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F Class Adventurer MOD 1.45.00 Menu/God mode/Unlimited skill/MP APK

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F Class Adventurer MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Unlimited skill/MP) brings an excellent experience for players to participate when there are mighty super warriors who adventure to fight on every battlefield.

NameF Class Adventurer
Version1.45.00 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Unlimited skill/MP
SupportAndroid 5.1
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedApril 11, 2024 (5 days ago)
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  • V1:  Menu
    Attack Multiplier
    Defense Multiplier
    God Mode
    Unlimited Skill
    MP Multiplier
    Max Attack Speed


  1. Attack Speed
  2. One Hit
  3. Unlimited Mana
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F Class Hero MOD APK is a cross-platform online role-playing game. In this game, the player will be a beginner F-class hero of the magical world to perform quests and become a mighty hero. The game revolves around the characters fighting with enemies and engaging in adventure activities in an enormous game world. Players can choose from different types of characters to join the adventure in the game. Each character has unique strengths, skills, and personalities.

Players will be able to explore the entire map in this game. Including cities, forests, hills, caves, factories… Besides, the game provides players with many primary and side quests, helping them earn gold coins and points. Experience, as well as unlock new features. With beautiful 2D graphics, vivid sound, and attractive features, F Class Hero is an exciting and suitable RPG game for lovers of this game genre.

Download F Class Adventurer MOD APK – explore the magical, magical world

In F Class Adventurer, players will be beginner F-class heroes of the magical world. The player’s task is to carry out quests to become a mighty hero and protect the world from dangerous enemies and monsters; the plot of the game will revolve around the adventures of the main character in the game. Magical world. They invaded and were controlled by evil forces.

While completing quests and exploring the world setting in the game. Players will meet other characters and interact with them. Each character will have its own story and mission. Help players better understand the magical world and forces in the game. Download F Class Adventurer MOD APK – explore the mystical, mystical world

Huge quest system

Quests are essential for players to collect gold coins and experience points. From there, level up and unlock new skills. The primary missions are the main quests, which revolve around the game’s plot. Players will have to complete to progress to the game’s final goal. Besides the primary mission, there are additional side quests to help players earn more money or improve their character’s skills.

Daily quests will be daily missions provided to players. It usually involves fighting monsters or performing certain quests and offers many attractive rewards. The final invasion mission is the attack on the other player’s base. In it, the player will have to destroy the soldiers and protect his base from the onslaught of other players. In addition, the game has many different tasks, from essential to complex. It allows players to experience many activities in the game and complete various goals.

Weapon equipment system

F Class Adventurer APK on MODAPKOKI has a diverse and rich equipment system. Help players improve the strength and combat ability of the character. The game has many different types of equipment, from basic to advanced. They allow players to choose and match their fighting style, including swords, knives, bows, guns, etc. Each weapon has its skill system, increasing diversity and making it fun. In addition to weapons, other equipment contributes to the character’s beautiful appearance and combat ability, such as armour, jewellery, gems, etc.

Armour is protective equipment for the character to help reduce damage from enemies. Jewellery will have rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. They provide additional features such as increased power and speed. Or the ability to control monsters. Finally, gems and other items enhance the character’s strength and fighting ability. Each gemstone has different effects, from increased damage to cooldown reduction. In addition, F Class Adventurer also has special equipment such as wings, shoes, etc. These are special equipment with unique features and effects. It helps to increase the strength and combat ability of the character.

Lots of rewards

Players F Class Adventurer APK mod can be rewarded for completing quests and fighting enemies. By earning rewards, players can enhance their character’s strength and combat ability, completing new missions and challenges without difficulty—regular bonuses such as money, experience, equipment, and support. Special tips are also given to players who complete particular tasks and achieve high levels in the game. These rewards include significant money, experience, equipment, and rare items.

Players can use the money to buy new equipment, upgrade skills, and level up their character. Experience points are accumulated by completing quests and fighting enemies. When enough experience points are gained, the character will level up and unlock new skills. Prioritize buying support items such as healing charms, power-ups, etc. These items help the character recover health, increase strength, and create an advantage in battle. Players can expand their inventory using gold coins or special items.

Large open-world map

The map in F Class Adventurer has a detailed and vivid design, creating a large and beautiful game world. Players can easily navigate the map using the navigation and navigation system to find their way to the points they need to visit. Players can explore many locations with beautiful scenery, from cities, mountains, forests, and vast seas to steppes, deserts…

In addition, on the map, there are also essential destinations such as shops, markets, medical stations, and police stations … These are necessary places for players to shop, upgrade equipment, and recover health. Health or take on additional tasks. The map is an essential part for the player to be able to navigate to the destinations and explore the entire game world. The map is designed in detail and vividly, creating an exciting RPG experience.

Powerful Giant Boss

Many influential and scary giant bosses exist in F Class Adventurer APK 1.45.00. The most typical is the Blackhorn Shield, which often appears in the rocky area in the south of the map. It is a massive monster with very high attack and defence. Next is the Snow Maiden. It is a fearsome goblin with destructive power and icy magic. The Snow Girl usually appears in the snowy hill area in the northern part of the map.

There is also a War Machine. It is a boss robot with great speed and attack power. Combat Robots are often found in abandoned factory areas. Next is the Dark King Boss. A powerful shadow monster, able to send dark spells at his enemies. The Shadow King often appears in castle defences—finally, a Royal Dragon (Royal Dragon).

Discover the AOE skill

The game will have many different AOE skills for players coming to F Class Adventurer. Basic skills such as Flame Burst, Chain Lightnin, Whirlwind, Poison Gas, Ice Storm… These AOE skills can simultaneously attack multiple enemies in range, helping the player to destroy them efficiently. Faster and more efficient. However, this skill can also reveal your character’s location, becoming a vulnerable target. Therefore, players must consider and use AOE skills wisely and effectively in combat.

Generic title F Class Adventurer is an exciting online role-playing game. Suitable for those who love adventure and action games. Download F Class Adventurer MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Unlimited skill/MP) – Discover and experience the magical world full of mystery and magic.

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