Bounce Ball: Magic Ball

Bounce Ball: Magic Ball MOD 1.0.22 Unlimited Gem/Unlocked Battle Pass/All Heroes APK

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NameBounce Ball: Magic Ball
Version1.0.22 (Latest)
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gem/Unlocked Battle Pass/All Heroes
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Price FREE
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UpdatedJuly 7, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Introduce about Bounce Ball: Magic Ball

Bounce Ball: Magic Ball MOD APK (Unlimited Gem/Unlocked Battle Pass/All Heroes) is a mobile video game developed by Vietnamese game company – OneTap Game Studio. The game has simple gameplay; players only need to control the ball to make a rainbow through the obstacles and collect scores.

In addition, the game also has fun features such as unlocking unique balls, participating in special events, and connecting with friends to challenge and compete for scores. Bounce Ball: Magic Ball is an exciting and attractive entertainment game for those who love the simple but equally challenging genre.

Super easy control

Bounce Ball: Magic Ball is designed with super easy control, making it easy for players to control the ball on the phone screen. Players only need to use their fingers to swipe the net; the ball will move in the direction corresponding to the length and direction of the swipe.

The unique feature of the control in this game is accuracy and flexibility; the player can control the ball to move fast or slowly depending on the situation. In addition, the game also allows the player to adjust the speed and sensitivity of the control to suit each player’s playing style.

With super easy control, Bounce Ball: Magic Ball is a game suitable for all ages and has become one of the popular entertainment games on mobile phones.

Lots of skills with infinite combinations

In Bounce Ball: Magic Ball APK, players must use various skills to pass more difficult levels. These skills include:

Control skills: Players must use ball control skills to avoid obstacles and collect scores.

Route guessing skills: In this game, the ball’s path is constantly changing, and there are different challenges; players must guess the right way to pass the levels.

Reflex skills: The game levels are getting faster and more complex, and players need to have good reflex skills to avoid obstacles on MODAPKOKI.

Concentration skills: During the game, players need to focus and not be distracted by other factors.

In addition, the game also provides special skills such as acceleration, reducing gravity, improving endurance, and changing the shape of the ball. These skills can be combined to create infinite combinations, allowing players to pass more challenging levels and achieve the highest score.

Thousands of levels

Bounce Ball: Magic Ball APK mod offers thousands of different levels for players to experience. Each level has increasing difficulty and other challenges; from simple stories to complex stories, players must have various skills to pass.

Some levels may require the player to avoid obstacles, jump over rocks, or defeat monsters. Meanwhile, other groups will need players to collect items or reach the destination within a limited time.

The game has different modes, such as endless mode and speed racing mode to create fun and variety for players. These modes expose players to new challenges, creating a more varied and enjoyable gaming experience.

With thousands of levels and diverse game modes, Bounce Ball: Magic Ball is an entertaining game that never makes you bored.

Collect all more balls and rockets

In the game Bounce Ball: Magic Ball, players can collect balls and rockets to help increase their score and improve their playability. These balls and rockets are placed in different locations on the screen; the player must control and collect the balls.

Collect the balls: The balls have different colors and shapes. Players who collect a certain number of balls can unlock unique skills, such as acceleration or gravity reduction, that make gameplay easier.

Collect Missiles: A missile is a particular item in Bounce Ball: Magic Ball APK 1.0.22, helps the player’s ball become more robust and capable of destroying obstacles. If the player collects sufficient rockets, they can eliminate complex barriers.

To sum up, collecting balls and rockets increases the score and improves the player’s gaming skills. In addition, finding and collecting these items is also part of the challenge and appeal of the game.

Explore the magical world of Bounce Ball: Magic Ball

With easy control, varied gameplay, and endless difficulty levels, the gameBounce Ball: Magic Ball will take you into a magical world where you will experience speed racing, test love, and become a champion. With thousands of levels and exciting features, Bounce Ball: Magic Ball MOD APK (Unlimited Gem/Unlocked Battle Pass/All Heroes) will entertain you, improve your gaming skills and enjoy relaxing moments full of fun. Get ready for a great adventure, and join this game on

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