Decor Dream: House Design

Decor Dream: House Design MOD 1.3.9 Unlimited Money APK

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NameDecor Dream: House Design
PublisherLETS FUN - publisher of match 3 puzzle game
Version1.3.9 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedMarch 8, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Introduce about Decor Dream: House Design

Decor Dream: House Design MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an exciting game that allows players to create and design their dream house. This game will take you into the world of the most beautiful and colourful places. You will experience decorating and arranging furniture to your liking, from the living room and bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom.

Instructions on how to play

Decor Dream: House Design is a fashion and interior design simulation game where players decorate and design houses in their style. Players need to download the app and create an account to start the game. They can then choose a place to design and start decorating.

In Decor Dream: House Design, players can choose from various interior and decorative items, including furniture, curtains, floorboards, wall paint and more. They can also change items’ colour, style, and placement to create a perfect living space for the in-game character.

During the gameplay, players can earn coins and diamonds by completing missions and unlocking new levels. Coins and diamonds can be used to purchase new interior and decoration items.

In addition, players can also make friends and visit other players’ homes to get ideas and learn. Decor Dream: House Design provides players an exciting and creative interior design experience.

Experience hundreds of individual levels

In Decor Dream: House Design Mod, the player will be put into the role of an architect, who must complete many tasks at each level to design and decorate houses. With hundreds of different levels, each group will require players to be more creative and have a unique design plan to complete the task. Players will be able to unleash their design talents and experience great feelings when seeing the results of their work. At the same time, players can also interact with other characters in the game to unlock new functions and tools for decoration and design. Hundreds of Decor Dream: House Design levels will bring players many hours of refreshing and challenging entertainment.

Essential Skills to Become a design expert

To become the owner of a perfect home, you need to have some essential skills as follows:

Creative skills: You must be imaginative and creative to create unique and impressive interior designs.

Colour coordination skills: Color coordination is an essential element in interior design. You need to know how to choose the right colour to create harmony and balance in the room.

Planning skills: In Decor Dream: House Design, you must design each room individually and build a detailed plan to complete each level.

Financial management skills: To design beautiful and luxurious rooms, you must know how to manage your finances to buy the right furniture and decoration.

Communication skills: In the game Decor Dream: House Design, you must communicate with customers to understand their requirements and design the rooms according to their ideas.

With the above skills, you will become an interior designer in the game Decor Dream: House Design MOD APK and can create the most beautiful houses.

Play Decor Dream: House Design Offline and Get Creative

In the offline mode of Decor Dream: House Design APK, you can enjoy the game without an Internet connection. With this feature, you can play and create even when there is no network signal or while travelling. Make the most of your time and enjoy designing and decorating your home without worrying about losing connections. You can save the game and continue when there is a network connection again or play from the beginning when you want.

Special boosters and power-ups

Unique boosters and power-ups are two special features in Decor Dream: House Design. Unique boosters are used to quickly move between indoor areas, saving players time when designing and decorating. Players can purchase unique boosters from the in-game store with diamonds.

A power-up kit is a tool that helps players increase the power of furniture items. When used, the power-up increases the item’s stats, making it stronger and more beautiful. Players can purchase power-ups from the in-game store with money.

Both of these features benefit players in designing and decorating their homes. Unique boosters save time and help players switch between indoor zones quickly, while power-ups boost the power of interior items, creating unique designs and more impressive.

Confidently become a talented architect

With Decor Dream: House Design, players will be free to explore and creatively design and decorate houses. From choosing colours and arranging furniture to building and creating details, the game gives players many great experiences. With hundreds of challenging levels, players will feel exciting and excited each time completing a new mission. Moreover, Decor Dream: House Design MOD Unlimited Money on MODAPKOKI creating a great gaming experience.

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