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Idle Hero Slayer MOD 1.0.06 Unlimited Money/Eyes APK

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NameIdle Hero Slayer
PublisherSample games
Version1.0.06 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Eyes
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Gems
3. Unlimited Hearts
4. Unlimited Eyes
*Increase when you spent

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Introduce about Idle Hero Slayer

Idle Hero Slayer MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Eyes) on MODAPKOKI is a newly released idle game from Sample Games that plunges players into a magical world of violence and adventure. The game allows the player to become a mighty hero, fighting ferocious monsters and collecting precious items. Idle Hero Slayer gives players a great and exciting experience. Besides, the game also integrates many attractive features, helping players improve the skills and strength of their controlling character. Let’s experience and explore this wonderful magical world with Idle Hero Slayer!

Fight against the forces of darkness

In Idle Hero Slayer MOD APK, players will be mighty heroes, ready to confront the dark forces plotting to take over the magical world. Players will fight with their teammates to smash the villains’ evil plot using skills and intelligent tactics. From defeating ferocious monsters to massive battles with hostile enemies, players must use everything they can to protect the world from the ravages of evil. With a diverse system of weapons, Equipment and skills, players will have the opportunity to equip their characters to become stronger and defeat all those who threaten the existence of the magical world. Get ready to fight and become a hero in Idle Hero Slayer!

Explore the magical land

From mysterious dense forests to white sand deserts and snowy high mountains, each land has its beauty and creates a fascinating virtual world.

Along the way, players will encounter many challenges and poisonous creatures of each land. However, it is also an opportunity for players to experience challenging and dangerous adventures and also helps to strengthen their fighting and resource-gathering skills.

In addition, exploring the land also allows players to expand and level up their characters, enhance their fighting abilities and collect resources to help achieve victory in Idle Hero Slayer APK.

Various Equipment

Equipment is an integral part of Sample games Idle Hero Slayer APK mod. Equipment not only helps players improve the strength and skills of the character but also provides players with various choices. The game offers a rich equipment system, including weapons, armour, jewellery and accessories.

Players can find Equipment through in-game shops or by completing quests and special events. Each type of Equipment has its characteristics, which enhance the character’s strength, defence and attack. In addition, players can also upgrade Equipment using resources and currency collected in the game.

In addition to having a variety of Equipment, the game allows players to customize the character’s costumes and Equipment to create their style. Players can change the colour and style and add accessories to create a unique character.

In Sample games, Idle Hero Slayer’s diverse Equipment provides players with various options and helps enhance the character’s strength, defence, and attack. Besides, players can also customize costumes and Equipment to create a unique and beautiful character.

Power Up Heroes

First, the power-up system has been optimized for a more immersive gaming experience. You will witness the rise of heroes more significant than ever as they overcome all challenges. New upgrade levels have been added, giving your hero more breakthroughs and special abilities.

In addition, the heroes’ power has been significantly expanded by introducing a new skill system. These new skills will help you fight stronger and wipe out all your enemies, from summoning destructive flames to quick self-healing and awakening of hidden powers.

Moreover, Idle Hero Slayer APK 1.0.06 has added a new hero roster, opening up opportunities to discover and collect powerful characters. You can build the same squad or diversify with unique heroes, each with a unique approach and skills.

With the hero’s power upgrade, Idle Hero Slayer is not just a game anymore but a fascinating and thrilling adventure. Enter the world of heroes, discover their might and fight to be the ultimate victor in the confrontation between evil and justice.

Let’s become a hero

With a diverse character system, exciting gameplay and rich Equipment, Sample games Idle Hero Slayer MOD APK has become an excellent choice for lovers of the action role-playing game genre. Players can enjoy moments of great entertainment along with dramatic adventures and become a hero in Idle Hero Slayer MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Eyes). If you have not tried playing Idle Hero Slayer, download and experience today to discover the exciting things the game is waiting for.

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