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Dungeon VS Gunner MOD 2342556 Stupid Enemy APK

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NameDungeon VS Gunner
PublisherCore Crystal Games
Version2342556 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesStupid Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 6, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Dungeon VS Gunner

Dungeon VS Gunner MOD APK (Stupid Enemy) is an action role-playing video game developed by Perfect World company. This game can be played on PC and mobile platforms.

In Dungeon VS Gunner, players can choose one of two main character classes, “Gunner” or “Dungeon”. With the character Gunner, players will use modern weapons such as guns and shells to fight. Meanwhile, with the Dungeon character, players will use magic and items to fight.

The player’s task is to complete quests and defeat monsters, leaders and loot equipment. At the same time, players can also search for stunning landscapes in the game’s world.

The heroes

In Dungeon VS Gunner, there are two main character classes, Gunner and Dungeon. Each of these character classes has its unique characteristics and skills.


Gunner is a character class that uses modern weapons such as guns and shells to fight.

Gunner has fast movement speed, attack from a distance, and can deal significant damage.

Gunner’s signature skill is “Bullet Time”, which allows them to slow down time and quickly move to a new location.


The dungeon is a character class that uses magic and items to fight.

Dungeons can heal themselves and their allies, attack from a distance or near, and have consequential magic damage.

The Dungeon’s signature skill is “Teleport”, which allows them to quickly move to a new location and attack enemies for a short period.

In addition, players can also customize the character’s equipment and skills to suit their fighting style. The game also has many secondary characters and monsters with unique characteristics and abilities for players to confront and explore.

Weapon variety

Each weapon has its characteristics and strength, allowing players to choose a gun that suits their fighting style in Dungeon VS Gunner APK.

Gun-type weapons: pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles… These are the primary weapons of the Gunner character, allowing long-range attacks with high accuracy.

Melee weapons: include knives, swords, spears, scythes… Dungeon characters often use these weapons, allowing close attacks and dealing significant damage.

Magical weapons: including sticks, witch materials, charms… This is a typical weapon of the Dungeon character, allowing them to use attack magic and support teammates.

Explosive weapons: including grenades, fireworks, bombs… This weapon is used to create comprehensive damage and attack multiple targets simultaneously.

Special levels

Dungeon VS Gunner APK mod has many unique levels for players to explore and experience. These levels are highly challenging, with more brutal monsters and battles than normal.

Boss level is the level of boss fights in which the player will face a powerful boss with formidable power and produces tremendous damage. Players must find a way to defeat the boss within the time limit and receive valuable rewards for completing the mission.

Survival level: this is the level where the player will have to fight continuously for a specific time against waves of monsters. If players can’t survive long enough, they fail and must start over on MODAPKOKI.

Stealth Level: This level requires the player’s sophistication and skill. Players must move skillfully, avoiding obstacles and monsters to destroy their target without being detected.

Treasure Hunt Level: This level requires the player to find and collect valuable items. However, to get these items, players must overcome brutal battles and confront powerful monsters.

Many features

That’s right; Dungeon VS Gunner is a shooting action game with many attractive features. Here are some key features of this game:

Upgrade system: players can upgrade their weapons, armour and jewellery to increase their strength and combat ability.

Skill system: Dungeon VS Gunner has a diverse skill system, allowing players to choose and customize their skills to suit their fighting style.

Card system: players can use cards to activate special features, increase strength and devise different strategies.

Mission system: the game has many different missions for players to complete, from main quests to side quests and limited-time missions.

Arena system: players can join the arena to challenge other players and win.

League system: players can join the league to interact with other members of the alliance and fight together.

Trading system: players can buy and sell items, weapons and armour in Dungeon VS Gunner APK 2342556.

All these features create a diverse and engaging gaming experience for players of Dungeon VS Gunner.

Ready to join the mortal battle

With many attractive and diverse features, Dungeon VS Gunner is a shooting game worth playing for gamers who love the action game genre. Special characters, weapons and levels will make you enjoy every second of the game. Besides, the card system, skills and tasks will make you even more exciting and challenging. If you want to join Dungeon VS Gunner MOD APK (Stupid Enemy) on modapkoki.com, get ready to fight and win!

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