Foundation Kingdom Roblominer

Foundation Kingdom Roblominer MOD 2.14.21 Menu, Gathered Materials x1000 Mutliplier APK

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NameFoundation Kingdom Roblominer
PublisherWolf Gaming Apps
Version2.14.21 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesMenu, Gathered Materials x1000 Mutliplier
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Foundation Kingdom Roblominer

Foundation Kingdom Roblominer MOD APK (Menu, Gathered Materials x1000 Mutliplier) on MODAPKOKI is a fascinating construction strategy game where you can become the king of a developing and colourful kingdom. The game allows players to build and manage a kingdom with their own hands, exploit resources and develop the economy, build infrastructure, recruit and train soldiers, and attack and protect strategically important areas. Making many difficult decisions to turn your kingdom into a great empire would be best. Let’s explore more details about this Foundation Kingdom Roblominer game.

New lands

You will discover fascinating new lands. Players must lead their people through extreme challenges to build and expand their empires. In these new lands, players will face challenges and provide their people with new resources. They will also have to learn about the geography of the new land, choose the proper means of transportation, and optimize the construction plan to create a civilized and prosperous community in Foundation Kingdom Roblominer.


Foundation Kingdom Roblominer Mod features powerful and terrifying monsters. In the game’s world, players will face monsters ranging from tiny to giant monsters with devastating power. These monsters will attack the player when they get close and cause chaos in the player’s kingdom.

Players must have an intelligent strategy and good fighting skills to defeat the monsters. Players can use weapons to attack or special skills to make them temporarily incapacitated. However, the player also needs to pay attention to his health and energy, as they will decrease over time, and if not taken care of, the player can be defeated.

With many different types of monsters and different difficulty levels, defeating the monsters will become an exciting challenge and an opportunity for players to gain experience and better equipment.

Exploitation of resources

Players will assume the role of a character in a fictional world and must find a way to build and develop their kingdom. However, the player must first face the monsters and the fog that is swarming the country.

During the game, players must find resources and exploit them to build houses, palaces, streets, bridges, farms and other buildings. To mine resources, the player must run mining works, quarries, forests, and animal farms. In addition, players must also gather resources from the new lands they explore.

However, players must face monsters to explore new lands and exploit resources. The monsters will attack the player and destroy their buildings, so the player must find a way to destroy them to protect his kingdom. They can also capture monsters and train them to be their allies in the subsequent wars. With elements of the building, fighting and exploiting rich resources, Foundation Kingdom Roblominer MOD APK (Menu, Gathered Materials x1000 Mutliplier) is an attractive and exciting game for those who love the construction simulation game genre.

Unique farming method

To create the best agricultural products, players will need to know how to farm the land efficiently. First, the player needs to prepare the soil and plant varieties. They will then need to care for their crops, including watering, fertilizing, and protecting them from pests. Players must also manage their farms to ensure that products are grown and harvested at the right time for maximum profit. Besides, players can also expand their farm garden by buying more land to plant trees or raise more animals. From there, they will be able to produce various products and sell them to earn money and develop their farm.

Reap profits

Foundation Kingdom Roblominer APK allows you to play the role of a king and build, manage and grow your empire. An essential part of developing an empire is extracting resources from the surrounding environment. You will have to spend time mining precious resources such as stone, wood and iron ore to build new structures and upgrade your infrastructure. Besides, you can also harvest agricultural products from mines and arable lands for commercial use or to produce food for your army. Efficiently managing resources will help you increase profits and grow your empire quickly and sustainably.

Explore the mystical world of Foundation Kingdom Roblominer

Foundation Kingdom Roblominer is one of the most exciting games you will find. With unique features and the opportunity to explore the mystical world, the game will take you on a journey full of challenges and great experiences. Prepare for a thrilling adventure and try your hand at Foundation Kingdom Roblominer MOD Menu‘s challenging yet exciting quests.

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