You can participate in PvP (player against the player) battles to challenge your fighting skills and compete against other players worldwide, or participate in events and quests PvE (player against environment) to earn valuable rewards.

Many enemies

The enemies in the game are designed with a unique appearances and special skills, bringing variety and richness to the match. You’ll face many fearsome enemy types, from ferocious monsters and giant fire dragons to shapeshifting bandits and the ultimate sorcerer. Each enemy has strengths and tactics, requiring you to learn and find their weaknesses to win.

Besides, the enemies in Infinity Heroes MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/God Mode) are also classified by difficulty level and level system. You will face easy enemies in the initial levels and then encounter more robust and sophisticated enemies as you progress further in your adventure. This ensures that the game is always challenging and engaging.

To deal with these enemies, you need to use the skills and talents of your hero squad. You can create powerful attacks and defeat enemies intelligently by combining skills and tactics.

200 devices

You’ll have access to over 200 different gear to upgrade and strengthen your hero squad. These gear include weapons, armour, jewels and more, giving you flexibility and variety in crafting your tactics.

You can find swords, bows, spears, staffs and many other weapons, each with its power and skills. These weapons not only provide significant damage but can also carry special effects such as incinerating, quieting enemies or restoring health to teammates.

The armour types available in Infinity Heroes provide good protection and resistance. You can choose heavy, light, or magic armour, each with advantages. Heavy armour provides high resistance and protection, while light armour helps you move faster, and magic armour enhances your magical abilities.

In addition, you can equip your hero with a wide range of jewellery and accessories. These jewels can provide special effects such as increased strength, attack speed, health regeneration, etc. You can combine jewels to create diverse and influential equipment sets in Infinity Heroes APK.

Conquer the magical world in Infinity Heroes’ unlimited adventure

Infinity Heroes will take you on a magical journey of discovery. From building a solid squad of heroes to fighting monsters and exploring mysterious areas, this game offers you an experience not to be missed. Enter the magical world of Infinity Heroes MOD Menu and become a hero with continued strength to face unique challenges and become the winner!

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