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Idle Egg Factory MOD 2.5.8 Free Rewards APK

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Idle Egg Factory MOD APK (Free Rewards) is a game that simulates a farm raising and producing eggs, all participating game players will build their own egg empire.

NameIdle Egg Factory
PublisherSolid Games
Version2.5.8 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesFree Rewards
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedApril 11, 2024 (1 week ago)
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V1: Free Rewards

Get rewards without advertising, which will become abundant after using diamonds once.

V2: Unlimited Money

Indeed many people dream of moving to remote rural areas to build a farm and produce clean food for everyone, but the conditions do not allow it, so they still have to live in a crowded city filled with smoke and dust at a fast pace of life. Idle Egg Factory MOD APK will help players’ dreams come true. Becoming the owner of a farm has never been so easy, thanks to this game. It can also be played anywhere and anytime without any cost. Participating in the game, the players will become the owner of a potential chicken farm. And the work that needs to be done is to develop the scale of the chicken farm and gradually expand the farm.

Idle Egg Factory mod

In Idle Egg Factory, players learn how to get rich from small chicken eggs. Something that seems insignificant but brings unimaginable profits. This game will let players experience the life of a real farmer. Every day, you have to work hard from early morning until late at night to rest to take care of your farm, a life that seems challenging but full of joy to help all your sorrows and fatigue. The Idle Egg Factory players outside were practically disappearing.

Download Idle Egg Factory MOD APK – Experience the chicken egg business on a large scale.

Idle Egg Factory is a fun egg factory management idle simulation game. Here players will experience a farm model full of factories. It will be necessary to unlock factories, tools and production lines to start producing and trading eggs for the players and ensure every stage from production to closing. Packages and shipping must be done as quickly as possible to optimize profits. After a while, buying more new chicken breeds and expanding the farm size will be possible. This requires players to work hard on missions and complete various challenges. To earn as much profit as possible besides his main production work.

Idle Egg Factory mod apk free

In Idle Egg Factory, players must calculate to use reasonable profits. With the capital earned, upgrading the factory’s facilities is essential. Only in this way can we create high-quality and high-value chicken eggs. Raising livestock and building a farm is not as simple as we think. It needs to consume a lot of time, effort, human resources and money, requiring Idle Egg Factory players to have high determination and love to persevere.

Easy-to-access control system

Idle Egg Factory offers a straightforward control system for anyone to access. All operations are displayed clearly and in great detail on the device screen. So just looking at it once, anyone can grasp how to play. Players will start their businesses on a relatively modest scale. The production plant will have only one chicken and an automatic line system. The task of the players Idle Egg Factory MOD APK is to bring the eggs laid by the only chicken of the factory into each carton and then transport them to the market to make a profit. She just had more capital to expand the scale of her small egg factory.

Idle Egg Factory mod android free

Chickens laying eggs will take a long time, but it can be improved by upgrading the factory. Idle Egg Factory players need to make a lot of money to expand the production facility and increase the number of chickens in the factory to develop their egg production business; this game will surely surprise players by the enormous profits that these tiny eggs bring. All stages of the egg production line are fully automated. The players must press the buttons on the screen, and the factory will operate independently.

Egg production facility management

It can be said that business is never accessible, even when playing games. Idle Egg Factory APK players must apply much practical knowledge to do well. In the role of the boss, the players will do everything to develop the business. The first phase will be tricky because it is still confusing and has much to learn. However, this is the time for the players to prove their intelligence in the business field. All stages of the factory’s production line will be fully automated, from collecting newly laid eggs, moving and packing eggs into cartons, to transporting them to distribution locations. Or deliver to customers who have pre-ordered. Players only need to monitor whether their line is running smoothly or not.

Idle Egg Factory mod apk

Although the line operates completely automatically, it will be challenging to avoid unexpected failures. So the players must always be present to handle the broken places in time. If not quickly remedied, it may disrupt the egg factory’s egg product distribution plan, thereby reducing the reputation of Idle Egg Factory players in the eyes of customers and consumers. Use—a seemingly simple game that brings many practical lessons about business.

Buy new types of hens

For the egg factory to develop, it would undoubtedly take a lot of hens. However, ordinary chickens with low costs will not bring high economic efficiency. Therefore, the players must buy new types of hens with better productivity. Idle Egg Factory will allow players to own countless chickens in the factory. Buying new chickens is easy if the level and cash requirements are met. Each type of chicken will bring a different value to the player, depending on the rarity. More specifically, they will produce extraordinary eggs such as gilded eggs, hat eggs, rabbit eggs, black eggs, rainbow-coloured eggs, and horned eggs, and all can bring profit. Very large when it was launched on the market because of its miraculous use.

Idle Egg Factory mod apk android

The more precious hens you own, the more money you earn daily. So do not hesitate to invest directly to buy the best chicken. Not only that, but Idle Egg Factory players also need to take good care of their chickens with nutritious foods so they can lay the best quality eggs, upgrading hens to reduce spreading time and increase egg production to double, quadruple and eight times the original time.

Build and develop farm scale

Players can stop the production of eggs and develop the farm’s scale. Players can grow the original small factory into a large farm. At the same time, it is also possible to expand into other production areas, not only chicken eggs. Surely it will take a lot of work to scale that business. It will be necessary to build many typical projects, such as farms to raise pigs, cows, ducks and other livestock and poultry and open more land to grow high-quality vegetables and fruits. , safe for health and countless other works that can support the development of the farm, such as warehouses, feed production systems, chain stores, and supermarkets selling products of human farms.

Idle Egg Factory mod apk android free

To do this requires a large amount of cash and diamonds to invest. So players will have to work hard every day to increase their income. With idle gameplay, the player’s factory will still operate without logging in. Keep busy with work and return when free; the players will be overwhelmed by the vast revenue that Idle Egg Factory APK mod generates while you are not here to supervise. Let’s develop your unspoiled countryside into a big, thriving farm!

Beautiful graphics and playful music

Graphics also make Idle Egg Factory APK 2.5.8 beautiful in players’ eyes. Covering this game are very bright colours and fun-filled images. Not only that but players are also immersed in joyful music while experiencing it. Modern, sophisticated, vivid graphics and bustling sounds will give players a remarkable experience when building a dream farm with millions of eggs. More specifically, the chickens in the game will not look like the real ones. They possess eye-catching colours and lay adorable shaped eggs. Make the moments working on the farm will not dull, dear players.

Idle Egg Factory mod android

The game also allows players to choose colours for the farm to increase the fun. That’s right; if the player does not like the original default colour of the farm, he can click on the colour palette in the top right corner to change to his favourite colour, from blue, red, or orange to purple, green; feel free to customize and change the colours for the chains and many other works on the farm to suit your wishes, players.

Don’t be afraid to fail

The business will not be without risks and failures, even in the game world. Although it is an easy simulation game, Idle Egg Factory still gives players a lot of tough challenges. If you are afraid of difficulties and failures, players will not be able to develop. Because building up a farm will have to take on a massive amount of work. This game is like a test to see if the player is fit for farming life. Download Idle Egg Factory MOD APK (Free Rewards) on MODAPKOKI to participate in transforming into the owner of a farm with the main job of operating an egg factory.

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