Idle Underworld

Idle Underworld MOD 1.0 Unlimited Money/Runes APK

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NameIdle Underworld
PublisherShield Core Games
Version1.0 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Runes
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 8, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle Underworld

Idle Underworld MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Runes) is an Idle game (non-interactive game usually played on mobile phones) developed by Shield Core Games. In this game, players will play the role of a gang of street robbers and try to build their power to become the top thief gang.

In Idle Underworld, players will build and manage their base, recruit and train gang members, and engage in activities such as robbing banks and rescuing captured teammates. Players can also expand their power by fighting other gangs and capturing their members.

The game also features an upgrade and evolution system so players can improve their gang’s power and an event and reward system to keep the game engaging and interesting.

Idle Underworld is released for free on both Android and iOS and has an offline play feature. The game also features social networking so players can challenge and compete with their friends.

Unique abilities and heroes

One of the unique abilities in Idle Underworld is the “Gang Upgrades” system, which allows the player to upgrade various elements of his gang, including health, speed, and attack power. This ability helps the player to increase the strength of his team to deal with different challenges.

In addition, the game also features many unique heroes with special skills to support the player’s gang. For example, the hero “The Ex-Con” can increase the team’s speed, while the hero “The er” can attack the opponent’s computer.

In particular, the game also has a “Soul Stones” system that allows players to collect and use soul stones to unlock new heroes and upgrade their skills on MODAPKOKI.

All the unique abilities and heroes in the game Idle Underworld help the player to grow his gang and deal with the various challenges in the game.

Hero upgrade

Players can use resources such as money and soul stones to upgrade heroes. Money can be earned through quests or robbing shops and banks, while soul stones can be found in events or through completing levels in Idle Underworld APK.

When the player has enough resources, they can upgrade the hero’s skills and increase the attack power or defence ability. In addition, players can also upgrade the hero’s level to enhance the hero’s overall health and strength.

Furthermore, players can use soul stones to unlock new heroes and add them to their gang. Each hero has unique skills, so collecting and upgrading different heroes will help players create a strong and diverse squad.

Exciting and powerful opponents

One of the most powerful opponents in Idle Underworld APK mod is “The Corporation”, a corporation that represents wealth and power. They have potent attacks and sophisticated tactics to defeat the player’s gang. To defeat “The Corporation”, the player must have a strong team and properly use skills and equipment.

In addition, the game also features opponents such as “The Cops” and “The Mob”, representing government forces and criminal gangs. These opponents have unique skills and tactics to defeat the player’s team.

Besides, there are special events in the game where players will face more formidable opponents and receive valuable rewards if they win.

Exciting adventure

In Idle Underworld APK 1.0, players will be involved in an exciting adventure. The game allows players to explore various areas, from bustling cities to wild forests, dangerous places, and regions exploited by fearsome corporations.

In this adventure, the player will meet characters ranging from members of his gang to other important figures in the world of Idle Underworld. Players also have the opportunity to collect and use new equipment, items and skills to help themselves become more muscular and cope with the following challenges.

While performing missions and completing side quests, players can earn money and experience to upgrade their gang and heroes. This enhances the gang’s strength and abilities, helping the player deal with the more formidable challenges of the adventure.

Ready to be the tycoon of the Underworld?

Finally, if you want to be a real tycoon, play Idle Underworld and take your gang to the pinnacle of power and authority. With unique heroes, powerful skills and gear, and a range of exciting challenges and adventures, this game will immerse you in the dangerous and exciting Idle Underworld MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Runes). Get ready for a dramatic experience and become a real tycoon!

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