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Idle Hero Z MOD 1.0.3 Unlimited Gold/Rubies/Evolve Stones/Academy Points APK

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NameIdle Hero Z
Version1.0.3 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Rubies/Evolve Stones/Academy Points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedSeptember 10, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle Hero Z

Idle Hero Z Mod (Unlimited Gold/Rubies/Evolve Stones/Academy Points) is a fighting role-playing video game with a paused element (idle. This game is available on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. In Idle Hero Z, players will build their armies and fight against monsters and other players. Players can strengthen their armies by upgrading their characters, equipment, and skills.

A unique feature of Idle Hero Z is the pause factor. When not playing, your character will continue to fight and collect resources. When you return, you can check the progress and collect the rewards that have been accumulated. Idle Hero Z also has an online community and recurring events where players can join and win exciting rewards.

Summon new warriors

Players Idle Hero Z APK can summon new warriors to increase the strength of their army. These warriors have their skills and characteristics, from which players can choose to create a squad that suits their tactics.

To summon new warriors, the player needs to use resources but can collect them from activities in the game. After managing enough resources, the player can use them to summon new warriors from the summoning center.

New warriors will have different strengths, creating diversity for the player’s squad. Players can strengthen the warriors by upgrading and equipping them, thereby increasing the combat ability of the army. In general, summoning new warriors is integral to increasing the army’s strength in Idle Hero Z. Players need to carefully consider and choose the correct warriors to create the team. The most potent form is possible.

Drag to merge the fighters

This feature allows players Idle Hero Z to combine similar fighters to create more powerful planes. The player must select two or more of the same fighter when using this feature. They will then drag and drop these planes together to create a new aircraft with higher power and attributes.

Fighters of the same type fused will create new planes with the same attributes as the original planes, but the power and number of features will be increased. Moreover, the newly created fighters will have the ability to use special skills that are stronger and have their characteristics.

Upgrade and evolve your favorite heroes

Players Idle Hero Z APK mod need to use resources such as gold and experience to upgrade heroes. As heroes are upgraded, their strengths and attributes will be increased. Furthermore, players can unlock new skills for heroes to improve their fighting ability. Players can develop heroes by equipping them with enhancement items such as costumes, weapons, and jewelry. These items will help increase the strength and attributes of heroes, helping them become more robust in matches.

Furthermore, players can strengthen their heroes by leveling up their skills. These skills can be unlocked and upgraded using skill points, a fantastic resource. Hero upgrading and development is an integral part of increasing the strength and combat ability of the army in Idle Hero Z. Players need to consider and choose heroes carefully. Fit to create the strongest possible squad.

Collect tools and weapons to support

These tools and weapons enhance the hero’s strength and fighting ability. Tools and weapons can be found in battles or purchased from the shop. These items will have unique attributes and effects, helping players increase the strength and combat ability of the squad.

Players can also search and unlock special items, including skill items, counter items, and relief items. These items can help players defeat more vigorous opponents and strengthen the squad. Moreover, in Idle Hero Z, special events and regular quests allow players to earn rarer items and resources to strengthen the squad.

The collection of tools and weapons is an integral part of increasing the strength and combat ability of the squad in Idle Hero Z APK 1.0.3. Players need to carefully consider and choose the right items to create the strongest team possible.

Become the strongest hero in the universe

Players can participate in a theatrical and challenging adventure in Idle Hero Z. With a strong lineup of heroes, participating in thrilling battles and finding and upgrading weapons, tools, skills, and powers is essential.

Developing favorite heroes and merging fighters is also an indispensable factor in creating the strongest squad. With a diverse mission system and regular events, players can earn resources and items to enhance the strength and combat ability of the team. Idle Hero Z MOD APK gives players an exciting, challenging, and dramatic game experience. Become the most powerful hero in the universe and conquer the challenges in the game today!

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