Carrier Joe 3 History

Carrier Joe 3 History MOD 0.32.1 Unlimited Money APK

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NameCarrier Joe 3 History
Version0.32.1 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 6.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Carrier Joe 3 History

Carrier Joe 3 History MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – Get ready to experience a colorful journey, explore historical lands and build an empire of your style. You will play as the fascinating character of Joe, a talented transporter, and embark on adventures full of challenges and mysteries. Hop aboard your truck, prepare for an exciting journey steeped in history, and uncover the secrets in this unique land. Get ready to be Carrier Joe; what awaits you? Start your journey, and uncover the historical secrets that await!

32 trucks

Truck X1: A basic but reliable truck with a powerful engine and medium cargo capacity.

Mega Hauler: Its vast design and large shipping volume make it an excellent choice for heavy-duty missions.

Off-road Titan: Specialized truck to overcome rough terrain and rough roads. It has high suspension, big wheels, and a powerful engine for any challenge.

Speedster Express: With its turbocharged engine block and sporty styling, this car offers outstanding speed and the ability to transport goods quickly.

Electric EcoVan: An all-electric truck with high efficiency and zero emissions. This is an eco-friendly and energy-saving choice.

Arctic Frost: Special trucks with advanced refrigeration systems are suitable for transporting temperature-sensitive goods.

Monster Crusher: A giant truck equipped with huge wheels and overwhelming power, can transport bulky items and overcome challenging obstacles.

Rocket Racer: High-speed truck specially designed for racing offers a theatrical and thrilling driving experience in Carrier Joe 3 History.

21 kinds of goods

Fresh foods: Fruits, vegetables, and canned products are essential for nutrition and meeting people’s culinary needs.

Industrial goods: Includes building materials such as bricks, sand, cement, and steel, which need to be transported to industrial zones and construction sites.

Chemicals and Additives: Detergents, dyes, manufacturing additives, and other chemicals are essential commodities to support various industries.

Electronic products: Mobile phones, computers, electronic components, and high-tech products are expensive goods and require care during transportation.

Agricultural Materials: Seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other materials related to agriculture are essential commodities to ensure productivity and output in the agricultural industry.

Pharmaceutical Products: Medicines, vitamins, shampoos, lotions, and other health and beauty-related products are essential for maintaining health and personal care.

Energy Materials: Oil, coal, gas, and other energy sources are transported to different locations to meet the energy needs of society.

Stored Goods: Important papers, documents, archival products, and other items must be safely transported and stored in Carrier Joe 3 History Mod.

Big map

The map in Carrier Joe 3 History MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on MODAPKOKI is a large and diverse world, taking you to different lands worldwide to explore and transport goods. Here is a detailed description of the large map in the game:

Central City: This is a busy and developed area with many high-rise buildings, shops, parks, and commercial places. You will experience the excitement and speed of participating in essential cargo missions to stores and business areas.

Rural area: A green and peaceful land where you will meet farms, fields, and orchards. Your mission is to transport agricultural products, support farmers, and meet the population’s food needs.

Jungle and grassland: With unspoiled landscapes and wild nature, this area requires good off-road driving skills to overcome rough and hilly roads. You will transport important cargo to remote areas and explore unique natural beauties.

Industrial zones and seaports: Factories and critical industrial areas are concentrated. You will transport goods from one location to another and contribute to the region’s economic development.

Remote grasslands and deserts: With harsh and arid landscapes, this area requires careful preparation and competent driving skills to overcome rugged terrains. You will transport important cargo and explore these barren lands.

28 different types of trailers

Open Trailer: This type of trailer can be expanded to accommodate long and bulky goods, such as steel pipes, long logs, or pipes.

Closed Trailer: This trailer is designed with closed doors, which protects the cargo from external environmental factors, such as rain, dust, or cold.

Refrigerated trailer: This trailer is equipped with a refrigeration system, which helps maintain the temperature of temperature-sensitive goods, such as fresh food or pharmaceuticals.

Tank Trailers: This type of trailer is a tank and is used to transport liquids or chemicals, such as petroleum, acids, or industrial chemicals.

Container trailer: This trailer is designed to hold containers, helping to transport international goods conveniently and safely.

Vehicle trailer: This type of trailer can carry one or more cars or motorcycles, helping transport moving vehicles to the destination conveniently.

Edge-opening trailer: This type of trailer can extend the edge to create additional storage space for goods.

Extended Trailer: This trailer can be stretched to accommodate more oversized cargo and increase carrying capacity.

Heavy Duty Trailer: This type of trailer is designed to carry heavy loads and transport heavy goods in Carrier Joe 3 History APK.

Explore the history and build an empire in Carrier Joe 3 History

In the game Carrier Joe 3 History MOD APK, you have become the main character, taking yourself on a journey of adventure and discovery. From exploring unique historical lands to building an empire of your own, you’ve experienced a wide range of emotions. You showcase your talent and creativity by transporting goods, interacting with notable historical figures, and uncovering hidden secrets.

Keep exploring and building your empire in the historical world of Carrier Joe 3 History. Enjoy unique, fun, and engaging experiences as you traverse the ages and forge a prosperous future. Get ready to be the conqueror of history and build a great empire in Carrier Joe 3 History APK mod (Unlimited Money)!

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