Charlie in Underworld!

Charlie in Underworld! MOD 1.0.8 Unlimited Tickets APK

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NameCharlie in Underworld!
PublisherBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Version1.0.8 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
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UpdatedAugust 16, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Introduce about Charlie in Underworld!

Charlie in Underworld! MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets) on MODAPKOKI is an adventure video game combined with puzzle elements. The game is released in 2020 on PC, Mac and Linux platforms via Steam. In Charlie in Underworld, players will play as Charlie, a character who accidentally gets lost in an underground world full of mysteries and dangers. Players will have to explore levels, collect items and solve puzzles to help Charlie overcome challenges and find a way out of this underworld. Charlie in Underworld has received positive reviews from the gaming community and is considered one of the outstanding Vietnamese indie games of 2020.

Go adventure

In Charlie in Underworld!, players will play as the main character Charlie and explore the mysterious and dangerous underground world. Players will go through many different levels, each with different challenges and puzzles to overcome.

During the adventure, the player will have to collect items and use them to solve puzzles. This item can be found in the level or can be purchased with in-game currency.

In addition to solving puzzles, players will also face dangerous challenges and enemies in the underworld. Players can use their items and skills to defeat enemies and overcome challenges.

The game has increasing difficulty, so players will need to be careful and use wits and skills to pass the levels. However, if players have difficulty solving puzzles and overcoming challenges, they can seek help from the hints provided in the game.

Build the story

Charlie in Underworld! APK is the story of a boy named Charlie, who is suddenly lost in a mysterious and dangerous underworld. Charlie doesn’t know how to escape from this world, so he has to go exploring and solving puzzles to find the way out.

As Charlie explores the underworld, he meets a number of strange characters and animals, who together explore this world and solve puzzles to find a way out. Along the way, Charlie and his friends face many challenges and dangers, including dangerous enemies and traps in the underworld.

Charlie must use his wits and skills to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to find a way out. He must also search for important items in the underworld to solve puzzles and progress to new levels.

Finally, after much effort and difficulty, Charlie and his friends finally find a way out of this mysterious and dangerous underworld. However, the story ends with Charlie realizing that he has learned many valuable things from this adventure and that he will never forget his experiences and memories.

Various characters

In Charlie in Underworld! APK mod, there are many diverse and interesting characters for players to meet and interact with. Here are some characters in this game:

Charlie: the main character of the game, is a smart and brave guy. He is lost in the underworld and must find a way out.

Gigi: is a small girl with long ears and a white fur hat. She can help Charlie solve some puzzles and give him hints.

Mr. Mole: is a rather fat ferret, often appearing to help Charlie overcome challenges and provide him with necessary items.

The Bouncer: is a fairly large prop character whose role is to protect Charlie’s path. He often asks Charlie to do quests to get permission to go through.

The Gargoyles: is a group of relatively scary characters, with the ability to spit fire and hit Charlie. Charlie must find a way to defeat them to advance to the next level.

There are also many other characters such as the water man, the black spider, the king crab, the poisonous spider and many other animals and creatures. These characters are diverse and give players interesting and engaging experiences when exploring the underground world.

New gameplay

Charlie in Underworld! APK 1.0.8 has a new and unique gameplay, bringing an interesting experience to players. Here are some special points of the gameplay in this game:

Solve puzzles to advance to the next level: In Charlie in Underworld, players must solve puzzles to unlock the next level. These puzzles are very diverse and require players to use intelligence and judgment to find the answer.

Explore the mysterious underworld: This game has a large and mysterious underworld to explore. Players will meet strange characters, animals, and search for items needed to solve puzzles.

Use items to solve puzzles: Players must use the items they find to solve puzzles. These items can be keys, keys, or anything that can help the player advance to the next level.

Face challenges and dangers: As you explore the underworld, players will face many challenges and dangers, including dangerous enemies and traps. Players must use skill and intelligence to defeat them and advance to new levels.

Enjoy a unique musical experience: Charlie in Underworld has unique music, providing a great experience for players while exploring the underworld.

In short, Charlie in Underworld is a game that offers new and unique gameplay, with many challenges and puzzles for players to explore.

Explore the mysterious underworld with Charlie in Underworld!

With new and unique gameplay, Charlie in Underworld has brought players a great adventure experience in the mysterious underworld. If you are looking for a new adventure game, try now Charlie in Underworld! MOD APK (Unlimited Tickets) on and explore the mysterious underworld waiting for you!

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