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Candies ‘n Curses MOD 3.2.18 God Mode/Unlocked Custome APK

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NameCandies ‘n Curses
PublisherTako Boy Studios LLC
Version3.2.18 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode/Unlocked Custome
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Price FREE
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdatedJuly 9, 2023 (10 months ago)
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NOTE: You can use and weak costume even its not yet purchased. Just click the costume and click purchased then you’ll see you wear it.

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Introduce about Candies ‘n Curses

Candies ‘n Curses MOD APK (God Mode/Unlocked Custome) is an action-adventure game developed by indie developer Tako Boy Studios. The game was released on mobile platforms like iOS and Android in 2018.

In Candies ‘n Curses, players take on the role of Molly, a young female detective investigating a haunted case at an amusement park. During the investigation, Molly discovers that this amusement park is being occupied by evil spirits and is blindfolded.

Players will control Molly to move around the area, fighting monsters and solving puzzles to find these haunted mysteries. Players will be offered bonuses to upgrade their characters and unlock new items.

Visit six different zones

In Candies ‘n Curses, players can visit six different areas in the haunted play area. Each room has its characteristics and includes many challenges and mysteries for players to explore.

Carnival Square: This is the starting area of the game, characterized by dark huts and mysterious passageways. Players must find a way to escape the pursuit of the haunted and conquer perilous monsters.

Haunted Castle: This area is built old style, with dark corridors and challenge rooms rife with puzzles and traps. Players will have to find ways to unlock secret doors to access other areas of the play area.

Ghostly Gardens: The garden is full of trees, flowers, and scary monsters. In this area, players will find items that help them restore health and mana.

Nightmare Factory: A mysterious substance production area with challenges involving mechanical mechanics and chemical fluids. Players will have to avoid working machines and confront mechanized monsters.

Shadowland: The darkest area in the haunted play area. This is a place filled with scary ghosts and darkness everywhere. Players must find ways to reach underground dungeons and overcome dangerous challenges.

Crystal Caverns: This area is particular, with gem tunnels and glowing crystals. Players will find hidden treasures here and confront terrifying monsters.

Take part in daily challenges

Candies ‘n Curses has many daily challenges for players to participate in and earn attractive rewards. Here are some of the common challenges of this game:

Daily Challenge: Players will be offered a different challenge to complete every day. These challenges can involve defeating a particular monster, completing a level in a limited time, or collecting some items. Players will receive a reward for each completed challenge.

Weekly Challenge: Similar to the Daily Challenge, the Weekly Challenge is a challenge that is updated every week. These challenges are usually more complex and require higher skills and levels of players.

High Score Challenge: This is a challenge for players to get the highest score possible at a particular level. Players can log in to the leaderboard to compare their scores with other players and compete for the top spot.

Survival Challenge: In this challenge, players must pass levels in a row without being allowed to die. Each group will be more complex and requires players to have skills and quick reflexes on MODAPKOKI.

Time Attack Challenge: This challenge requires the player to complete a level in the shortest time possible. Time is counted from when the player starts playing to when they meet the group. Players will receive rewards based on completion time.

All daily challenges in Candies ‘n Curses offer valuable rewards to players. In addition, participating in these challenges also helps players increase their level and skills in Candies ‘n Curses APK.

Increase the chance

Candies ‘n Curses is an action game, so players must have the skill, quick reflexes, and resource management skills to increase their gameplay. Here are a few ways to boost your gameplay in Candies ‘n Curses:

Practice movement skills and reflexes: Players will face many different monsters and terrain in the game. Quick movements and reflexes will help you avoid monster attacks and gain an advantage in battle.

Resource management: In Candies ‘n Curses, players must manage their resources, such as blood, witches, and items, to survive and defeat monsters. Use resources intelligently and economically to achieve the highest efficiency.

Use unique skills: In the game, players can use special skills to attack or defend. Let’s use them intelligently to defeat the monsters faster and easier.

Upgrade equipment and skills: Players can upgrade their equipment and skills to become stronger and defeat more difficult monsters. Focus on upgrading items and abilities that suit your playing style.

Take part in daily challenges: Daily challenges in Candies ‘n Curses are a great way to improve your skills and level in Candies ‘n Curses APK mod. Take part in these challenges to test your skills and earn valuable rewards.

Different stages

In Candies ‘n Curses, players will go through various stages as they explore the game’s world. Here are some of the main steps in Candies ‘n Curses APK 3.2.18:

Initial Phase: This is the opening phase of the game when the player is introduced to the protagonist Molly and the mysterious, spooky world. Players will learn to move, attack, defend, and use special items and skills.

Trade Center Stage: Once they gain experience playing the game, players will be taken to the Mall, where they can buy and upgrade their equipment, items, and skills using the currency in the game.

Stage 6 Different Areas: Candies ‘n Curses has six different zones, each with its characteristics and monsters. Players must defeat brutal monsters in each area to advance to the next room.

Boss Stage: At the end of each zone, the player will face a demanding monster boss. Defeating the boss is required to unlock the next area.

Dark Lord Stage: When the player has defeated all the bosses and explored all six areas, they will face the Dark Lord – the leader of the ghost world. This is the ultimate challenge in the game, and the highest level of gaming skill is required to defeat the Dark Lord.

Candies ‘n Curses: Challenging spooky action game

Candies ‘n Curses is a challenging and enchanting spooky action game. With beautiful and impressive sound, the competition attracts players with colourful and diverse gameplay. From exploring six different regions to confronting monster bosses and the Dark Lord, Candies ‘n Curses offers players a great gaming experience. If you are a fan of spooky action games, try your hand at Candies ‘n Curses MOD APK (God Mode/Unlocked Custome) and explore this mysterious, bizarre world.

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