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Enchant Hero MOD 0.8.6 No Skill Cost/CD APK

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NameEnchant Hero
Publisher(주) 바나나허브
Version0.8.6 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesNo Skill Cost/CD
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Enchant Hero

Enchant Hero MOD APK on MODAPKOKI is a free role-playing game on mobile devices, giving players a rich experience with a story, beautiful images and a diverse gameplay system. In this game, players will become heroes and lead an army of legendary characters to fight against monsters ravaging the world. Players can defeat the dark forces and achieve ultimate victory by gathering different heroes and improving their skills. Let’s learn more about Enchant Hero and explore this mysterious world!

Eliminate enemies

You will play as a legendary warrior, with the task of saving the kingdom from the hands of an evil enemy. You will engage in real-time combat, using your skills and equipment to defeat opponents.

Along the way, you’ll encounter a variety of monsters and enemies ranging from giant dragons to dodgy pirates. You must use all your skills to defeat them and advance to new lands with different challenges and risks.

Character upgrade

Players Enchant Hero can upgrade both generals and equipment to increase the strength and combat ability of the character. Besides, the game also provides players with a wide range of skills and features to develop their character in their style.

When levelling up the character, the player will receive skill points to distribute into different skills. These skills include attack, defence, strength, stamina, speed, and special abilities. Players can upgrade their skills. However, they want to create a unique character that suits their fighting style.

Besides, players can also upgrade the character’s equipment. The game offers various equipment, including weapons, armour, necklaces and rings. Each type of equipment has different features and can be upgraded to increase the strength and combat ability of the character.

Character and equipment upgrades are significant in Enchant Hero MOD APK and will help players easily overcome more challenging levels in the game.


Each character can use up to 3 different skills. These skills are divided into two main categories: attack and support. Attack skills include physical or magical attacks that affect enemies. Support skills help strengthen the character of teammates.

Each character in Enchant Hero APK has unique skills, which can be upgraded through experience and resources gathered from quests and activities in the game. When upgraded, the character’s skills will become stronger and can damage enemies or provide more benefits to teammates.

Furthermore, characters can activate special skills when certain conditions are met, whether when defeating certain types of enemies or when using a particular type of equipment. These unique skills can bring significant advantages in combat and help players easily overcome complex challenges in the game.

Collect lots of gold and currency

Players Enchant Hero APK mod can collect much gold and currency to upgrade and buy equipment, supplies and skills for their characters. Gold and currency can be collected by completing in-game missions, fighting enemies and passing levels. Players can also participate in in-game events to receive special rewards, including gold and currency. Increasing the ability to collect gold and currency will help players strengthen their characters and complete more challenging missions in Enchant Hero.

Achievement rankings

Leaderboards are an essential feature that helps players gain higher positions and get promoted in the gaming community. The leaderboard will show the player’s accumulated points and their position in the global ranking system and also update information about other players, such as rank, score and level. Players can participate in gaming activities to earn points and improve their position on the leaderboard. Conquering the leaderboard and becoming the top player is the goal of many gamers in Enchant Hero APK 0.8.6.

Grow your superhero in Enchant Hero

Enchant Hero Above are detailed information about Enchant Hero MOD APK (No Skill Cost/CD), an attractive game with many attractive and challenging features for you to explore. With beautiful visuals, rich gameplay and practical difficulty, Enchant Hero will satisfy gamers who love the RPG genre. Download the game today to experience and develop your superhero!

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