Dr. Panda Town: Vacation

Dr. Panda Town: Vacation MOD 24.1.72 VIP Subscription Unlocked APK

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NameDr. Panda Town: Vacation
PublisherDr. Panda
Version24.1.72 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesVIP Subscription Unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedMarch 19, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Introduction Dr. Panda Town: Vacation

Dr. Panda Town: Vacation MOD APK (VIP Subscription Unlocked), where you will experience an exciting and colorful vacation with your favorite characters from Dr. Panda. You will discover a beautiful resort town in this game and participate in excellent activities and games.

Dr. Panda Town: Vacation allows you to unleash your creativity and exploration. You can choose from swimming, windsurfing, boating, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. Besides, you can also participate in exciting games such as building sand, creating bubbles, searching for treasure, and many other art games.

More than 30 characters to play

Meet and chat with Dr. Panda, the game’s main character, a lovely and kind doctor who is always willing to help people. If you want to participate in marine activities, meet the super cute sea lion and gaur. You can also meet the monkey family, intelligent dolphins, and funny whales in the maritime areas.

If you want to experience fun and entertainment, join a group of raccoons, rabbits, and mice, or play fun games with the adorable chimpanzees. You can also meet people in the industry, such as the park manager or the creative artist’s uncle.

With over 30 characters to play with, Dr. Panda Town: Vacation offers you endless variety and exploration. Create exciting encounters, memorable memories, and experience a creative world with these lovable characters.

15 adorable pets

You can meet and care for your pet dog, cute cats, and even panda, giraffe, and wolf. Each pet has its own needs and preferences, so take care and play with them to create a great holiday.

If you want to participate in marine activities, bring whales, dolphins, and crocodiles on board to fly kites, fish, and explore the waters. You can also walk on the beach with the cute sea elephant and seal.

Create an outdoor party with rabbits, birds, and mice for fun and play. Or join the fun outdoor activities with the hamster and pet horse.

With over 15 adorable pets to go on vacation, Dr. Panda Town: Vacation Mod brings you experiences full of fun and pet love. Take care, play, and create memories with these cute pets during your vacation.

Tons of interesting costumes

Sea clothes:

Swimsuits: You can choose from various swimsuits in different textures and colors. There are classic swimsuits, two-piece swimsuits, gowns, and many more styles.

Hats and helmets: For sun protection and personal style, you can choose a hood, cap, travel hat, or helmet according to your preference in Dr. Panda Town: Vacation MOD APK (VIP Subscription Unlocked) on MODAPKOKI.

Marine capes: You can wear a marine cape to keep warm and add style when out of the water. You can choose from many models of beach gowns with fun prints and bright colors.

Sports clothes:

Sportswear: You can choose a comfortable and comfortable sports shirt to participate in sports activities such as cycling, tennis, or football. Sportswear styles, from simple t-shirts to jackets, can be waterproof.

Sports pants: You can choose comfortable and easy-to-move sports pants with a sports shirt. There are shorts, pants, and tights for your unique style and needs.

Sports shoes: To ensure comfort and safety when participating in sports activities, you can choose shoes that suit your needs. There are a variety of sports shoes, from running shoes to soccer shoes, to choose from.

Play in 7 diverse and exciting locations

Beach: Experience a wonderful beach vacation with fine white sand and a clear blue sea. You can build sandcastles, sunbathe, swim, and even windsurfing.

Water Park: Polish your surfing and water play skills in a fun water park. Take part in adventure water games, slide the tube, and jump from the tram.

Amusement park: Explore the games and amusements in the colorful park. Join the rotation, shooting games, fast-reaction games, and exciting adventures.

Luxury Hostel: Enjoy real life in a luxury motel with comfortable bedrooms, private swimming pools, and fun activities like cooking and flying kites.

Food shop: Become a talented chef and participate in the cooking process. Create delectable dishes and serve to crowded customers.

Clothing Store: Refresh your wardrobe by shopping and changing outfits. Search for fashionable outfits and experiment with different styles.

Pet Store: Visit and care for your little friends at the pet store. You can bathe, feed and play with cute pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, and many other animals Dr. Panda Town: Vacation APK.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful vacation with Dr. Panda Town: Vacation

Dr. Panda Town: Vacation MOD APK is a colorful and fun game that takes you on a lovely holiday adventure with Dr. Panda and their friends. From exploring the sandy and sunny tropical beach to visiting a vibrant theme park or even experiencing real life in a luxury motel, every trip offers you a fun experience. And surprise.

Dr. Panda Town: Vacation creates a lively and attractive space. You will be free to explore, interact with characters, and do many exciting activities such as surfing in the sea, building sand castles, challenging your mind with games in the park, or even having fun with light. Create art and cooking activities.

Get ready to enjoy an unforgettable vacation with Dr. Panda Town: Vacation! With various exciting activities and explorations, Dr. Panda Town: Vacation APK mod (VIP Subscription Unlocked) will give you a fun experience and help you build memorable memories in a beautiful virtual world.

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