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Cambridge Dictionary +Plus MOD 1.0 Subcribed APK

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NameCambridge Dictionary +Plus
PublisherCambridge University Press & Assessment
Version1.0 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesSubcribed
SupportAndroid 5.0
Price FREE
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Introduce about Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

Have you encountered new vocabulary when reading books or newspapers or listening to foreigners speak without knowing their exact meanings? Want to learn more about using words correctly and confidently? That’s when the Cambridge Dictionary +Plus app will become your trusted companion. With thousands of high-quality dictionaries and resources from Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Dictionary +Plus MOD APK (Subcribed) gives you a great experience exploring and learning about cultures and languages.

Create word lists

Personal vocabulary storage: You can create personal word lists to store words you want to learn or review. Dictionaries allow you to create various lists, helping you categorize and organize vocabulary by subject, subject, or learning goal.

Add vocabulary easily: When you search for a word in the app, you can add it to your word list with a single click or tap of the screen. This saves you time and makes storing the critical vocabulary you come across quick.

Manage and sort lists: You can sort the words in your list alphabetically or by date added. You can also edit, delete or move words from the list to create a perfectly personalized experience for your vocabulary learning.

Interact and expand vocabulary: When you view word lists, you can click on each word to see detailed information, including meaning, examples, and pronunciation. This helps you better understand the vocabulary and expand your knowledge.


Share dictionary: When you search for a word in the app, you can share definitions, examples, pronunciations, and related information with others. You can share through other applications such as messaging, email, or social networks, helping you to communicate and exchange language knowledge conveniently.

Share word lists: Besides sharing dictionaries, you can share word lists you’ve created. This is useful when you want to share specialized vocabulary, study vocabulary, or any word lists you have organized and stored on the app.

Share via the link: Cambridge Dictionary +Plus gives you a unique sharing link that you can send to others. This link will take the recipient directly to the dictionary or list of words you want to share, giving them quick access and discovery.

Integration with other apps: The Cambridge Dictionary +Plus app also integrates with your phone, allowing you to easily share dictionaries or word lists via messaging, emails, notes, and more.

Flashcards and puzzles

Flashcards: Cambridge Dictionary +Plus’s flash card feature allows you to effectively learn vocabulary and grammar through creating and using sets of flash cards. You can create your flashcards or use the flashcard sets available in the app. Each flash card includes a word or phrase and a corresponding definition or illustration. By flipping through flashcards and testing your knowledge, you can master vocabulary and grammar quickly.

Quiz: Cambridge Dictionary +Plus also provides fun language quizzes to challenge and improve your skills. The quizzes test and enhance your understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and language use in real-life contexts. Depending on your level, you can try your hand at language quizzes ranging from easy to more complex ones. This is a great way to practice and test your language knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

With flashcards and quizzes, Cambridge Dictionary +Plus MOD APK (Subcribed) on MODAPKOKI is not just an ordinary dictionary but a diverse and fun learning tool. You can boost your language knowledge by using flash cards to learn vocabulary and grammar and challenge yourself with language quizzes.

New words and pronunciation

New Words: Cambridge Dictionary +Plus’s New Words feature allows you to search and discover thousands of new words from various fields and topics. You can search for new words alphabetically or use the search feature to search for specific short terms. Each new word is provided with complete information such as definition, usage examples, word type, and origin. Besides you can also view related terms or synonyms to expand your knowledge.

Pronunciation: Cambridge Dictionary +Plus provides standard pronunciation for new words, helping you learn and pronounce words correctly. When you search for new words, you will hear the pronunciation of that word, along with transcription and other expressions, to help you understand and practice listening better. This is very helpful for learning English and improving your pronunciation.

Cambridge Dictionary +Plus’s New Words and Pronunciation feature helps you to reach and discover new vocabulary quickly and efficiently. You can learn definitions, usage examples, and correct pronunciation of words, helping you improve your English vocabulary and communication skills.

Explore a world of vocabulary with the Cambridge Dictionary +Plus app

The Cambridge Dictionary +Plus app is an excellent tool for expanding vocabulary and mastering languages. With thousands of quality dictionaries and resources from Cambridge University Press MOD APK, you’ll always have reliable help understanding and correctly using words. More than just a dictionary lookup tool, Cambridge Dictionary +Plus also gives you rich features, such as illustrated examples, pronunciation, usage context, related vocabulary, and much more. This app allows you to explore and expand your tongue quickly and flexibly. Download Cambridge Dictionary +Plus APK mod app today and start experiencing confidence in using the language.

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