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Idle Bounce Heroes MOD 0.0.75 Unlimited Money/Gems APK

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NameIdle Bounce Heroes
Version0.0.75 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gems
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 8, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle Bounce Heroes

Idle Bounce Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems) is a mobile game where players control characters to jump over obstacles and collect coins. However, a unique feature of Idle Bounce Heroes is the “idle” feature, which allows players to earn money and collect items without the need to play the game.

Players can unlock new characters with unique skills in the game and collect items to upgrade and strengthen their feelings. The obstacles in the game are designed in a way that creates a unique challenge for the player. In addition, Idle Bounce Heroes also has special events where players can earn many rewards and experience new features.

Unlock different powers

In Idle Bounce Heroes, players can unlock different powers of the characters in the game. These powers are divided into two main categories: elemental and special.

Base powers are skills the player can unlock for each character in the game. For example, power increases jump speed; strength increases endurance, power increases monetization. Players can upgrade these powers using coins and in-game items.

Special powers are skills players can unlock by participating in special in-game events or completing other quests. For example, power increases attack power, strength reduces the recovery time between jumps, and power increases interactivity with in-game items.

Each special power-up has a unique effect and can help the player progress to higher levels and earn more coins and valuable items.

Upgrade the stats of each weapon

In Idle Bounce Heroes APK, players focus on upgrading and improving their character’s powers and boosters to help them jump further and earn more money.

Players can unlock and upgrade different capabilities using coins and in-game items to elevate the character’s powers. These powers will help the player’s character jump further, resist obstacles and increase the ability to earn money.

In addition, players can collect items to upgrade and enhance these powers. For example, some things can increase a character’s jump speed or help the character achieve longer jump distances.

Get gear that offers extra boosts to power

These devices will boost the character’s strength, allowing players to customize and improve how their character moves and achieves longer jump distances.

Here are some examples of supported devices and their increments:

Helmet: Gives a boost to the character’s piercing ability, helping them overcome obstacles more easily.

Sneakers: Gives a boost to the character’s movement speed, allowing them to jump farther and move forward faster.

Wrist Guard: Gives a boost to the character’s attack power, allowing them to destroy enemies and items on the go faster on MODAPKOKI.

Armour: Gives a boost to a character’s defences, making them more resistant to obstacles and enemies.

Glasses: Provides enhancements to the ability to find coins and in-game items, helping players collect more coins to unlock power-ups and upgrade gear.

Depending on the type of support device, their enhancement will vary, allowing players to customize and develop their character in Idle Bounce Heroes APK mod.

Endless Stage

The Endless Stage does not have a specific end goal. Instead, it challenges players to see how far they can go and how much score they can get.

During the endless Stage, the player must overcome random obstacles and collect coins to unlock power-ups and upgrade assistive devices. When the character jumps far, the player will earn a score, counted in the leaderboard.

The endless Stage of Idle Bounce Heroes has no limit on time or distance so that players can play forever. However, the further you go, the harder it is to overcome the obstacles, requiring the player to have better patience and skill to keep moving forward.

Endless Stage is an exciting and challenging game mode that helps players focus on improving their skills and achieving the best in Idle Bounce Heroes APK 0.0.75.

Interesting entertainment game for all ages

With simple but exciting gameplay, upgrade features, power and various weapons, Idle Bounce Heroes is a perfect entertainment game for all ages. Players can comfortably join the game anytime, anywhere, practice their skills and overcome challenges to achieve the highest score. Download Idle Bounce Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems) on and experience the fun and excitement of this game!

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