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Crime Mysteries MOD 1.30.3200 Free Shopping APK

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NameCrime Mysteries
PublisherG5 Entertainment
Version1.30.3200 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
SupportAndroid 4.4
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 9, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Introduce about Crime Mysteries game

Crime Mysteries MOD APK (Free Shopping) is a dramatic and exciting adventure game where you will play the role of a talented detective to solve complex cases. Here, you will be equipped with sharp-eyed skills, understanding, and ingenuity to solve issues and find the truth behind each case. Get ready to be a master detective, uncover strange mysteries, and solve problems shady in this challenging game!

Find hidden object

You will play the role of a talented and enthusiastic detective tasked with finding criminal objects hiding everywhere. From small clues, you must investigate, collect evidence and use your reasoning ability to find the culprit. Challenging and mysterious challenges await you in Crime Mysteries, show your bravery and become the best detective!

Fight consecutive gems

Players must battle consecutive gems in hundreds of unique and challenging match-3 puzzles. It’s not just about matching gems of the same color but also using strategy and skill to solve challenging puzzles. With many different levels, from easy to difficult, fighting consecutive gems will give players a great and exciting experience in Crime Mysteries MOD APK.

Burst with powerful bonus combos

You will experience the suspense and thrill of investigating the cases. The powerful bonus combo system will help you quickly progress and achieve high in the game. Start with simple cases and develop your skills to become a great detective. Use bonus combos to power up and solve complex issues with ease!

Uncover the mystery with strange clue analysis

In Crime Mysteries APK, players will experience the feeling of a professional detective when having to search and analyze clues to solve complex cases. With a strange clue analysis system, players can explore new paths, making it easier to find the culprit. The combination of dramatic and logical elements in the gameplay of Crime Mysteries will bring players great and challenging experiences.

Solve horrible crimes

Players will play the role of talented detectives and must investigate and solve terrible crimes such as murder, robbery, and kidnapping. Players must explore various locations, search and collect evidence, solve puzzles, and face dangerous opponents to solve cases. Intelligence and the ability to accurately search will be important factors for players to solve these dramatic cases.

Hunt down criminals through the quest system

Crime Mysteries APK mod has a diverse and complex mission system, allowallowing players to investigate mysterious cases and help the main characters find information to solve the issue. From exploring the scene, collecting evidence, and analyzing details to investigating witnesses and suspects, players must be intelligent and ingenious to find essential clues, help the police Make the correct decisions, and break the crime. Crime Mysteries’ rich mission system will make players feel interested and excited during the game.

Get attractive rewards for solving crimes

Crime Mysteries has a complex and challenging mission system and provides players with attractive rewards to feel more excited and motivated to solve crimes. Players will receive money and valuable items such as crime-solving tools or materials to build their crime base. This reward system also helps players improve their skills and equipment, thereby quickly overcoming more difficult challenges in the future. Join now to become a talented investigator and collect many attractive rewards!

Learn about crimes and solve crimes in Crime Mysteries

In Crime Mysteries, players will be a talented detective, investigating mysterious cases and solving challenging match-3 puzzles. By collecting clues and finding essential details, players will help the police solve issues and bring criminals to justice. With hundreds of unique and challenging match-3 puzzles, players will struggle to maintain their concentration and patience. So are you ready to be the best detective in this criminal world?

With exciting gameplay and an engaging storyline, Crime Mysteries MOD APK (Free Shopping) on MODAPKOKI will take players on a grand adventure to explore and solve the world of crime. Get ready for challenging and exciting moments in this game!

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