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Galaxy Invaders MOD 1.6.0 Unlimited Money/Diamonds APK

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NameGalaxy Invaders
PublisherTee Studio
Version1.6.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Diamonds
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedOctober 31, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Galaxy Invaders

In a mysterious and dangerous virtual world, Galaxy Invaders MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds) will cast you as a brave warrior, confronting the invasion of extraterrestrial forces that threaten the survival of everything. With stunning graphics, captivating music, and a dramatic storyline, Galaxy Invaders promises to deliver peak entertainment moments and a chance to showcase your combat prowess.

Stepping into the controls of an advanced spacecraft, you’ll face continuous waves of attacks from distant space. Aggressive and assertive alien ships are advancing towards Earth with intentions of invasion and conquest. Your mission is to rise, protect our planet, and push back the threat from the universe.

Prepare to confront thrilling challenges, upgrade your spacecraft with formidable weaponry, and devise clever tactics to counter ruthless foes. With diverse gameplay, from single-stage skirmishes to large-scale battles, Galaxy Invaders will take you on an enchanting space adventure.

Embark on this grand journey together, showcase your skills, and become the hero who defends Earth from the incursion of evil forces. Prepare for blood-pumping battles, intense shooting sequences, and exhilarating moments in Galaxy Invaders APK 1.6.0!

Difficult levels

In the challenging world of Galaxy Invaders, the problematic levels have been designed to place players in tense situations that demand maximum concentration and clever strategy. Below is a detailed description of the top-tier challenging levels that players will encounter:

  1. Celestial Wonder Level: In this level, space undergoes constant transformations, creating obstructive obstacles and intricate terrains. Players need to exhibit agile movement and quick decision-making to overcome relentless challenges.
  2. Invasion Grand Battle Level: This is a large-scale confrontation against a massive wave of invading extraterrestrial forces. The number of enemies and the speed of their attacks significantly escalate, necessitating swift reflexes and practical weapon usage to survive.
  3. Summit Tactical Level: In this level, players not only face enemy assaults but also navigate through an alien fleet maze. Timing strategic manoeuvres, precise positioning, and selecting appropriate weaponry are vital to overcoming all challenges.
  4. Demonic Fusion Level: At this stage, players confront a unique blend of various types of enemies, each possessing distinct abilities. Developing suitable strategies to cope with diverse situations is essential.

These challenging levels demand exceptional combat skills and challenge players’ intelligence and strategic thinking. You will have to face relentless challenges, find ways to overcome them and enhance your abilities to become a true intergalactic hunter in Galaxy Invaders APK.

Powerful spaceship

In the dangerous world of Galaxy Invaders, your spacecraft is not merely a means of transportation but also a symbol of strength and resistance. Here are the consequential types of spacecraft that you can customize and utilize to confront the threatening extraterrestrial forces:

  1. Precision Control Starship: Equipped with a highly responsive control system, this starship allows players to execute evasive manoeuvres and precise attacks. The automatic target-locking capability helps you swiftly eliminate enemies.
  2. Ultra-Upgrade Starship: With a robust upgrade system, this starship enables you to customize and upgrade various weapons, defences, and unique features. You can turn your ship into the ultimate weapon from enhancing firepower to optimising defence capabilities.
  3. Exterminator Class Starship: Armed with unprecedented destructive power, this starship features super-grade weaponry capable of creating devastating explosions and wiping out enemies in masses. However, manoeuvrability might be limited, requiring players to handle situations wisely.
  4. Strategic Stealth Starship: With temporary stealth capabilities, this starship allows you to approach enemy positions and execute precise surprise attacks stealthily. Combined with long-range attacks, this ship is ideal for players who favor tactics and covert infiltration.

With such powerful spacecraft types, you can customize your strategies to confront any situation. Choose your preferred starship, upgrade and fine-tune it to become an unstoppable warrior in the battle against extraterrestrial invasion in Galaxy Invaders APK mod.

Collect lots of coins

Here are ways you can collect lots of coins to upgrade your spaceship and face extreme challenges:

Defeat the Enemy: Each alien ship destroyed will bring a certain amount of coins. Faced with constant attacks, quickly and effectively killing enemies will help you accumulate coins quickly.

Collect Rewards: During your journey, you will encounter random bonus items. Don’t miss the chance to pick them up, as they often come with a tempting number of coins.

Mission Accomplishment: In each level, you will be given various tasks, from killing a specific number of enemies to completing the goal quickly. Completing the mission will bring a worthy coin reward.

Precision Shooting Skill: Hitting the target will yield more coins than indiscriminate shooting. In stressful situations, the ability to shoot accurately will help you earn more money.

Using Activated Items: In some cases, you can use activation items to increase the number of coins received for a short period. This is an excellent opportunity to increase income under challenging situations.

The accumulation of coins, you can upgrade your spaceship, buy more powerful weapons and improve your resistance to enemy attacks. Use your coin-collecting abilities wisely to become the most powerful warrior in the race against time in Galaxy Invaders MOD APK.

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