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Crazy Diner MOD 1.4.9 Unlimited Money APK

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NameCrazy Diner
PublisherSmart Fun Casual Games
Version1.4.9 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
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UpdatedOctober 25, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Introduce about Crazy Diner

Crazy Diner MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a mobile game in the genre of food and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). An independent developer develops the game and is available on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

In Crazy Diner: ASMR Cooking, players will play the role of a talented chef and run a culinary restaurant with delicious dishes. The game aims to serve your diners quickly and accurately to earn money and reach the daily revenue target.

One of the outstanding features of Crazy Diner: ASMR Cooking is the ASMR feature, where players can experience subtle sounds and soothing sensations, helping to relax and relieve stress. During the preparation and cooking of dishes, players will enjoy ASMR sound effects from cooking tools such as chopping vegetables, sautéing, frying and enticing. This creates a fun and unique experience for players while helping recreate the relaxed feel of cooking.

In addition, Crazy Diner: ASMR Cooking also has other features such as customizing the restaurant, upgrading the cooking equipment, a diverse menu with many different dishes from around the world, and the opportunity to compete Compete with other players to become the top chef.

In a nutshell, Crazy Diner: ASMR Cooking is an engaging ASMR and food game that allows players to experience the joy of cooking and relaxing with ASMR sounds in a fun game environment.

Open your restaurant

In Crazy Diner, players can open their restaurant and manage the entire business. First, players can customize and design their restaurant to their liking, from choosing colours, the layout of tables and chairs, decorations and much more. This helps players create a unique culinary space and attract customers.

Once a restaurant is established, the player will have to manage the restaurant’s daily operations, including menu preparation, cooking, serving diners, staff management, and resource management and budget. Players will face challenges from meeting customer needs, maintaining food quality, managing time and helping quickly to achieve revenue goals.

In addition, players can also upgrade cooking equipment, buy ingredients, expand restaurant space, and expand the menu with many new dishes to attract more customers. Players can also participate in special events or compete with other players for more rewards and fame on MODAPKOKI.

Opening your restaurant in Crazy Diner: ASMR Cooking requires players to have business management, cooking, and customer interaction skills to achieve success in this virtual restaurant industry.

Restaurant development

In Crazy Diner APK, players can develop their restaurant through the following activities:

Upgrading cooking equipment: Players can upgrade the cooking equipment in restaurants to improve cooking efficiency and reduce menu preparation time. Upgraded cooking equipment will help players cook faster, create delicious dishes and attract more customers.

Expand the restaurant space: Players can expand the restaurant space to increase the number of tables and chairs, decorations and customer service space. This helps to accommodate more customers at once and increases the restaurant’s revenue.

Menu Upgrades: Players can expand the restaurant’s menu by adding new and exciting dishes. A diverse and attractive menu will attract more customers and help increase the restaurant’s revenue.

Recruit and manage staff: Players can recruit and manage a team of chefs, waiters, cashiers and other positions. The management of professional staff will help ensure the smooth operation of the restaurant and the quality of service.

Marketing and Promotion: Players may undertake marketing and promotional activities to attract additional customers, including using social media, advertising online, or organizing special events within the game. Restaurant. Proper promotion will help the restaurant become more widely known and attract new customers.

Delicious food on the menu

Crazy Diner APK mod offers a variety of delicious dishes on the restaurant’s menu, including:

Toast with grilled meat: This dish combines delicious grilled meat, fresh vegetables and sweet and sour fish sauce. This is a popular and attractive dish on the restaurant’s menu.

Seafood fried noodles: Seafood fried noodles are an attractive dish with delicious fried noodles, accompanied by seafood such as shrimp, fish, squid, and fresh vegetables. This is a favourite dish on the restaurant’s menu.

Onion soup: Onion soup is a warm, delicious dish with the sweet flavour of onions. Soup is cooked from thinly sliced onions and stewed with broth and melted cheese, making for a delightful treat for chilly days.

Braised beef: Braised beef is a traditional dish from Vietnam, made from melted tender beef tenderloin, cooked with the flavour of spices and delicious broth. Braised beef is a delicious and famous dish on the restaurant’s menu.

Grilled seafood: Grilled seafood, including shrimp, fish, squid, and oysters… is grilled on charcoal, creating a delicious flavour typical of grilled seafood. This special dish on the restaurant’s menu is appealing to seafood lovers.

Flan: Flan is a sweet dessert with a delicious caramel layer and soft flan cream. This popular dessert is on the restaurant’s menu, attracting customers who enjoy sweet treats.

Have customer

To get more customers, the restaurant needs to carry out marketing activities and promote its menu. Here are some ideas to attract customers to your restaurant in Crazy Diner MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

Online advertising: Use social networks, websites, blogs or other online advertising tools to introduce menus, share attractive images of dishes and encourage customers to visit your restaurant.

Provide delivery service: Expand delivery service to make it convenient for customers to enjoy delicious food at home. Promote delivery services on your website, social media sites, or through online delivery apps.

Organize special events: Organize special events such as tastings, birthday parties, and family gatherings, especially food-related events, to attract new customers and retain old customers.

Enhance service quality: Service quality is an essential factor in attracting and retain customers. Ensure friendly, professional staff, quick service time and food quality are always maintained.

Actively interacting with customers on social networks: Actively interacting with customers on social networks, synchronizing content between online and offline channels, regularly updating new menus, and introducing new programs. Promotions, and respond quickly to customer questions and feedback.

Loyalty care: Build a loyalty program, offer special offers, discounts or gifts to regular customers, and treat returning customers well.

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