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Idle Army MOD 14.0.3 Stupid Enemy APK

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NameIdle Army
Publisher8SEC Games
Version14.0.3 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesStupid Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 8, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Idle Army

Idle Army MOD APK (Stupid Enemy) is an idle tactical role-playing game developed by 8SEC Games. In this game, players will transform into army commanders and build a powerful army to fight and occupy different lands on the map.

Players can hire soldiers, horse riders, grenade launchers, tanks, planes and many other types of soldiers to strengthen their army. Besides, players can also upgrade their army skills to help increase combat power.

The game also has idle features, which allow the player to earn money and resources while not playing, speeding up the game’s progress.

Idle Army is a free game on mobile and desktop platforms, and it also features social networking so players can connect and play together.

Discover recruits to join the ranks

If you want to join the Idle Army, you can find and recruit recruits through several different ways.

In Idle Army, you can visit the store and buy rookie cards; each will give you a new character or item. These recruits can be soldiers, horse riders, grenade launchers, tanks, planes or other troops.

You can also participate in in-game events to get new and unique recruits. Events often have a deadline and offer attractive rewards to players if they achieve specific goals.

In addition, you can participate in in-game missions to get money and resources to buy recruits or upgrade your army. You can also find free rookies in the levels if you are lucky enough.

All these recruits will help strengthen your army and help you win matches in the game.

Hero upgrade and customization

To upgrade heroes, you need to use resources like money and items. With each upgrade, your hero will become stronger and unlock new skills.

Besides, you can also customize the costumes and equipment for your heroes. These costumes and equipment can enhance the hero’s strength and combat ability.

In addition, you can participate in quests or in-game events to receive special rewards, including costumes and equipment for your hero on MODAPKOKI.

With hero upgrades and customization, you can create a robust and diverse army to defeat your opponents in Idle Army APK.

Strong Enemy

Some of the common enemies in Idle Army APK mod include invading armies, missiles, fighters, tanks, robots, and many more. Each enemy will have their own strength and fighting ability, so you must find a way to defeat them using the right tactics.

You need a strong army and various fighting skills to defeat the enemy. You must also upgrade and customize your heroes to enhance their strength and fighting ability.

In addition, you also need to manage your resources intelligently to shop and upgrade new items, equipment and heroes.

With ingenuity and cleverness in strategy, you can defeat powerful enemies in the game Idle Army MOD APK.

Unite Units

To merge units, you need to use resources like money and items. Each time you connect, your team will become stronger and can unlock new skills.

Besides, uniting units also helps you reduce the number of heroes and teams in your army, making it easier to manage your army.

However, uniting units can also reduce your army’s diversity and combat capabilities. So you need to think carefully before merging your units.

In addition to uniting units, you can also shop and upgrade new units to diversify your army and defeat powerful enemies in Idle Army APK 14.0.3.

Be a talented commander in Idle Army

Idle Army MOD APK (Stupid Enemy) is an interesting and exciting strategy game where you can become a talented commander of a mighty army. With beautiful, simple but equally challenging gameplay, and features such as upgrading and customizing heroes, merging units, and confronting powerful enemies, Idle Army will surely bring you hours of exciting entertainment. Join this game on and become a talented commander of a powerful army, defeat enemies and win fierce battles!

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