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Happy Merge Cafe MOD 1.0.25 Unlimited Money/MENU APK

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NameHappy Merge Cafe
PublisherDragonPlus Game Limited
Version1.0.25 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/MENU
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedOctober 22, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Only for 64 bit device

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Introduce about Happy Merge Cafe

Happy Merge Cafe MOD APK (Unlimited Money/MENU) is an exciting simulation game where you will experience the daily work of a cafe owner. From choosing drinks to decorating the cafe and serving customers, you can perform these tasks and become the best cafe owner. Happy Merge Cafe will bring you to the world of charming cafes and create a feeling of relaxation after stressful working hours.

Become the most beautiful and happiest restaurant owner

Happy Merge Cafe is a business and time management game where players are challenged to build a successful and happy restaurant. In the game, players will be restaurant ownerss, managing the cooking, serving diners and building customer relationships.

The game consists of various levels where the player must complete missions to unlock new features and expand his restaurant. Players can also upgrade equipment, recruit staff and design the restaurant’s interior to attract customers.

Happy Merge Cafe creating a warm and friendly space. The game also features a unique matching feature, allowing players to match different dishes and items to create unique dishes.

Explore the rich quest system

Happy Merge Cafe’s mission system is designed to be diverse and wealthy to help players experience and explore the colourful culinary world. Players will be assigned tasks from different characters, from customers to the cafe staff.

The tasks in the game Happy Merge Cafe include many types, from serving food and drinks to customers, decorating the cafe, upgrading the shop’s facilities and collecting ingredients from other areas. Together to create delicious and unique dishes.

The quest system also includes extensive quests for players to discover more about the game world, from participating in special events to building and managing a chain of cafes.

When completing missions, players will receive money and experience to upgrade the cafe and expand the business. Besides, completing tasks also help players unlock new dishes and drinks, assisting the restaurant in becoming more diverse and prosperous.

Unleash your creativity with a diverse upgrade system

Happy Merge Cafe APK is a business and time management game in which the player will run a coffee shop and must provide the best service to his customers. Players can use various upgrade systems to improve their cafes to increase revenue and attract more customers.

The upgrade system in the game includes many types, from expanding space and upgrading equipment and equipment to upgrading menus and food. Players can use the money collected from the cafe to develop the area, buy more tables and chairs, dispense equipment and many other items.

In addition, players can also upgrade the menu and food to increase the attractiveness for customers. By buying and upgrading new food, players can attract more customers and increase revenue for their cafes.

With a diverse and exciting upgrade system, players can unleash creativity and develop their coffee shop in Happy Merge Cafe.

The reward system is diverse and attractive

In Happy Merge Cafe APK mod, the player will become a restaurant owner and must manage his restaurant to attract customers and increase sales.

To encourage players to complete tasks and achieve in-game goals, Happy Merge Cafe has a diverse and attractive reward system. Players can receive rewards by completing missions, earning high scores in in-game activities and challenges, or simply performing daily tasks in their restaurant.

Rewards can include in-game currency to buy restaurant decorations and furniture, food and drink to serve customers, and unique items to help the player progress faster.

In addition, Happy Merge Cafe also has an event system and periodic promotions so players can receive more valuable rewards. This helps to create stimulating for the players and allows them to achieve their goals in the game faster.

With a diverse and attractive reward system, Happy Merge Cafe will surely satisfy fans of restaurant management games.

Open a great coffee shop

With simple gameplay and a beautiful interface, Happy Merge Cafe is a fun game for those who want to try their hand at managing a cafe. Features such as shopping, upgrading and matching items give players variety and creativity in designing their restaurants. At the same time, with customers visiting the shop, players will feel happy to see their customers happy and satisfied.

With Happy Merge Cafe Mod Menu 1.0.25 on MODAPKOKI, you will be satisfied with your creativity in designing a dreamlike coffee shop. You will experience exciting experiences, shopping trips, upgrading, and combining objects to create a perfect coffee shop.

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